Component Sourcing Intern

Component Sourcing Intern

As a Component Sourcing Intern, you’ll work for a Dream Start-up company in the NYC office for at least three days a week during standard business hours. You’ll be immersed in the design process, helping the Sr. Director of Global Business Strategy & Development develop the company’s business strategy. You’ll assign attributes to each Shoe purchase order.

Technical Product Intern

Working as a technical product intern at NGG will allow you to get a first-hand look at the creative process for all cross-category collections. You will assist the Sneakers Product Team in the entire product development process, from prep work to product execution. This internship will expose you to various areas of sneaker design, including materials, components, and costing across both mens and womens sneakers. Moreover, you will be exposed to the many facets of fashion sneaker design, from the initial conception to final execution.

Supporting the development process

Developing a successful app for fashion sneakers is not an easy task. You need to be aware of the requirements of your target audience, recognize their unique selling proposition, and create an interface that matches their needs. It is also important to have a high level of technical expertise in order to handle all legal and technical issues that could arise during the development process. Then, you need to hire highly qualified personnel to handle the entire process.

One of the biggest challenges facing the sneaker industry is how to maintain sales momentum and respond to sustainability concerns. Though significant progress is often hard to see, the luxury sector has adapted a drop-and-return model, and celebrity ambassadors are now an important part of their marketing strategy. The upcoming Air Dior capsule collection by Nike, for example, is designed to be limited to 13,000 pairs, of which 5,000 will be given to Dior’s loyal customers. To date, over five million people have joined the campaign.

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Working with small to medium sized manufacturers

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, small and midsize manufacturers represent 99.9 percent of the nation’s economy. Their impact on jobs, communities, and the nation as a whole is unmatched. The Manufacturing Institute’s Center for Manufacturing Research has been working with BKD, a national CPA and advisory firm, to conduct special surveys of small manufacturers. In one survey, SMEs were asked to define the “new normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic and what technologies are disrupting their businesses. The survey was conducted anonymously, and a total of 302 respondents completed it.

Working with small to midsized manufacturers offers numerous advantages. The size and flexibility of these manufacturing companies allows them to quickly implement new ideas. Since they don’t have the buying power of larger manufacturers, they are nimbler and more creative. Moreover, the smaller size of these companies allows them to develop new products faster and lower costs. They also have an entrepreneurial founder who runs the day-to-day operations.

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