Accounting Internships in New York City

Accounting Internships in New York City

Looking for a prestigious accounting internship in the Big Apple? Then this article will provide you with some helpful tips. Find out about the Job Description, Requirements, and Payscale. You’ll also be able to choose a Firm that offers internship opportunities in the city. Read on to find out how to get started! If you’re serious about becoming a CPA, you’ll want to get some experience working in this field.

Job description

If you are interested in an internship in accounting, a New York City accounting internship can provide you with opportunities similar to those in a large firm. During your internship, you will learn how to apply classroom learning to real-world office responsibilities. For instance, you may be interning in an international management consulting firm in New York City. In this internship, you will apply your classroom knowledge to real-world consulting work.

As an intern, you will learn the basic principles of accounting and work with experienced professionals. The duties of an accounting intern will involve preparing financial reports, reconciling accounts, and performing other tasks as needed. Your internship will provide you with a first-hand perspective of how an accounting firm operates, as well as the opportunity to form critical relationships. You can begin your career as an accounting intern in New York City by reviewing job descriptions and applying for an internship.

If you’re looking for a New York accounting internship, there are three main options. You can search for internships in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or New Jersey. The latter is more likely to provide you with a more convenient commute and proximity to the Statue of Liberty. In either case, you’ll have the chance to gain real-world experience while working in a large accounting firm. Once you’ve landed your internship, make sure to apply for the one that matches your qualifications.

The requirements of an accounting internship may include a high GPA, aptitude for math, proficiency with computers, and strong verbal and written communication skills. You may also be required to possess a high level of responsibility and accuracy. An accounting internship will also include working with staff members in the accounting department and shadowing them. You might also be required to keep track of financial information. You can choose from one of the 10 resume templates below to make your application stand out.


While an accounting internship in New York City may not require a degree, it can be a great experience for students. Interns can gain experience in an actual accounting department. Typical internship duties include preparing financial reports, assisting with accounts reconciliation, and performing other tasks as needed. Students who complete this type of internship may also want to consider working for a small business to help them with their finances.

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The city offers many opportunities for interns, from those in Manhattan to those in Brooklyn and New Jersey. There are even internships available near the Statue of Liberty. Accounting internships in New York City can build your character as well as skills in financial accounting and auditing. These opportunities may also provide basic accounting services, such as general bookkeeping, reconciliations, journal entries, and filing. You may also be responsible for maintaining client accounts.

The job description of an accountant is varied. While most internships involve assisting an accountant with financial records, some interns may also be responsible for client relations. The requirements for an accounting internship in New York City vary by company and specialization. In addition, students must have a basic understanding of accounting principles in order to be considered for an internship. A graduate degree is not required. Some accounting firms prefer applicants to apply in the fall before classes begin.

The finance and accounting summer internship in New York City is ideal for rising juniors looking to further their education. The program combines challenging work with the opportunity to learn from leading finance professionals. Interns will engage in ongoing training, gain exposure to senior management, and develop relationships throughout the company. These internships will prepare young professionals for a successful career in the financial sector. You can learn more about the different positions available through this program by reading the internship descriptions.

Many major companies require interns to have a high GPA. It’s best to aim for a 3.5 or higher if you want to stand out among your peers. However, some companies require extracurricular activities as well, so it’s worth joining an organization and highlighting these accomplishments in your resume. It’s also a good idea to network a lot, especially at a well-ranked university.


The salary figures displayed here are for unpaid Accounting Interns in New York City. These are based on third-party submissions and should not be considered actual salaries. These figures may not reflect minimum wage rates and other factors specific to your state or metro. For further details, please contact the employer directly. The compensation for accounting internships varies greatly between firms and positions. As with all internships, the salary may not reflect the actual salary of the intern.

The pay scale for an accounting internship varies by industry and may include class credit, an hourly rate, or a set stipend. You may be working as a bookkeeper, auditor, or accountant. These positions are available at various types of companies, including small and large, public and private. The compensation may vary by industry, so it is important to inquire about the pay scale before committing to an internship.

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A boutique firm is a more intimate atmosphere. These firms may not have an in-house financial expert, so you will be managing their bank accounts and creating month-ends. This experience will help you stand out in future job interviews. A boutique accounting internship will allow you to gain valuable experience and get an insider’s look into the inner workings of a small business. In addition to learning accounting terms and techniques, you’ll also be helping small businesses to run their financial operations.

Firms offering internships

During an accounting internship, you will learn the basics of the field of accountancy, while working under the supervision of an experienced professional. Your daily tasks will involve fact-finding, problem-solving, and collaboration with other team members. Such experience is a tremendous advantage, as it gives you a unique perspective on how firms do their work and forges critical relationships. Here are some tips for securing an internship.

If you want to get a taste of the New York City accounting scene before heading off to graduate school, you can consider boutique accounting firms. Smaller firms often don’t have an in-house financial expert, so interns will be tasked with managing bank accounts, creating month-ends, and more. This experience will set you apart in future interview sessions. You’ll get real-world experience and make a strong impression as you build your resume.

The number of internship opportunities is enormous, and the competition for such positions is fierce. For example, firms such as KPMG offer insights into their own work by hosting events and seminars aimed at a specific audience. The Women in Technology Insight Programme, for example, is geared towards women and aims to provide them with the chance to network with inspirational female employees. The Women in Technology Insight Programme is a three-day paid program focused on women and promises workshops in key skills and an insight into the technology used by KPMG. Insight schemes are particularly popular with female candidates as they allow interns to engage with current clients and work on ongoing cases.

An internship at a firm may lead to a permanent position. If you get the hang of it and work hard, a big-four internship may just be the perfect step towards a promising future. If you are able to maintain a 3.0 GPA in college, you could even be hired full-time. If you like the internship you’re interested in, don’t forget to pursue your dream job.

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