sustainability consulting internships

sustainability consulting internships


DeLoitte is a large professional services firm with a global footprint. The company’s sustainability practice offers consulting and advisory services on a range of topics, from carbon management to social impact measurement.

DeLoitte’s internship program runs for 10 weeks, but the company also offers shorter-term summer programs for students who are committed but can only commit for a shorter amount of time. Interns can expect to work on projects that align with their interests and skillsets.


The sustainability work at Bain is more of an add-on. While working for Bain, you can do what you want with your spare time, but this may mean that you won’t get to focus on sustainability as much as other companies. Sustainability is not the main focus at Bain, but it is part of their mission statement: “Bain uses its expertise and resources to help clients improve performance and create sustainable value.”

In addition to this, Bain also has a Sustainability and Social Impact consulting practice that focuses exclusively on helping companies make better business decisions rather than on environmental issues or social justice concerns (though some projects have those components).


McKinsey is a global management consulting firm that helps clients make decisions to improve business performance. The company believes in the power of shared values, and promotes learning through an open culture where employees are encouraged to exchange ideas and experiences. McKinsey has offices in over 60 countries, with more than 2,000 partners across its network of firms.

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The internship program focuses on sustainable growth and environmental stewardship by helping clients find solutions for sustainability challenges. You will work with a team to design and implement a sustainability strategy. You will be expected to have a sound knowledge of business, finance and accounting


BCG is an international strategy consulting firm, with offices in more than 90 countries. It was founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson and adopted the name Boston Consulting Group in 1975, when Henderson was still president of the organization. BCG is headquartered in London and has more than 2,500 employees worldwide. The firm provides strategic advice to corporations on how to grow their businesses through developing new products, managing change and restructuring workforces.


Interning at EY is a great way to get your feet wet in the consulting industry. Since they’re an international company with offices all over the world, you will have opportunities to work with a variety of clients and types of projects. The experience you gain from being part of an organization like this will be invaluable in helping you determine whether or not consulting is something that interests you.

If it does? There’s also a good chance you’ll make friends along the way!


PwC is one of the largest accounting firms in the world, and they have a sustainability consulting arm called the PwC network. They offer various internship programs each year, including an internship program focused on sustainability.

In this role you can expect to learn new skills while also applying your existing knowledge to real-world situations at a large firm like PwC.

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You can get paid internships for sustainability work.

You can get paid to help solve sustainability problems. Many companies, nonprofits and government organizations are looking for interns with a strong academic background in a relevant field who are passionate about the environment. If you fit that description, it’s time to look for internships where you can work on sustainability-related projects.

While not all internships in sustainability pay, some do—on average $25 per hour according to Glassdoor data from 2017. If you have an idea of what type of job you want after graduation, it’s probably worth applying for more competitive companies even if they don’t pay at first. Once you’ve gained some valuable experience and proven your interest in the field by completing an internship or two (or three), your chances of landing a full-time job will greatly increase—which is why many students take on multiple internships during their college career.*

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