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Accredited Nursing Schools in Tampa Florida

Accredited Nursing Schools in Tampa Florida

In Tampa, organizations like Tampa General Hospital, Memorial Hospital of Tampa, and the Bay Area Kindred Hospital hire nurses by the hundreds to meet the demand for skilled healthcare, making nursing one of the most in-demand occupations in all of Florida. The best nursing schools in Tampa are listed below if you’re thinking about making nursing your life’s work. Everything you need to become a successful nurse is provided by these schools.

Accredited Nursing Schools in Tampa Florida

University of South Florida

The USF Health (also known as University of South Florida Health) College of Nursing focuses mostly on regional outreach that benefits people all over the world. For the purpose of educating the future generation of nurses, the school places an emphasis on clinical care as well as excellence in research. Through a variety of partnerships with numerous healthcare facilities, they not only put a strong emphasis on the local community but also prepare students to solve global healthcare concerns.

The USF Health Simulation Consortium is one of only three universities in the state to hold accreditation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. One of the most esteemed nursing programs in Tampa is actually the only university in the state to be certified in every simulation-related field, including teaching and education, system integration, research, and evaluation. By the time you graduate, the USF Health Simulation Consortium and the cutting-edge simulators on campus will have given you the knowledge and abilities you need to take on local and international healthcare concerns.

Four distinct undergraduate BSN programs are offered by the University of South Florida to assist prospective nurses in achieving their healthcare objectives. One of the most well-liked BSN programs in Houston for former service people is the V-CARE option for service members and veterans. Veterans and service people with medical backgrounds like medics or corpsmen were the target audience for this particular design. The RN to BSN program, upper division nursing (the standard curriculum), and the Accelerated Second Bachelor’s Degree program are other options. The latter is for people who already hold bachelor’s degrees in an area other than nursing.

Nurses who choose to pursue a graduate degree can choose from a wide range of options at the University of South Florida, including programs in gerontology, pediatrics, family medicine, and anesthesia. It is possible to follow your aspirations to the top and work in whatever sector you desire thanks to the abundance of MSN programs and DNP possibilities accessible.

Accredited Nursing Schools in Tampa Florida

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 University of Tampa

You can choose from a number of undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Tampa College of Natural and Health Sciences that are especially created to provide you with the broad knowledge you need to work as a nurse or nurse practitioner locally, nationally, or even internationally. The university’s distinctive approach to medical science is reflected in its motto, “Connect – Transform – Succeed.” Their mission is to assist you in making connections with the people, institutions of higher learning, facilities, and resources you require to develop into a prosperous healthcare leader of the future.

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One of the few nursing programs in Tampa that actively cultivates relationships with other organizations to give you access to a variety of uncommon possibilities is the University of Tampa. The University of Tampa can provide you what you want, whether you want a rewarding internship, the chance to serve in your community, or even the chance to learn from accomplished experts in the industry of your choosing.

One of the most well-liked and sought-after majors at the University of Tampa is the conventional four-year Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree. This is the perfect curriculum for you if you don’t already have any nursing college credits or if you want to start working as a registered nurse right after high school. To graduate, you’ll need to have completed 125 credits overall over the course of four years.

Additionally, the University of Tampa provides two highly rewarding graduate program options. The first is the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, which enables you to specialize in adult gerontology nursing or family nurse practitioner (FNP) (AGNP). The second degree is a doctorate in nursing practice, which gives you several job options in the medical field. You could work as an advanced nurse practitioner and also become a professor or dean at one of the most esteemed nursing schools in Tampa, or even the country, if you have a DNP.

Accredited Nursing Schools in Tampa Florida

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South University – Tampa

Tampa’s South University may be the right choice for you if providing compassionate healthcare is your ultimate goal. In addition to training you to function as a nurse, they take a novel approach to teaching healthcare by equipping you with the knowledge, abilities, and clinical experience that will enable you to be the greatest and most compassionate healthcare practitioner you can be.

You have the option to complete your clinical experience at a healthcare facility that best meets your needs thanks to South University – Tampa’s partnerships with a number of neighborhood healthcare providers. Along with multiple campus locations, such as the Tampa campus, you can also finish your nursing degree online. This Tampa nursing school offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees that can assist you in achieving your objectives.

To assist you in achieving your goal of becoming a registered nurse with a baccalaureate degree, South University – Tampa offers two distinct BSN programs. The typical BSN program is the first option, which is perfect for students fresh out of high school and those without any prior nursing college experience. The RN to BSN program is the best choice for students who currently hold an associate degree in nursing and are working as RNs, but who wish to further their education to stay competitive in the employment market of today.

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Additionally, South University – Tampa offers a number of excellent graduate programs, each of which is tailored to help you accomplish a particular objective. To assist you become a FNP/ Family Nurse Practitioner, there are two different MSN programs. The first, the standard MSN-FNP, is the best option if you are not currently employed as a registered nurse, and the second, the RN to MSN, was created especially for nursing professionals who have some college background.

Accredited Nursing Schools in Tampa Florida

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Erwin Technical College

The Hillsborough Technical Education Colleges system includes Erwin Technical College, which gives you access to all the resources you need to launch a successful career in healthcare. Although there is a high demand for registered nurses (RNs) in many of the region’s hospitals and healthcare facilities, there is also a high demand for licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

You can finish the curriculum required to start working as an LPN in any of the hospitals in the Tampa area at Erwin Technical College in as little as 14 to 15 months. You’ll be able to continue your studies and eventually become an RN thanks to the credits you earn here.

The Practical Nursing program at Erwin Technical College equips you to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, in a variety of healthcare settings. This is the best route for aspiring nurses who need to enter the workforce right away or who want to do so, and it’s also a great option for anyone who intends to eventually pursue a BSN degree.

Rasmussen College – Tampa / Brandon

You can select from a wide range of programs at the Rasmussen College Tampa/Brandon campus School of Health Sciences to aid with your preparation for a career as a nurse. This is one of the few nursing programs in Tampa that grants associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in addition to diplomas. The institution has been ranked as the top producer of ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) graduates in the nation. It provides four start dates each year with no waiting list in many cases.

Rasmussen College – Tampa/Brandon offers hybrid degrees that let you advance more swiftly and enter the nursing field faster. This is done to make its programs accessible to people who have a limited amount of time to complete their education. You may.

Rasmussen College’s Tampa/Brandon campus offers four different undergraduate programs for you to select from. These include the RN to BSN, the ADN, the BSN, and the Practical Nursing Diploma. With a wide range of options to help them enter the workforce and further their education at the same time, the objective is to support students in realizing their aspirations.

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Rasmussen College offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees, but learning doesn’t end there. Additionally, you have the option to continue your education by enrolling in a Master of Science in Nursing degree with a focus on Nursing Leadership and Administration, which will provide you with the ideal foundation for assuming leadership and management roles in the healthcare industry.

Tampa nurses’ working conditions and schedules

Depending on your chosen specialty and job responsibilities, your working environment as a nurse in the Tampa area can vary greatly. For instance, a registered nurse who works in home health will have a far less demanding job than an RN who works in the emergency room of a large hospital. Your work schedule can also change. As a healthcare professional, you can frequently find yourself working holidays, weekends, and even nighttime hours because sickness and accidents don’t wait for convenient times or business hours.

Although it may put them out of the firing line, so to speak, if a nurse chooses to work as a nurse supervisor or educator, they are still ultimately in charge of assuring the provision of top-notch healthcare. Even though nurse educators only work during regular business hours, their positions also involve a significant amount of time spent at home on their own time. On the other hand, nurse supervisors also labor nonstop, including on weekends and holidays, to oversee the care given in hospitals, nursing homes, and other establishments. When deciding whether to become a nurse in Tampa, make sure to keep this in mind.


Thankfully, there are numerous accredited nursing schools in Tampa Florida that have dedicated programs in order to fulfill the growing demands of nurses and hospitals within the Florida area. One thing is for sure, the economy is improving within Florida and thus healthcare is experiencing an upswing. This will undoubtedly benefit Tampa nursing schools and their job placement services for graduates looking for employment opportunities.

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