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Electrical Engineering Summer Or Winter Internships

Electrical Engineering Summer Or Winter Internships

For students interested in electrical engineering, the best way to land a summer or winter internship is to choose a company with a strong engineering program. Companies such as Exelon, Skyworks, Parker Hannifin, and Altaport are great options. In addition to these companies, you may consider other smaller organizations that offer internships in this field. For more information, see the links below. Also, be sure to check out the company’s website for more information.


The Exelon Electrical Engineering Summer Internships program seeks highly motivated students for positions in summer and winter. During this 10-week program, interns will gain valuable real-world experience in such diverse areas as developing performance reports, changing gas and electric modules, short-range business planning, and business complex modeling. To learn more, contact the company at exelon.com/internships.

To apply for an EEI position, you must complete a written test. The exam is a practice test that you can take before taking the actual exam. The practice test has a similar format and includes tips and informational brochures. Tests for this program include the Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System and Technical Occupations Selection System. To take the test, you must log in with your Exelon user name and operator password.

The summer internship is offered in Chicago. Interns must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 and must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Students will intern in one of Exelon’s Engineering Division sections. Initial positions will be in Plant Engineering, Design Engineering, Program Engineering, and Asset Management. During the summer internship, interns may be able to gain valuable experience in electrical engineering.

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The company also offers internships for students majoring in mechanical or electrical engineering. To apply, you must have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science. You should take courses in C++, data structures, and algorithms. For internships in Circuit Design, experience with VLSI design and validation will be useful. This internship is a great opportunity to gain industry experience while preparing for a career in electrical engineering.


Are you interested in a career in electrical engineering? Then consider a winter internship with Skyworks. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, so we will consider qualified applicants without regard to race, religion, or age. You will work closely with leading scientists and engineers to solve real-world problems related to mobile communications. You’ll gain hands-on experience while building your skills with software programming languages and supporting our engineering teams.

You can begin your internship with an on-campus co-op program or entry-level position at Skyworks, a leading semiconductor company. Internships and co-ops are available to students interested in studying electrical engineering. Many Skyworks products are found inside wireless devices and work with RF, Analog, and Digital technologies. While it might not seem like it at first glance, this company is changing the world of wireless networking.

You can begin networking at your internship site by talking to colleagues, peers, and other professionals in the industry. Don’t be shy about chatting with these people; they may become valuable contacts in the future. During your internship, you’ll learn about the electrical industry, gain a practical taste of problem-solving, and develop interpersonal skills. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to be a successful electrical engineer.

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Interested in developing software for battery-management systems? Consider a summer internship with Skyworks. You’ll develop algorithms for high-voltage battery systems, support automotive-grade embedded software development, and participate in advanced battery algorithm development. Experience with Matlab/Simulink and time-series data will help you succeed. You’ll be working alongside other electrical engineers, as well as product managers. So, apply today and make the most of your summer internship.

Parker Hannifin

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in the electrical engineering field? Parker Hannifin is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motion control and related products. Founded in 1917, the company aims to improve productivity and profitability for customers worldwide by developing technologies to solve the world’s toughest engineering challenges. The company is looking for exceptional graduates with the highest levels of academic achievement to fill its engineering positions. Wed May 18 and Thu May 26 2022 deadlines.

As a Battery Management System (BMS) Application Software Intern, you will be developing an application software platform to support high-voltage BMS strategy development. Your work will support the team developing BMS application software and conducting HIL tests. You will also support the development of automotive grade embedded software. You should have experience working with Python, AWS, or Matlab/Simulink, as well as have some time-series data and machine learning.


Whether you’re an electrical engineering student seeking a summer internship or looking for a winter internship in the industry, Altaport offers an exciting array of opportunities. This company serves the Advanced Aerial Mobility and Helicopter industries, and is constructing a world-class aerodrome management platform. Their software, Altaport Control Center, makes it easy to manage ground infrastructure, including airfields. These companies also oversee electronic training processes and procedures, and conduct electronic analysis of PCBs.

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Battery Algorithm Interns will develop software platforms and support battery cell testing. They must have experience in Python, SQL, and AWS, and be well-versed in time-series data and Matlab. Candidates should have experience in C, Python, or Matlab, and should also have experience using version control and AWS. And, of course, they must be pursuing a Masters or PhD in Electrical Engineering, and have some work experience.

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