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Abbott Labs Internships

Abbott Labs Internships

Abbott Labs is a global healthcare company that conducts groundbreaking work in medical technology, nutrition, diagnostics, and branded generic pharmaceuticals. Their internship program is designed to give students real-world experience to help prepare them for their careers. Internships are available in computer science engineering, operations research, software engineering, biomedical engineering, and more!

Automation Engineering Intern

Automation engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the automation of manufacturing processes. An automation engineer works on developing computer hardware and software for automated manufacturing systems, which presents new challenges every day. The role of an automation engineer is critical to the production process, since it often involves designing and implementing new technologies that can save time, money and resources (e.g., energy) for companies.

What skills do you need?

Automation engineers need strong math skills because they work on mathematical models and simulations; computer science experience is also helpful if you want to become an expert in programming or coding software solutions for businesses. You may want to consider earning an interdisciplinary degree that combines disciplines like mechanical engineering or industrial engineering with electrical engineering so you’re prepared for this type of job right out of college!

How do I get started?

If your dream job is working as an automation engineer at Abbott Labs (or another company), now’s your chance: apply today! We’ll tell you more about what we look for when hiring interns later in this post—but first let’s finish up our introduction by talking about how long it takes before someone can become fully qualified after graduating from college . . .

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Human Resources Intern

Abbott Laboratories is a global health care company that develops, manufactures, and markets medical products such as diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and devices. It is engaged in the research of new medicines and related biotechnology.

Abbott Laboratories has a presence in more than 130 countries. With revenues of $42 billion USD, Abbott Labs is ranked as one of the Fortune 500 companies. They have approximately 65 thousand employees worldwide with headquarters located in North Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Business Development Intern

  • Business development is the process of acquiring new customers and increasing sales through existing channels. It also involves finding new markets for your products, improving customer retention rates and expanding into other countries.
  • The skills needed to be a successful business development intern include:
  • Being able to make quick decisions
  • Being able to negotiate effectively
  • Being able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing
  • The duties of a business development intern include:
  • Developing sales strategies by conducting market research (e.g., surveys) based on data obtained from competitors or similar companies in the industry; analyzing data trends using statistical software programs such as SPSS or Excel; identifying industry trends in order to determine product offerings that will maximize revenues within each industry segment; creating financial forecasts based on sales projections from previous years/months along with current pricing structures

Computer Science Engineer Intern

As a Computer Science Engineer, you will learn how to use computer technologies and tools to develop software applications. You will work on projects with Abbott Labs’ team of engineers and scientists in order to enhance our product offerings.

  • What you will be doing: Working with other team members, you’ll help build solutions that improve the way we manage research data. You’ll also use your skills in software development, design and testing to create new features for existing products or build new products from scratch.
  • What you will learn: Throughout this internship you will have the opportunity to work on increasingly complex problems while gaining exposure to a variety of technologies including Java/J2EE; Spring Boot; MongoDB; MySQL; PostgreSQL; Elasticsearch and Amazon AWS Lambda.* How long it lasts? The length of an internship is typically 8–12 weeks.* What are the requirements? While we encourage applicants from all backgrounds, individuals who are proficient in Java programming language are preferred.* Who are the best candidates? We seek highly motivated team players who can thrive within a collaborative environment where they’re encouraged at every step along their development path.* How do I apply? Our online application form takes only 5 minutes!
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Marketing Intern

  • What is a marketing intern?

A marketing intern is someone who performs research and analysis to support the development of new products or services. An intern may also act as a project manager, coordinating various teams to ensure that their work meets deadlines and complies with clients’ requests. Marketing interns might work on projects in any of several fields: sales, advertising, public relations, online marketing or brand management.

  • What are the responsibilities of a marketing intern?

The duties of a marketing intern vary depending upon where you’re working and what your supervisor’s expectations are for you at this point in your career. Generally speaking, though:

  • You’ll be asked to follow up on leads from existing customers as well as generate new ones by using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter;
  • You’ll be expected to keep up with industry news and trends so that you can inform others about them;
  • When not researching potential clients or strategizing ways to promote existing ones’ brands through various channels (depending on what kind), you might need enough knowledge about technical aspects such as SEO etc., so that when problems arise due to something like poor search engine optimization (SEO) strategies being implemented incorrectly by another team member(s), they can be addressed before they become too big an issue.”

Finance/Accounting Intern

Finance/Accounting Internships

Abbott Labs is looking for finance interns who are interested in learning the inner workings of a large, global enterprise. Finance internships at Abbott Labs are available in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Interns can choose to work on various projects ranging from financial analysis to strategic planning. Candidates with undergraduate or graduate degrees in any field will be considered for positions at Abbott Labs as well as other businesses within the AbbVie group of companies.

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Quality Assurance Intern

Quality assurance is used to ensure that quality standards are being met, while quality control is used to evaluate a product or service. Quality control is usually associated with manufacturing processes and takes place after a product has been made, whereas quality assurance deals with planning, designing and testing products before they are manufactured.

There are three major types of QC:

  • In-process QC – tests conducted during manufacturing to ensure that the process itself is working correctly
  • End-product QC – conducted at the end of manufacturing process (i.e., after all steps have been completed) but before a product leaves the factory floor
  • Final QC – conducted in final packaging or shipment

Abbott Labs offers internships in many different fields!

Abbott Labs offers internships in many different fields. From engineering to marketing, there are many opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in the field of their choice.

Thanks for reading! Please click on any of the links above to learn more about our internship opportunities. If you have any questions, please email us at or reach out on Twitter @abbottlabs

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