Bethel University Tn Pa Program

Bethel University Tn Pa Program

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Bethel University Tn Pa Program

Bethel University is a private Christian college located in McKenzie, Tenn. While the university is relatively new to the higher education landscape, its mission to educate students of diverse backgrounds has been an ongoing practice since it was founded in 1950 by Dr. Roy Honeycutt and his wife, Dr. Letha Honeycutt. Initially called McKenzie Bible Institute and Seminary, the school was used as a meeting place for ministers and missionaries to come for training. In 1998, the school reached out to its first group of lay students and changed its name to Bethel Junior College.

In April 2001, Bethel College became accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and changed its name to Bethel College & Graduate School in May 2002. In 2010, the school’s Board of Trustees decided a change in direction was best for growth of their institution; they appointed a new President and made plans to expand their reach beyond McKenzie County’s borders.

Bethel University is a private Christian university located in McKenzie, Tennessee. The campus is just over 3,000 acres and has a total of 1,500 students.

Bethel offers more than 100 different undergraduate degrees and roughly 50 graduate degrees. The university has been around since 1871 and was founded on the principles of faith-based education.

The school’s motto is “Educating for Life,” which is reflected in all their programs. Bethel offers a wide range of majors including business, education, music and psychology. They also offer pre-professional programs such as medicine or law as well as an RN-to-BSN program that prepares students to enter nursing school after graduation from Bethel University TN PA program .

Bethel University’s highest priority is providing students with an education that will help them succeed both personally and professionally after graduation. The faculty at Bethel University are committed to helping students develop their skills through study groups and hands-on learning opportunities throughout the course of their studies at Bethel University TN PA program .

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bethel university tn pa program
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The Bethel University PA Program Is A Dynamic Program Offered In An Environment That Fosters Academic And Professional Excellence Revolving Around Our Mission Statement

The Bethel University PA Program is a dynamic program offered in an environment that fosters academic and professional excellence revolving around our mission statement. The program’s curriculum is designed to ensure all students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for the rigors of medical school and beyond.

The Bethel University PA Program provides students with a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for their future careers as physician assistants. The program offers both full-time and part-time options, allowing students to take classes at their convenience. The University’s location in Chattanooga, TN also allows for convenient access to some of the best hospitals in the region for clinical rotations, including Erlanger Health System and Parkridge Medical Center.

Bethel University’s PA program is committed to helping students achieve success by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, such as clinical simulation labs, standardized patients and faculty members who are dedicated to supporting them throughout their education experience.

Physician Assistant Students May Earn Their Master’s Degree In Bethel’s Physician Assistant (PA) Studies Program. Classes Are Conveniently Offered On-Campus And Online. PA Students Learn Through The Instruction Of Didactics, Labs, Clinical Rotations And Preceptor Programs.

The PA Studies Program at Bethel University is a two-year graduate program offered in collaboration with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC).

The PA Studies Program is designed for students who have earned an undergraduate degree in a science-related field and are interested in becoming physician assistants. Students must take prerequisite courses before beginning the program, and then complete a minimum of 64 credit hours of coursework that includes didactic coursework and clinical rotations.

All courses are taught by faculty members who are experts in their fields, as well as by many practitioners who are actively involved in patient care. Clinical rotations take place on UTHSC campuses and at area hospitals throughout the region. Classroom instruction is supplemented by hands-on instruction through labs, workshops and preceptor programs.

bethel university tn pa program
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Bethel University’s Tn Pa Program allows students to earn their degree while living at home or in their own apartments. This program is designed for students who are taking classes online or through an accredited school that does not offer a degree completion program. It is ideal for those who are working full-time while studying or have family obligations that prevent them from attending class on campus.

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Bethel University’s Tn Pa Program provides students with an understanding of both business management and accounting principles. The program will give students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSA), in addition to earning a minor in one of several other fields such as marketing, finance, or human resources management.

The Physician Assistant Studies Program at Bethel University gives you the opportunity to earn your master’s degree while completing clinical rotations at local hospitals like Regional Medical Center; the Knox County Hospital District; and The Med Center at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center (formerly Baptist Memorial Hospital).

The Master Of Science In Physician Assistant Studies At Bethel University Is A 28-Month Program Designed To Prepare Graduates For Entry Into The Medical Profession As Physician Assistants.

The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Bethel University is a 28-month program designed to prepare graduates for entry into the medical profession as physician assistants.

The program is designed to meet the academic requirements of the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) and to provide an educational experience equivalent to that of other accredited programs.

The program is designed to educate students in the principles, practices, and skills essential to enter practice as a physician assistant. The curriculum includes subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, nutrition, biomechanics, and clinical medicine with emphasis on patient care.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 1,200 hours of direct patient care under supervision during their clinical rotations at local hospitals or clinics. Students also participate in didactic lecture sessions and laboratory exercises related to each topic area.

The Curriculum Is Based Upon An Integrated Approach To Medical Science And Clinical Practices. Students Will Be Required To Participate In Extensive Clinical Training Within The 28-Month Program. Clinical Experiences Will Occur During Both Semesters And Summers Throughout The 28 Month Program.

Bethel University School of Medicine believes that the best way to train physicians is to teach them how to think critically and how to apply their critical thinking skills to a variety of situations. We believe that the best way to accomplish this is through an integrated approach that combines medical science with clinical practice.

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Our curriculum is designed around small group sessions, where students learn from each other as well as from faculty members. We believe that this kind of learning environment helps us produce graduates who are more prepared for real-life situations than those who are taught in traditional lecture-based classes.

Students at Bethel University School of Medicine will be required to participate in extensive clinical training within our 28 month program. Clinical experiences will occur during both semesters and summers throughout the 28 month program.

bethel university tn pa program
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Bethel University M.S. Pa Program Required Prerequisites

The following qualifications must be satisfactorily completed from a regionally approved college with a grade of B- or above for applicants. (Note: You are still welcome to apply if you attended any courses for Pass/Fail between January 2020 and May 2021, although additional evidence could be needed.) Any admission restrictions, such as the minimum grades we demand in prerequisite courses, cannot be waived or changed.

At the time of application, five of the eight conditions must have been satisfied. Any unfinished prerequisites must be finished and submitted with transcripts to Bethel by March 1 of the matriculation year.

By March 1 of the matriculation year, students must have successfully completed all preparatory courses with a minimum grade of B-.

Only those who receive a score of 4 or 5 on their high school AP exam will be given consideration for a waiver of the non-science prerequisites (psychology and statistics). All additional needed courses must be taken in a 2- or 4-year college or university that has received regional accreditation.

Both courses must be studied at the same institution if Human Anatomy and Human Physiology are taken as a two-course sequence.


Bethel University, a Christian liberal arts university in McKenzie, Tennessee offers: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degrees with the following concentration options: Accounting, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Christian Leadership Ministries, Computer Information Systems, General Business, Human Resource Management and Ministry-Campus Ministry. Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees through an affiliation with Bryan College of Health Sciences. Master of Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Health Care Administration/Health Information Management, Property and Casualty Insurance or Real Estate. Post-master’s certificate in health care administration available; doctoral program in business administration with concentrations in accounting or organizational leadership.

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