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Best Political Science Colleges in California

Best Political Science Colleges in California

There are many students who wish to go to California’s best political science colleges. The reason many people want to study the field of political science is that it is a very wide topic. There are numerous things you can do with a degree in this field. These schools can be found in different areas of California and have thousands of students that take courses each semester.

Students interested in studying political science learn more than just the theory behind the field. Whether they intend to work with state and local governments, or might be looking to enter academia once they complete their degree, there is one thing that students at California’s best political science colleges have in common: they are bound to have an experience that challenges them academically and personally.

Best Political Science Colleges in California

Stanford University

Stanford University is located in Palo Alto, California. The school was founded in 1891 by Jane and Leland Stanford and was originally named Leland Stanford Junior University. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is currently ranked as the 14th best university in the world by Times Higher Education. The school is also considered to be one of the top public universities in the country. A total of 16 Nobel Laureates have studied at Stanford, including Linus Pauling, who won two Noble Prizes for Chemistry (1962) and Peace (1962), as well as John Fenn, who won a Noble Prize for Physics (2002).

The political science program at Stanford is considered to be one of the best programs in the nation. The department offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, with many classes being taught by professors with PhDs from other top schools like Harvard and Princeton.

The university’s academic programs are divided into seven schools: earth sciences; engineering; humanities and sciences; law; medicine; education; and public policy. According to the U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2019, Stanford University ranks as the number one school in the world for political science.

Stanford University offers an undergraduate program in political science which is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the field and its methods of analysis. Students will take courses on the political process, American government institutions and processes as well as international relations theories such as realism, idealism and liberalism. There are also opportunities for students to study abroad at one of Stanford’s 30 partner universities around the world such as Oxford University or Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs Berlin Campus (SPI-BC).

Best Political Science Colleges in California
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Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna College is one of the best political science colleges in California.

The college is located in Claremont, California and was founded in 1946 by a group of business leaders who wanted to create a unique liberal arts school that would blend the best elements of both private and public universities. The school offers bachelor’s degrees in over 40 majors and pre-professional programs such as accounting, business administration, economics, finance, international relations, management information systems (MIS), public policy analysis (PPA), and public affairs (PA).

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Claremont McKenna College has an impressive reputation for its student-to-faculty ratio which is only 10:1 and its low class sizes (15 students per class). Students at this school also have access to many financial aid options including grants and scholarships.

The college’s admissions process is also highly competitive. The acceptance rate of Claremont McKenna College’s incoming class was just over 18 percent in 2016-17 with an average SAT score of 1467 out of 2400 on the old 1600 scale.

Students at this school will have many opportunities for internships throughout their experience here as well as excellent networking opportunities through organizations.

The college has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s most innovative colleges and was ranked No. 9 on the list of “Best Value Colleges” by Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine. In addition to its impressive academics, CMC also offers students a wide variety of extracurricular activities including more than 160 student organizations and a robust athletics program.

University of California – Berkeley

The University of California – Berkeley is the best political science college in California. Not only does Berkeley have an excellent reputation, but it is also well-known for its emphasis on social justice and equity. Its faculty members are recognized as some of the most accomplished in the country, and they work hard to make sure that their students receive the best education possible.

Berkeley offers a wide range of undergraduate majors and graduate programs in Political Science, including a BA/JD program, MA/JD program, MA in Public Policy Analysis and Management, PhD Program in Political Science with specializations in American Politics/Political Behavior; Comparative Politics/International Relations; International Politics; Political Theory; Public Policy Analysis & Management; and Sociology of Law/Legal Studies.

Students at Berkeley can choose from over 400 courses during their time there. They can take classes online or on campus depending on what fits their schedule best. The professors at Berkeley are known for being caring and approachable so that students feel comfortable asking questions or getting extra help if needed (even though they don’t have to!).

The most popular areas of study include: American Government & Politics; Comparative Politics; International Relations; Political Theory & Ethics; Public Policy Analysis & Management.

Students who want to pursue a career in politics will be able to do so at Berkeley. The school has a large number of political science majors who are able to study with top-notch professors and learn from them what it takes to succeed in politics.

The school also offers plenty of opportunities for students who want to get involved with politics on campus. There are many clubs and organizations for students who want to get involved with campaigns or even run for office themselves.

Best Political Science Colleges in California
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University of Southern California

If you’re looking for the best political science colleges in California, then look no further than USC.

USC’s political science program is ranked #4 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, and it’s one of only two schools in California to receive a 5-star rating from Scholarly Measurement.

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The School of International Relations at USC offers majors in international relations as well as global environmental policy & management. The school also offers minors in international business and environmental policy & management. Students can choose from over 200 courses each year, including classes like “The Politics of Migration,” “International Environmental Policy,” and “Politics of Southeast Asia.”

Students at USC have many opportunities to get involved with political organizations on campus, including the American Political Science Association (APSA) chapter and the International Relations Club, which hosts events like guest speakers, movie screenings, and workshops about topics like immigration policy or international development.

The university has a strong reputation as one of the best universities in the nation—and it’s not hard to see why. USC offers students a variety of resources to help them succeed academically. They have a writing center where students can get help with their papers; they have tutors who meet with students individually; and they offer free tutors who work on campus to help students learn how to better study for exams or improve their writing skills. The university also offers free tutors who come into the library on Tuesday nights from 6-8 pm so that students can get one-on-one help with their studies.

In addition to these resources, USC also has several different scholarships available for incoming students each year. These include scholarships for women and minorities as well as scholarships for students who are studying abroad for their junior year abroad or who want to participate in an internship program during their senior year at USC (which is required).

University of California – Los Angeles

The University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), located in Westwood, CA, is one of the top political science colleges in California. UCLA offers a variety of degree programs in political science, including Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees. The university also offers an online program for students who wish to study from home or on the go.

The department of Political Science at UCLA consists of 31 faculty members and offers students a wide range of opportunities for research and publication. Additionally, students can participate in numerous clubs on campus such as the Political Science Club or the International Relations Club.

In addition to its academic offerings, UCLA also has plenty of recreational activities available for students including intramural sports such as basketball or volleyball; fitness facilities; outdoor recreation; and more!

UCLA’s political science program offers students access to a wide range of resources, including the Center for Language Education and Development, which helps students develop their language skills; the Center for Community Health and Wellbeing, which promotes health through community engagement; and the Civic Engagement Resource Center, which provides opportunities for students to get involved in civic life.

The university also offers an array of scholarships and grants to students who are pursuing a degree in political science. This includes the Jonathan Lewis Scholarship Fund, which is available to undergraduate students who are interested in studying international relations or public policy or politics.

Best Political Science Colleges in California
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Pomona College

Pomona College, located in Claremont, California, is the perfect choice for students who want to pursue a career in politics. The college offers a variety of political science courses that are taught by professors who have extensive experience in their fields.

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The faculty at Pomona College includes over 50 full-time professors and approximately 100 adjuncts and visiting scholars. Their expertise ranges from politics to human rights to international relations.

Pomona College’s political science department is small but mighty. It offers a small number of majors compared to other colleges, but it also has a high graduation rate for its graduates—90 percent within six years after enrolling at the college.

The college offers two different bachelor’s degrees in political science: one BA and one BS degree program (in addition to other bachelor’s programs). Both degrees include core courses such as American government, comparative politics, international relations theory and practice, or foreign policy analysis; elective courses such as international law or world religions; as well as an internship requirement and capstone project.

If you are interested in politics or public policy but cannot afford some of the more expensive private schools like Harvard University or Stanford University (both on this list), then Pomona College.

University of California – Davis

UC Davis is one of the top political science colleges in California. It’s located in Davis, which is a small town with a population of 60,000. This makes it an excellent choice for students who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The campus is also right near Lake Berryessa, so you can always go hiking or biking if you need to clear your head after a long day of class.

The political science program at UC Davis offers some options that other schools don’t have—for example, they have an education minor that allows students to study how politics impact education policy. They also offer minors in public affairs and public administration.

This school has received national recognition for its excellence in many areas: it was named one of the top universities by U.S News & World Report in 2019; Newsweek ranked it as one of the best colleges for veterans; and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine named it one of the best values in public colleges across America.

University of California – Davis is a great place to study political science. The program is rigorous and challenging, but the professors are supportive and experienced. Students can take advantage of internships at local government agencies and national organizations like the ACLU or the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

Most importantly, UC Davis has a strong focus on diversity in all its programs. The school’s commitment to creating a more inclusive society means that students from all backgrounds are supported and encouraged to succeed.


The importance of a good education is something that can’t be stressed enough. California has many opportunities for students who want to continue their education, whether they want to stay close to home or move out of state. Whether a student wants to major in political science or study it as a minor, there are plenty of choices. The top ranked list above should get you started on your search for the right school.

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