chemistry summer internships 2022 uk

chemistry summer internships 2022 uk

chemsitry summer internships 2022 uk

The best time to do a science internship is in the summer between your first and second year at university. Not only does it look great on your CV but you also get to learn a lot about the subject you are most interested in, improving your employability as well as gaining valuable skills. Furthermore, many science internships will be paid, so the experience can also provide some extra cash for the start of your next academic year.

Internship websites are an excellent way of finding these placements, simply search for ‘chemistry internship UK’ or ‘chemistry summer placements UK’ and apply for anything that interests you. Alternatively, contact companies directly and ask if they have any positions available.

chemistry internships uk

The best way to find chemistry internships UK is online. A search for ‘chemistry internships 2021’ will reveal many companies and organisations offering chemistry summer internships in the UK. Chemistry internships 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 will also be advertised in this way.

Internship programmes vary according to the nature of the industry and type of career you are interested in; however, you can expect to learn about the industry, develop analytical thinking skills and build your professional network while working on real projects with experienced colleagues.

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In addition, many internship programmes offer a graduate job at the end of it so as well as gaining valuable experience you may also secure your first role after university.

science internships uk

UK science internships can be a great option for those who want to gain experience in research. You’ll often find that these opportunities are run by the big-hitting science institutions, so you can expect to be working alongside some of the best scientists in the world—a perfect way to boost your CV and impress future employers.

We’ve rounded up some of the best science internships available in 2021 below, including many options for undergraduates, graduates, and international students.

laboratory summer internships 2021 uk

Many of our science internships take place in laboratories – a purpose-built facility that is primarily used by scientists for testing and research. Some facilities include hospitals, universities and companies that are associated with scientific research.

Types of laboratory internships available:

  • Biological sciences (eg. biology, zoology)
  • Biomedical sciences (eg. biochemistry, microbiology)
  • Chemical sciences (eg. chemistry, forensic science)
  • Physical sciences (eg. engineering, geology)

You can find internship opportunities in many different industries or sectors such as: environmental agencies, healthcare organisations and government departments to name a few. Most of these will be based either within the UK or abroad (for example the USA).

science summer internships 2022 uk

To put yourself in the best position to secure an internship, you’ll need to prepare a CV that shows your skills and experience, and a cover letter that explains why you’re applying for the role. It’s also important to know what you’re looking for in an internship, and what companies you’d like to work for.

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Once you’ve done that, it’s time to find internships that match your criteria. You can do this by:

  • attending careers fairs and open days (these are often offered by universities)
  • visiting company websites to read about their latest vacancies
  • contacting companies directly
  • using networking sites or your existing contacts to find out if they know of any opportunities

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chemistry summer internship 2021

Step 1: Search for summer internships

  • Search for chemistry summer internships on the internet. You will find many websites that offer an abundance of information about chemistry summer internship programs in your area and throughout the world.
  • Select a location (e.g.: United Kingdom) and search again to find local programs. Give yourself ample time to research as many possible opportunities as you can, as it is competitive!
  • Be aware of any application deadlines or other requirements posted by the company or organization offering such positions.

applying for a science internship at the start of your university degree can be rewarding and look great on your cv

Why get a chemistry internship?

The importance of getting an internship as soon as possible cannot be overstated. If you want to work in a science industry, then it’s essential that you gain some hands-on experience. It’s not enough to just have a degree in the field. Employers want to know that you have a strong scientific knowledge, and they also need to know if you can handle working in a fast-paced environment. The best way to prove that? An internship!

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Work experience is vital for anyone looking for a job after graduating from university – especially in the STEM industries. Getting an internship will be one of the most important things you do during your time at university and will give you an edge over other graduates when applying for jobs post-university or even when applying for internships yourself!

How do I find out about science internships?

There are many ways that students can find out about science internships, from online searches through websites such as RateMyPlacement (which has listings on over 300 companies), or using social media platforms like LinkedIn which provide information on different companies with vacancies available throughout the year

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