consulting internships summer 2022

consulting internships summer 2022

4 factors to consider when competing for a consulting internship

Before you can start planning your summer and fall internships, it’s important to understand what a consulting internship actually is.

Consulting firms are known for their rigorous hiring process, which involves a series of interviews with senior employees at the firm. This makes them one of the most competitive industries when it comes to recruiting students who want to work there. You’ll need to work hard in order for your resume and cover letter stand out among the many other applicants applying for an internship at the same time as you.

Competitiveness of the field

As with any competitive industry, the consulting field will be full of competition. This can be challenging for candidates who don’t come from the same backgrounds as their peers. Those who have similar interests and experience competing against those with different backgrounds may have an advantage. Similarly, candidates should keep in mind that they are not always competing against fellow students; they may also face competition from professionals who have more connections or experience than they do.

The need for a strong resume and skillset

The first thing you should do when looking for a consulting internships is build a strong resume. Consulting firms are looking for candidates who have expertise in a specific field and can speak to their experience with it. For example, if you want to be an infrastructure consultant, then your resume should highlight any relevant courses or projects that demonstrate your knowledge of infrastructure planning.

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In addition to highlighting your skillset, it’s important to keep in mind that the length of time spent working on certain projects will play a role in whether or not you receive an offer from the firm. It’s often said that recruiters look at resumes based on two main criteria: 1) whether or not they’ll like talking with the candidate during interviews and 2) how long they’ve been working on their current project (or related project). That being said, avoid listing every single project that has ever been assigned as part of an internship because this may seem dishonest—it’s best if there is some overlap between what was done during one internship and what’s listed on another so as not to mislead anyone about how much experience they truly have!

The competition itself and the organization offering the position

The competition itself and the organization offering the position

How many applicants there will be

What percentage of applicants they plan to hire

How they plan to hire: by school, by department, or by major. For example, if an organization hires 5 interns from each of the top 10 schools for its major occupation (e.g., computer science), it might mean that these schools will have more opportunities than other ones.

Decisions on who to hire can be made based on grades or skills tests performed during interviews with hiring managers and/or technical staff members; however, some organizations may also consider non-academic factors like extracurricular activities and personal statements when making decisions as well.

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Networking is the lifeblood of your consulting career, and it’s important to network not only before you apply for a job but also after. In fact, during your internship you should also be networking with everyone in your office and at all times: on the train home from work, over coffee with friends, and even during lunch breaks if you can sneak them away from your boss. Networking helps ensure that when you graduate from college in 2022 or so and embark upon an ambitious consulting career of your own that stretches out into decades of lucrative work for firms around the world—well into retirement age—you’ll have plenty of contacts who can attest to just how awesomely great it was working with you!

Here are some things to keep in mind when applying to a consulting internship

When you’re applying for a consulting internship, it’s important to treat the process like a full-time job search. This means that in addition to researching the company and role, you should also research industry trends, do practice interviews with friends or family members, and make sure your resume is strong.

If you are already in school and want to do an internship this summer (or anytime during the year), here are some additional tips:

  • Do well in school so that when you graduate from college or university with your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree (depending on what level of education you have completed), employers will look at your transcript and see how academically successful you’ve been throughout your educational experience.
  • Network as much as possible! LinkedIn is one tool that can help make connections between professionals who share similar interests; however, there are many others as well such as Facebook groups related specifically towards careers within industries such as consulting where people can ask questions about finding jobs within their field without having met them face-to-face beforehand — making networking easier than ever before thanks software tools like these which allow users access virtually anywhere 24/7!

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