cerner summer internship 2022

cerner summer internship 2022

summer internships

Summer internships are a great way to get experience at attractive companies. Many people do not know that summer internships even exist, however. There was no available information on how to even begin looking for summer internships, let alone how to apply for them. This made it difficult when I wanted to start applying.

I want to share with you my experience navigating the daunting world of summer internships, so that you can apply and get a better internship than me! I will tell you the ins and outs of how I found my internship, how I applied for it, and what it’s been like being an intern since starting work in May.

A word of warning: this article will not have any useful information about applying for a specific job or applying for a job at Cerner specifically. That is because I could not find any information about applying for an internship at Cerner at all! However, now that we’re talking about it I realize maybe they don’t actually have summer internships because they only hire people who are old enough to be legally allowed to drink alcohol? That’s just speculation though; nothing more is known about this topic as of right now unfortunately…

software engineering

Software engineering is a discipline that focuses on the design and development of software systems. Software engineers work with computers, networks, and other technology to develop programs that meet the needs of their users.

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As a software engineer intern at Cerner, you will apply your skillset to all stages of our software development lifecycle. You will work closely with a team to design, develop and test programs across various platforms. From cloud-based enterprise applications to mobile apps for clinicians in hospitals around the world—the impact of your work will be immediate and long-lasting!

Kansas city

Kansas City is the place to be. Seriously, it is. If you decide to work in Kansas City, you will be living in the city of your dreams. You like cities? You’ll love Kansas City because it’s a city and also a great place to be. If you decide not to live in Kansas City, that’s okay too—it’s just that it is such an amazing city that you will probably want to visit at some point in your life. And once you’re here, why leave? The rest of the world can’t compete with this amazing city, so stay here for as long as possible and raise children here so they can experience all that this wonderful area has to offer!

no programming skills needed

If you are not a computer science major, but think that coding might be an interesting field to explore, it’s completely fine to apply. You’ll undergo training at the start of your internship to make sure that you have the necessary knowledge.

learn to code

Coding seems to be a magical endeavor that requires mythical powers, but it doesn’t have to be. You are just as capable of learning this language as you would be learning any other language. It might feel intimidating at first, but we’re here to tell you that it’s possible and you can do this! Some things are hard in coding: like the difference between `[` and `(`, or when to use `function() {}` vs `function newFunction() {}`. But for the most part, it’s easy to learn, and once you get more practice with it, you’ll find that it becomes easier every day. It won’t take long before coding feels like second nature to you and your time will start flying by when you don’t even realize how much time has passed!

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There are lots of resources out there for learning how to code. Most people begin with [Codecademy]( If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach then maybe an internship is right for you! At Cerner we offer many internships where students can gain experience and make money while they learn how to code!

advanced coding skills

Must be proficient in at least one high level programming language: C++ or Java.

Examples of other acceptable languages: Python, C#, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, etc.

How to learn how to code:


cerner careers

Cerner Careers

We’re not just a company. We’re a community of people who truly care about each other, and the communities we serve. We work together to push the boundaries of what healthcare technology can do — through innovation. We help each other grow through mentorship programs, resources and an open environment that embraces new ideas. And we support our teammates in their lives outside of work with comprehensive benefits, flexible schedules and a supportive workplace culture.

Find your career path

Explore careers by role, location or keyword search below to find opportunities that align with your skills and experience. Check often as new jobs are added frequently!

you can apply for the 2022 cerner summer internship program today!

Are you interested in a summer internship at Cerner? If so, then now is the time to apply. You have until December 31st of this year to get your application in.

The application process is fairly straightforward: you’ll begin by creating an account on the Cerner website, then submit whatever information we ask for. After that, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey about yourself and provide us with a few examples of the code you’ve written so far, or answer questions about any projects you’ve completed. We want to know more about who you are and what makes you uniquely qualified for this position! Finally, if we think there’s potential interest on both sides (based on your answers), we would contact our recruiter team member directly via email—make sure they have all of your correct contact information submitted correctly before submitting anything else!

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After submitting an initial application through our online portal – including questions related to skillset (skillsets include Java/Python/C#), level of computer programming knowledge desired experience) – applicants receive an automated response thanking them for applying. Candidates will then be contacted personally either through email or phone within two weeks after submission has been received with next steps regarding their application status (including whether it was accepted or not).

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