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Bcg virtual internship

Bcg virtual internship

Bcg virtual internship

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. BCG works with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. Founded in 1963 as an offshoot of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company founded in 1872, The Boston Consulting Group has become one of the most respected companies in its field. These are just a few reasons why BCG is one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For every year since 1997.

BCG needs interns every year

bcg virtual interview

i) Get comfortable with the BCG Interview Format.

  • For both the case and behavioral interviews, you’ll be given a prompt or several prompts/questions at a time.
  • You’ll then have enough time to think through your approach and make notes before speaking aloud.
  • Don’t worry too much about structure during this phase: make sure you note down all key insights and questions that come to mind. If you need to make some quick calculations, this is also when you should get them out of the way (if at all possible).
  • When it’s time for your case presentation, speak confidently and clearly, taking cues from your interviewer as to what additional information they’d like. It’s okay if you don’t get to everything on your notes!
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ii) Understand the types of cases you’ll face in an interview: the BCG Potential Test (BCG PT), a written case interview, a math case interview (or quantitative reasoning), or a market sizing case interview.

bcg virtual inteview preparation

When preparing for the BCG Interview, you should research the firm, think about your case interview prep, and get familiar with other BCG interview questions that you may be asked.

  • Research the firm. Understanding what BCG does as a company will help you better answer questions like “Why are you interested in BCG?” or “What is most appealing to you about this position?”
  • Practice case interviews. Your interviewer will give you a business problem to solve, and your job is to come up with a creative solution that solves their problem.
  • Familiarize yourself with other common interview questions. These include general behavioral questions (“Tell me about yourself”) as well as role-specific or technical ones.

For more information on how to prepare for the BCG Virtual Internship interview, read our guide here: [INSERT LINK]

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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is an international management consulting firm with offices in more than 50 countries. In order to keep up their reputation, they need to recruit top talent every year. If you’re interested in applying, be sure to check out our case interview tips section as well as other information pertinent to your application process. BCG offers internships and entry-level positions at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

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If you’re curious about the timeline associated with these internship opportunities, here are a few things that you should know:

  • Their summer internship recruitment cycle begins during late September for those pursuing a summer internship after the first or second year of college/university or postgraduate studies.
  • The application deadline is usually around 15th January for most countries. Some countries have earlier deadlines, so please check their timeline on their website.
  • They will begin interviews from mid-January for some locations and continue until March for other locations depending on the country you apply in (again refer to their website).
  • BCG typically extends offers by April and May which are valid until August when most interns begin work at BCG.

bcg needs interns every year

At Boston Consulting Group (BCG), we hire interns from all over the world.

If you are a current first or second year university student looking for a summer internship, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re ambitious, curious and interested in solving challenging problems across industries and geographies, then BCG is the place for you. It’s an excellent opportunity to become an integral part of our team while gaining real consulting experience and working on some of today’s most important issues. We offer internships in multiple locations around the world – search for opportunities near your desired location.

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