Cheapest Universities In Florida Out Of State

Cheapest Universities in Florida Out Of State

Cheapest Universities in Florida Out Of State

These are the least expensive out-of-state universities to take into account if you’re looking for an economical institution in Florida but don’t live in the state. Additionally, these are the least expensive universities in Florida for international students if you are a non-citizen and are not eligible for in-state tuition.

Finding an affordable school requires more than just looking for one with a low reported out-of-state tuition. It’s crucial to conduct your homework on a school’s usual financial aid package, the average net price that students actually pay, and—most importantly—the educational value they get for their money. If a school can’t give competitive financial aid or doesn’t provide quality education, it may appear cheap based on the list price but actually represent a bad relative value.

The list below is based solely on advertised out-of-state tuition rates; real average costs or the caliber of the school’s curriculum are not taken into account. Please refer to the CollegeCalc list of the best value universities in Florida for a ranking that takes average net price and school quality into account.

 Broward College

Broward College is the cheapest public university in Florida, out-of-state. They offer a wide range of degrees and programs, including business management, nursing, and psychology. Their average tuition is $9,500 per year.

Broward College is located in Fort Lauderdale and serves over 30,000 students each year. They are known for their excellent faculty members as well as their innovative degree programs.

Broward College has two campuses: Davie Campus and Central Campus. Both campuses offer state-of-the-art facilities with excellent research opportunities for students who want to pursue graduate degrees in the future.

State College of Florida Manatee Sarasota

If you’re looking for a college that offers the best value in Florida, there’s no better option than State College of Florida Manatee Sarasota.

Located just northeast of Tampa on a beautiful campus overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, State College of Florida Manatee Sarasota has been named one of the top 25 public community colleges in the country by US News and World Report. The school offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates in over 50 fields, including nursing, criminal justice, and business management. It also has an extensive array of online courses available to students who can’t make it to campus.

Founded in 1946 as Manatee Junior College, State College of Florida Manatee Sarasota is proud to be one of only three institutions in Florida that have been designated as a National Center for Academic Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education’s Commission on Higher Education. This designation means that SCFMS offers an excellent education at an affordable price—which makes it one of the cheapest universities in Florida out-of-state!

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The campus itself is small enough to feel cozy but large enough to accommodate more than 13,000 students who study here every year. The average class size is just 19 students per session—which means there are plenty.

Hobe Sound Bible College

Hobe Sound Bible College is one of the cheapest universities in Florida out of state. It offers a quality education and has a small student body, making it a great place for students who want to get away from their hometown and make new friends.

The school’s tuition is $10,000 per year and the total cost of attendance for most students is about $18,000 per year (including books and living expenses). The majority of students who attend Hobe Sound Bible College have parents who are not able to pay for them to go to college; therefore, they receive financial aid so that they can afford to enroll at HSB.

HSB offers several different scholarships including Academic Achievement Scholarship ($2500), Academic Excellence Scholarship ($2500), National Honor Society Scholarship ($2500), Freshman Scholarship ($2000), Sophomore Scholarship ($2000), and more!

South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary

South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary is the best option for students looking for cheap universities in Florida.

The school was founded in 1967 and has a student population of over 2,000. It offers more than 100-degree programs, with tuition for in-state students averaging $14,000 per year. The school is part of an accredited university system, which allows its students to transfer credits to other schools within that system.

South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary have several locations around the state of Florida, including locations in Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Miami Gardens, Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

The school prides itself on being affordable without sacrificing quality. They offer a wide range of academic programs at discounted prices for out-of-state students wishing to attend college in Florida without having to pay full tuition costs like those charged at larger state universities or private schools with high tuition costs.

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Gulf Coast State College

Gulf Coast State College is the cheapest university in Florida.

Gulf Coast State College is a public, state-supported, liberal arts institution located in Panama City, Florida. It was founded on February 15th, 1965.

The school offers over 90-degree programs and over 100 certificate programs. The school also has a graduation rate of 59%. The student body consists of 5,008 students with an average class size of 21 students. Approximately 95% of the student population is full-time and nearly 40% are male while 60% are female.

In terms of cost, this school charges an annual tuition fee of $3,948 for out-of-state residents and $3,664 for residents. For room and board prices, it costs $10,198 per year for nonresidents and $9,774 per year for residents. The average financial aid award amount is $7,046 per year for first-time freshmen who applied for financial aid during their first year at Gulf Coast State College.

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University of Fort Lauderdale

The University of Fort Lauderdale is one of the cheapest universities in Florida for out-of-state students. The University is located in southern Florida, just minutes away from the beach and a short drive from Miami and other major cities. It has over 4,000 students enrolled each year, with more than half coming from out of state. The school offers more than 50 undergraduate degrees and 20 graduate programs.

The average tuition cost for an in-state student at this university is $32,000 per year, while out-of-state students can expect to pay $72,000 per year. This is a huge difference that makes this university one of the cheapest universities in Florida for out-of-state students. The school also offers financial aid packages through its scholarships as well as need-based grants for those who qualify.

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Cheapest Colleges in Florida

University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla.

The University of Central Florida, which has twelve satellite campuses spread around Central Florida and is located in Orlando, is the second-largest university in the country. It is an academic leader in disciplines like optics, modeling and simulation, engineering and computer science, business administration, and education. It also offers 211-degree programs. At the University of Central Florida, marketing, psychology, education, engineering, and business are the most sought-after majors. The University of Central Florida is the largest university in the US by undergraduate enrolment and the second largest university overall, with approximately 60,000 students and 1,415 acres of space.

The University of Central Florida can provide students with a rich education and nearly limitless social and networking possibilities due to the sheer size of the institution and its more than 230,000 alumni globally. The main campus has been named one of the top 20 campuses in the nation by Newsweek. Directly south of the main campus lies Central Florida Research Park, the seventh-largest research park in the country, which employs thousands of recent graduates at 116 different companies. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited the University of Central Florida.

 Florida State University in Tallahassee

Florida State University, which is situated in the heart of Tallahassee, came in at No. 95 on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the “Best Colleges” for 2015. Although the university has a student body of over 32,000, admissions are selective; for the academic year 2014–2015, just over 56% of applicants were accepted. Finance, international relations, English language and literature, psychology, and criminal justice are among the most sought-after majors at FSU. Male students make up 45% of the student body while female students make up 55%.

Edward Waters College in Jacksonville

This privately run, regionally accredited historically black college was established in 1866 to provide education for newly freed slaves and is situated in the heart of Jacksonville. There are little about 800 students enrolled at this private, nonprofit university. The acceptance rate for Edward Waters College is only 23%, thus they won’t take just anyone to increase enrollment.

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The college provides bachelor’s degrees in eight academic fields, including business administration, music, psychology, criminal justice, communications, psychology, and biology. Typically, classes have 15 to 20 individuals, which allows for more interaction between students and teachers. The Obi-Scott-Umunna Collection of African Art is housed in Centennial Hall, the campus’s oldest building, which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited Edward Waters College.

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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee

The main campus of Florida A&M University, also known as FAMU, is located in Tallahassee, while the law school’s campus is in Orlando. Just under 9,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate programs overall. Florida A&M, another historically black university that is a member institution of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, accepts students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. The majority of registered students—ninety percent—are African Americans, with white students making up 5% of the total population.

If their families are more than 35 miles away, first-year students and those with fewer than 12 credits must reside on campus. Florida A&M University boasts 62 Bachelor’s degrees in 103 majors/tracks, despite its name; it provides degrees outside the agricultural and mechanical fields. The most well-liked majors include journalism, psychology, and marketing. The gender split is 39 percent male and 61 percent female, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1.

Baptist College of Florida in Graceville

This little private college in Graceville was founded with the purpose of educating Baptist ministers. Currently, Baptist College of Florida has little over 500 students enrolled in its programs, and it provides secular degrees in well-liked fields like music, business, counseling, and primary education. For the first four semesters of their studies, single students who are under 21 and do not commute from home are required to live on campus.

The following is taken from the institution’s mission statement: “The college aspires to develop in students those traits that contribute to effective ministry. In the area of personal development, we work to stimulate intellectual curiosity, cultural sensitivity, the ability to gather, assess, integrate, and use information, as well as personal and social maturity in our students.


Overall, the University of Florida offers out-of-state students some of the lowest tuition prices in the nation, and this is certainly reason enough to put it on your college shopping list. Add in its other numerous amenities and services, and you have a university with one of the best values in America. Before making your decision about which state or private school to attend, be sure to put their costs side by side with Florida’s colleges and universities to see what financial aid you might qualify for.

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