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Blavatnik Family Foundation Supports International Relations Internships

Blavatnik Family Foundation Supports International Relations Internships

The Blavatnik Family Foundation generously supports International Relations Internships. Learn more about these opportunities at the Center for International Policy, the German Institute for Security and International Affairs, and the Middle East Institute. We are proud to share our partners’ mission and values and look forward to your contributions to the program. You can apply anytime and only those selected for interviews will be contacted. To apply, follow the steps below:

Blavatnik Family Foundation’s generous gift supports International Relations Internships

The Blavatnik Family Foundation has made a generous gift to support the work of the Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Program, which supports the development of future leaders through paid internships. Through these internships, students gain valuable insight into pressing issues in foreign policy and interact with leading practitioners and experts. In addition to professional development training, interns are also provided with career advice sessions.

The generous gift by the Blavatnik Family Foundation will support the work of undergraduates in the field of international relations. The foundation also supports academic institutions with excellent programs in government and international business. For example, the School of Government at Oxford University received $75 million from the foundation to establish a school of government. Blavatnik’s involvement in the Internship Program is unique, resulting in a unique opportunity for aspiring government officials.

In addition to the Foundation’s generous gift, the CFR has also received criticism over the past few years. The CFR has been criticized by leading anti-kleptocracy voices for accepting donations from private individuals and corporations, including Blavatnik’s. However, the Foundation has made no indication of walking back its donation. While the criticisms are valid, CFR is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for interns.

The Blavatnik Family Foundation’s generous gift to the CFR’s International Relations Internships is a testament to the importance of internships in the field of international relations. The funds will be disbursed over four years, beginning on Oct. 1. Len Blavatnik is a Ukrainian-born industrialist with dual citizenship in the United States and the UK. Since his founding, Access Industries, he has donated more than $840 million to academic institutions around the world.

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As a businessman, Blavatnik’s connections to corrupt Putin-backed oligarchs are troubling. He has close relationships with Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian oligarch who was sanctioned last year for “malign activity.” And his business associate, Oleg Deripaska, is a major ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Center for International Policy

While internships do not necessarily translate to a full-time job, they are a critical supplement to education. Unlike the informal hiring processes that rely on personal relationships, interns gain direct job experience and learn about the range of options available in international relations. Interns often receive direct job offers, make personal contacts, and receive recommendations from supervisors. These experiences can help distinguish interns from the thousands of B.A. graduates who lack internship experience.

The intern will assist senior fellows Danielle Pletka and Marc A. Thiessen with research and analysis of current foreign policy issues. They will conduct research related to current issues facing the international community, including the Middle East and Chinese politics. Interns will also provide research support to Kori Schake, Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies. Finally, interns may assist the communications team by drafting promotional materials.

CIP’s internships offer a great deal of variety. Interns may choose between a part-time and full-time position, with the former being the more lucrative option. Interns will be part of the organization’s research team and contribute to the website’s databases and blogs. They will also get the opportunity to publish independent research on their topic. The internships also give interns a valuable background in international security and U.S. foreign policy.

The American Foreign Service Association offers three internship programs annually, offering opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. These are paid jobs that typically pay between $350 and $850 a month. They require that you be eligible to work in the U.S., and some are limited to only part-time internships. In addition to these three programs, there are also internships at other domestic executive agencies. These positions can lead to interesting opportunities in the field of international affairs.

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Organization of American States: This is the oldest organization in the world, and its charter states its purpose to the promotion of solidarity, strengthen collaboration, and defend sovereignty. It brings together independent states of the Americas and aims to prevent conflicts while bringing social inclusion and prosperity to the region. Interns can work with international organizations and help implement these projects by learning about the organization. The OAS website offers more information and resources, including a database of internship opportunities and an international career path.

German Institute for Security and International Affairs

The German Institute for Security and International Affairs (GSIA) is an independent think tank with its headquarters in Berlin. The institute offers a limited number of full-time, three-month internships, paying EUR300 per month. The GSIA internship program aims to recruit young academics and political scientists, and the institute allocates interns among the institute’s seven research divisions. Students interested in pursuing a career in international relations should apply soon.

Megan Bright, a student at the Elliott School, has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and German Studies. She is interested in foreign policy and human rights. She spent her third year at the Freie Universitat Berlin, where she studied German, language, and EU foreign relations. Erin enjoys traveling and is interested in pursuing a career in international affairs.

Another place to intern for a year is the UN. The UN has a representative office in Geneva. They focus on UK involvement in international organizations, including the WTO, and provide consular services to their staff. Interns receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1,250. There is a limited number of UN internship vacancies at the UN, but the amount of money is high. Interns can also volunteer at UNICEF.

While you are an undergraduate student, you can also participate in a summer internship program. You can spend a month in London or Hargeisa, or work in one of the four units of the political divide. Interns receive a fixed monthly stipend, and you must be a citizen of an EEA country. The duration of the internship is four months, and it pays for tuition, housing, and a monthly stipend.

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Middle East Institute

MEI Interns will be an integral part of the organization’s programs department. They will conduct research for potential event topics, manage the events, handle registration, assist with administrative tasks, and write content for infographics and interactives. They will also be involved with outreach activities and member communications, and promote events and publications. The internship provides interns with hands-on experience in think-tank publishing. They will also learn the ins and outs of policy analysis and gain a broad understanding of Middle Eastern issues.

The Middle East Institute is a Washington-based think-tank and institute dedicated to studying the Middle East and its neighbors. It has a long-standing reputation for being a non-partisan source of information and analysis and remains a respected voice in Middle East studies. The institute also hosts the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, a non-governmental educational organization whose mission is to advance American understanding of the Arab world.

Another MEI internship opportunity is in the Library. The Institute’s Oman Library contains over 20,000 books and is a valuable resource for research and faculty. The Librarian is looking for a dedicated intern to help her with the library’s re-establishment. In addition to cataloging books and researching information, interns will be involved in library-related tasks, such as setting up display cases, circulation tasks, and answering questions from library patrons. They may also help with social media posts and reference guides.

The Middle East Institute offers paid internships in its Middle East Program. These positions provide hands-on experience with a world-class think tank. Interns will gain exposure to international public policy experts and gain insights into policymaking. The Middle East Program seeks to elevate the voices of the diverse communities of the region. To qualify, applicants should have some relevant Middle East experience. The selection committee emphasizes applicants with relevant work experience and Middle East-related knowledge.

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