Deloitte virtual internship

Deloitte virtual internship

At the end of this week, you will learn more about yourself and your future career path. The skills and knowledge gained from this experience could help you succeed in an internship or full-time role at Deloitte.

As a participant, you will:

  • Connect with other students across the country
  • Gain real-world insight into various professions within the industry
  • Explore how to make an impact in your community, company, and profession

what is virtual internship?

A virtual internship is when you work for a company, but you do so remotely. Virtual internships, which have undergone a rapid rise in popularity during the last few years due to the increased prevalence of online communication and telecommunication technologies, allow students to gain valuable experience while learning about new industries with flexible hours at their own pace. Virtual internships are an easy way to boost your resume and real-world career experience without having to leave home or commute to an office every day.

Moreover, virtual internships provide many interpersonal benefits as well: participants have the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds across the globe and even make new friends!

Why do companies conduct virtual internships?

Companies are increasingly conducting virtual internships to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. Virtual internships allow companies to reach a wider audience of students. Virtual internships offer many benefits, such as enabling you to gain new skills while working from home (or wherever you prefer). They also allow you to gain practical experience without having to leave your home.

How does virtual internship work?

A virtual internship is one where you would be working from home. You would be assigned all the tasks on an online portal and complete them as specified within a deadline. The program is divided into modules which may include case studies, video lectures, live classes and other interactive sessions. At the end of your internship, you will receive a certificate.

The virtual internship at Deloitte offers several benefits to participants. It allows you to gain real-world experience while working with professionals in their respective fields. You will get to learn the skills required for various roles and how they are applied in companies like Deloitte such as teamwork, leadership, project management etc. It also provides opportunities for networking through interactions with experts across different functions of business operations during webinars or live sessions that may be conducted as part of the program’s curriculum.

The key advantage is flexibility: You don’t have to relocate if you’re planning on doing an internship remotely from your current location; which means no travel expenses or commute time either! Virtual internships allow students to do something meaningful with their summer break or even after college graduation without having to quit their full-time job first (which can be risky).

How to register for Deloitte Virtual Internship Program?

If you’re interested in a career with Deloitte, and are looking to build your skills on the side while you pursue it, our virtual internship program is just what you’re looking for.

Register through our website when the registration period opens again in early August. You can register using your email address or LinkedIn profile. Then watch as the summer flies by at warp speed.

What does the Deloitte Virtual Internship Program include?

The Internship Program has been designed to provide you with an authentic experience. You will be provided with opportunities to develop your skills and apply your learning whilst working on a series of tasks. Each of the tasks are designed to be completed within a set period of time, and you will have access to learning resources, a community and expert guidance throughout the program.

It’s important that when completing each task, you focus on quality over quantity. The tasks are designed to simulate what it’s like to work at Deloitte, so we want you to take the time needed in order to produce your best possible response.

What is the Job Profile/Task at Deloitte Virtual Internship Program?

Upon completing your application, you will receive an email with a link to the platform.

You will be provided with a set of tasks to complete that are divided into six sections. You can choose from one of two clients: Cairn Energy or Standard Chartered Bank. The final submission date is September 30th. This guide will break down each section and give you helpful tips on how to go about it.

Section One: Client Perspective

In this section, you will get to know the client in question and their business better by answering questions based on information regarding their upcoming projects and past financials that they have shared with Deloitte as a prospective business partner.

Section Two: Data Analytics Dashboard

This section requires the use of data analytics tools such as Tableau or Power BI (among others) to create a dashboard showing the client’s financial health, key indicators, and trends over time. The client has given access to their finances for this task so that you can draw conclusions about their profitability, efficiency in key departments (such as sales), etc., based on actual data points.

Section Three: Stakeholder Presentation

Here you need to create a presentation explaining your findings from Section Two above using relevant charts and statistics within 10 slides. In addition, you must include some recommendations for how the client could improve upon certain aspects of its business based on the data uncovered during your analysis—and share what steps they can take to implement those changes moving forward.

Deloitte Virtual Internship Program – Task 1 – Client Perspective

The first task was to frame a client perspective. In this task, you are working on a project for a client and you have to frame a client perspective. You have to provide solutions to the client’s problem.

You have to do a lot of research and thinking. The objective is to show the client that you have understood their problem.

Deloitte Virtual Internship Program – Task 2 – Data Analytics Dashboard

In this task, you are required to build an interactive data analytics dashboard using Power BI. You will be provided with a sample dataset (Deliverable 2.3) that you need to visualize using different types of charts and graphs in Power BI. The visualizations should be relevant to the business scenario and should help in drawing meaningful insights from the datasets provided. Please refer to the Deloitte Virtual Internship Program – Task 2 Business Brief (Deliverable 2.2) for more information about this task and its requirements

Data Analytics Dashboard:

Based on your analysis of the data, create an interactive dashboard in Power BI with multiple visualizations which shows useful insights from the given data. You need to submit a PowerPoint presentation explaining all the steps performed during your analysis with screen-shots of each step along with screenshots of final dashboard created in Power BI showing all charts/graphs/visualization together

Deloitte Virtual Internship Program – Task – 3 Stakeholder Presentation and Marketing Pitchbook

learn about the different aspects of a company through the lens of a specific industry.

  • The Deloitte Virtual Experience is an interactive program designed to provide students with an authentic experience of working at Deloitte.
  • It allows you to learn about the different aspects of a company through the lens of a specific industry.

The program consists of three modules. In Module 1, you will explore the industry and meet your supervisor in your virtual office. You will then complete a pre-work exercise that dives deeper into your chosen industry, followed by a “day-in-the-life” simulation where you can apply your learning from Module 1 by completing tasks within several internal collaboration tools used by Deloitte professionals.

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