Applying For Internships In UK As International Students

Applying For Internships In UK As International Students


Internships in the UK can be a great way to get experience and exposure before graduation. Internships are especially helpful if you’re applying for jobs after university, as they usually lead to better positions at higher paying companies than entry-level positions do. Internships also give you valuable networking opportunities with professionals who might employ you later on down the line!

most uk universities allow you to apply for internships through their careers service

You can apply for internships through the careers service of your university and they will help you find an internship. They will also help you apply for a visa, prepare for the interview and write a CV and cover letter.

internships can be paid or unpaid

It is illegal to pay a student less than £3.50 per hour. Some people think that it is okay to do so because the student is gaining experience and learning about the workplace, but this is not true. If you are paying a student less than legal minimum wage, it means that they are being exploited and you are essentially stealing from them by not paying them fairly for their work.

  • Unpaid internships can be a toxic experience for both the intern and employer. Interns often feel like they aren’t getting enough out of their internship while employers often find that they aren’t getting much productivity or value out of their interns either (unless they are very lucky).
  • Unpaid internships also hurt other people besides just the students who take part in them: if there were more paid internships available then fewer people would have to take part in unpaid ones which would mean fewer jobs lost due to competition over limited resources like jobs or housing prices rising too high because landlords think they can get away with charging more without having any consequences since there aren’t enough other options available yet (rent control laws etc.)
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check if you can stay longer in uk after finishing your internship

To find out if you can stay in the UK after your internship, you will need to check with your country’s embassy or consulate in London. You should also contact the company that recruited you and ask them if they have any plans for a permanent position. If so, ask if they can put in a good word for you with their HR department.

If none of these options are available to you, then there is another choice: apply for an additional student visa once your internship ends. This will allow you more time in the UK and grant access to more job opportunities for when it comes time to leave again (or perhaps even permanently).

check if internship openings fit the situation of your visa you are coming with

As an international student, you need to check if the internship openings fit the situation of your visa you are coming with. If you are coming to UK on a student visa, you will need to be enrolled in a university and have proof of that. This means that any internship proposal should be part of your degree program. However, if you arrive in UK on a working holiday visa (which is usually granted for 2 years), then it should be easy for you to find job opportunities as long as they are not seasonal ones (i.e., summer jobs).

For example: let’s say that Jane has been granted an 18-month Tier 4 student visa valid until June 2021; she wants to apply for an internship position which lasts from June 2020 until December 2020 (almost one year). As her current status allows her stay as long as necessary in UK this would sound like a good option but unfortunately it won’t work because there isn’t enough time left before her current visa expires!

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ask if the place you are going to has a sponsor licence that allows them to hire non-eu students above the stipulated quota of 20%

Once you find an internship, it’s important to get answers to the following questions:

  • Is the place you are going to has a sponsor licence that allows them to hire non-eu students above the stipulated quota of 20%?
  • If so, is your internship offered by this company or through a third party agency?
  • If you have secured an internship with your target company and they have a sponsor license, then great! You can now apply for Tier 2 sponsorship. This will allow you to stay longer in UK after finishing your internship. However, if there is no such sponsorship license in place for the company where you got your internships offer from, then don’t fret! You might need some additional time before securing another job after having finished with your internship at law firms in London.

ask if they have a policy to pay interns minimum wage

One thing you should check is whether the company pays its interns minimum wage. If they do not, ask why. It could be due to their financial situation or a lack of resources. But if it’s because they don’t see value in paying you what you deserve, then your chance of getting an internship may be slim.

If the company is willing to pay above minimum wage and/or offer additional benefits, this would be a good sign that they are willing to invest in hiring quality talent.

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don’t accept an unpaid internship over one month long

The first rule of internships is don’t accept an unpaid internship.

  • Internships should be short-term and not interfere with your studies. If an internship lasts longer than a month or two, it’s probably too long to be considered an internship and more like a full-time job.
  • Internships should not be used as a way to get free labour from international students who are desperate for work experience to help them secure jobs after graduation. For example, in many industries it’s common practice for companies to hire new graduates for four-or five-month internships straight out of university that require employees to work 50+ hours per week without compensation because “they will learn so much about the company culture and industry.” However, this is often just bringing on another employee at no cost while expecting them to work harder than everyone else who has been there longer! What kind of favor are you doing your employer by agreeing?

it is completely legal for an organisation not to hire you because of your nationality

It is completely legal for an organisation not to hire you because of your nationality. However, it is also illegal for them to discriminate against any other protected characteristics, such as gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Therefore, it is important that the employer states their non-discrimination policy clearly in their application process.

even though getting an internship might be harder than other students, it’s still not impossible, but you need to prepare beforehand.

  • Do your research.
  • Be proactive and apply for multiple places at once, rather than waiting for a response from one place before applying to the next.
  • Start early! If you’re not sure what your target job is yet, think about what skills and experiences you want to gain and focus on applications related to those.


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