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Appalachian State University Graduation Rate

Appalachian State University Graduation Rate

Graduation rates are important to students who are considering attending a university. For important decisions like this, students should be looking at all of the factors involved in their decision(s). An Appalachian State University graduate education can be very beneficial to the student, it is still important to look at the graduation rate. By considering all of the factors, students can make the best decisions for themselves and their future.

Appalachian State University Graduation Rate

When you think of Appalachian State University, you probably think of a few things.

You think of the beautiful scenery and campus in Boone, North Carolina. You think of their strong academics and athletics. And you probably also think of their high graduation rate.

Appalachian State University is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the country for its academic excellence and value. They also have a very high graduation rate—in fact, it’s one of the highest among all public universities in the country! In 2016, Appalachian State had an 82% graduation rate for first-time freshman students who entered in fall 2010. This means that over half of all students who started at Appalachian State in 2010 graduated within six years.

Appalachian State University’s graduation rate is incredibly high. For many students, attending a university is a lifelong dream. But there are many things that can get in the way of achieving that goal. One of those things is financial stability.

If you are considering attending Appalachian State University, then you should know that this school is one of the best values in higher education. The cost per year to attend ASU is about $47,000, which is significantly less than other schools like Duke or Harvard. This means that you will have more money left over for books and supplies, food and housing, and other necessities that may have been neglected during your time at ASU—like maybe even getting your diploma!

The average class size at ASU is 22 students per class, so it’s easy to get to know your professors and build relationships with them—which can help you succeed in the classroom! And with over 300 clubs and organizations on campus, there’s no shortage of ways to make friends who share similar interests as well as participate in activities outside of schoolwork that will help keep your mind sharp while also having fun!

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In addition to all these benefits, Appalachian State University has one of the highest graduation rates in North Carolina!

Appalachian State University Graduation Rate
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Graduation Rates in Reasonable Completion Time

At Appalachian State University, 2,215 out of 3,045 candidates successfully completed their coursework within 150% of the typical time (i.e., in 6 years for a 4-year BS degree). By gender, 875 male and 1,340 female students completed their educations at the school last year and began working. When compared to similar colleges, it has a graduation rate that is much higher than the industry standard (52.01% for public Master’s College and University (larger programs)).

Graduation Rate By Race

At Appalachian State University, the graduation rates for students who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native are 55.56%, Asian students are 64.00%, Black (non-Hispanic) are 67.27%, Hispanic students are 65.38%, White students are 74.48%, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander students are 100.00%, Two or More Races are 56.14%, and Unknown students are 68.42%.

Transfer-out Rate

The total number of students who are known to have transferred out of other schools within 150% of the average time to completion is divided by the total number of students to determine the transfer-out rate. 18.29% of students transfer out of Appalachian State University. Its transfer-out percentage is comparable to the national average for public Master’s College and University (bigger programs) (18.82%).

Retention Rates

The percentage of students that return to a college for their sophomore year is known as the retention rate. Last year, the retention rate at Appalachian State University was 86% for full-time students and 40% for part-time students. When compared to similar colleges, its retention rate is greater (75.73% on average – public Master’s College and University (bigger programs)).

Graduation rates at Appalachian State University are high

Graduation rates at Appalachian State University are high, but they aren’t always an accurate measurement of whether you’re getting what you need to do your best in school.

The university’s overall graduation rate is 82%, according to U.S. News & World Report. That’s a great number! But it doesn’t tell the whole story about what it’s like to be a student here—or even about how likely it is that you’ll complete your degree on time.

For example, Appalachian State has a low student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1, so there are plenty of instructors available to help you succeed in class and out of it. The average class size is 25 students, which means that most classes have room for everyone’s voice to be heard and every question answered. Not only does this mean more personalized attention from professors and teaching assistants, but also more one-on-one time with classmates who might share your interests and goals.

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On top of that, Appalachian State offers lots of resources for students who want help staying on track with their studies or overcoming obstacles—including tutoring services offered by academic departments across campus! And if you need extra support during difficult times in your life outside of school (such as family illness or financial distress).

Appalachian State University Graduation Rate
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Appalachian State University Net Price

If you’re looking for a school that’s academically challenging without breaking the bank, Appalachian State University might be your best bet. Their net price is $17,873 for in-state students and $26,766 for out-of-state students. The university offers a lot of financial aid as well—they award over $169 million each year to their students.

At Appalachian State University, you’ll get a top-notch education in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth: Boone, North Carolina. The university is located right beside the Blue Ridge Mountains and has more than 100 different majors that are taught by professors who are experts in their fields. You can even study abroad with them!

And if you’re worried about finding housing while you go to school here, don’t worry: they’ve got that covered too! Their dorms have everything from single rooms to suites with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms—and they even have apartments available for upperclassmen who want more privacy.

So if you’re looking for an affordable college experience that doesn’t skimp on quality or location, Appalachian State University might be just what you’re looking for!

Appalachian State is a great university to obtain a degree in just about any major you want. This is because they offer programs that range from the arts and humanities to physical sciences, technology and education. Their programs are offered through five academic schools: the Alumni Professional School of Education, College of Arts & Sciences, Dana College of Business, Graduate School and Poole College of Management. All students at Appalachian State can also participate in over 250 registered student organizations including fraternities, sororities and service clubs.

Appalachian State University Graduation Rate
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Appalachian State University Ranking

Appalachian State University is a top-tier school that has been recognized as one of the best colleges in the United States. Its undergraduate programs are ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News & World Report, and its graduate programs are ranked in the top 50 by U.S. News & World Report.

Appalachian State University is also known for its innovative curriculum, which focuses on problem-based learning and experiential learning. In fact, in 2015, Appalachian State was selected by The Princeton Review as one of “America’s Best Value Colleges” based on its excellent academic quality at an affordable price.

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Appalachian State University provides an excellent education and value to students who want to pursue their passion for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields or business majors but don’t have the financial resources available for other schools with higher tuitions and fees (tuition costs about $10,000 per year).

Appalachian State University is the best place for students to get an education and meet their goals.

First of all, Appalachian State offers one of the most affordable tuitions in the country. This means you can save money on your education without sacrificing quality. You can also get financial aid from Appalachian State, which makes it easier than ever to pay for college. If you’re worried about finding a job after graduation, you don’t need to be.

But what really sets Appalachian State apart is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The school’s diversity policy states that they “will ensure that no student feels unwelcome or uncomfortable.” And they live up to this promise. Appalachian State is one of the most diverse universities in America!

So if you want an affordable education at one of the best universities in America, come join us at Appalachian State University!

The college of Appalachian State University has improved its graduation rates by 5% over the past year. The university is the highest-ranked public university in the Appalachian region, and it’s been shown that a higher education can help students build lifelong skills.

In addition to providing a great education, Appalachian State also offers many different opportunities for students to get involved on campus. These include student organizations like the campus radio station or the student newspaper, as well as athletic teams like basketball or soccer.

If you’re interested in attending this school, contact us today!

In addition to improving its graduation rates, Appalachian State also saw a 9% decrease in dropout rates and an 8% increase in acceptance rates, which further supports their growing reputation as a top-tier institution of higher learning.


The University has made a significant impact on the state of North Carolina and its residents. In 2015, Appalachian State University had the highest graduation rate of all universities in the state. It is encouraging to see a university take such pride in guiding its students to successful outcomes. The 2,601 graduates represent a growth of three percent from last year and represents a total of $117 million in tuition. The university also reported that they were able to save their students $9 million on core curriculum classes in their degree programs, which can be attributed to their efforts catering to economically disadvantaged and first generation college students.

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