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environmental law summer internships

environmental law summer internships

Earthjustice Summer Law Internship Program

Earthjustice is the largest nonprofit environmental law organization in the United States. We’ve been fighting for over four decades to protect our air, water, and wildlife; defend public lands; keep toxic chemicals out of our communities; and hold corporations accountable when they pollute.

We are seeking summer interns to work with attorneys in all areas of environmental law. Earthjustice interns will gain real-world experience working with some of the greatest legal minds in the world on cases that will shape our environment for years to come.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship Program

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship Program is designed to provide an opportunity for law, public policy and related graduate students to gain experience working in the field of philanthropy and social change. The program is designed for individuals interested in exploring philanthropy as a career choice or who want to deepen their understanding of how foundations operate.

Fellows are selected from a competitive applicant pool and spend the summer working on projects related to issues they are passionate about while gaining exposure to RBF’s grantmaking processes, communications strategies and community outreach efforts. Fellows also participate in weekly seminars with senior staff members where they learn about topics such as: strategies for making impactful grants; trends in philanthropy; fundraising tips; and how foundations can leverage their resources most effectively.

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Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellowships

The Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellowships are designed for graduate students who want to work on energy efficiency in the public and private sectors. The fellowship runs for 10 weeks, starting in June, and provides a stipend of $5,500 per student. Applications are due January 31 at 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time

National Wildlife Federation Legal Fellowships

The National Wildlife Federation Legal Fellowship is a unique opportunity to work on the cutting edge of environmental law. The program was created to identify, train and support young lawyers who will become tomorrow’s leaders in the field of wildlife conservation. The fellowship provides a salary, benefits and $5,000 for travel reimbursement in order to allow students to focus full time on substantive legal research during their summer internships.

Applications for this competitive program are accepted twice per year: once in January for summer internships taking place between May 1st – August 31st; and once again in April for summer internships taking place from June 1st – August 31st .

Applicants must be 2nd or 3rd year law students who have completed an environmental course (including courses such as Natural Resources Law; Environmental Law) or an Administrative Law course with at least one upper-level writing assignment focusing on administrative law issues involving private parties or governmental entities; or two years of experience working at an organization with expertise in natural resources law issues or similar disciplines (such as public interest/human rights organizations).

U.S. EPA Office of General Counsel Honors Attorney Program

The EPA Office of General Counsel Honors Attorney Program is a 10-week program that offers a $27.50 per hour wage for up to 1,600 hours of work. This internship is most appropriate for law students currently enrolled in an accredited law school and who are U.S. citizens, nationals or permanent residents.

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NRDC International Environmental Law Summer Program

Students must be between 2nd and 3rd year of law school during the summer and be a US citizen or permanent resident. Deadline for applications is March 1st, 2018.

The NRDC International Environmental Law Summer Program provides students with an opportunity to work on international environmental issues in one of four positions: Policy Director; Legal Counsel & Campaigns Manager; Communications Specialist (Spanish); and Research Assistant. You will gain hands-on experience working with attorneys, scientists, government officials and other experts to develop strategies that address today’s most pressing global environment issues—from climate change mitigation to illegal wildlife trade enforcement to marine debris management.

Here are some great summe internships in environmental law

  • Environmental Law and Policy Institute (ELPI) is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to communities and activists. For example, ELPI helped the Sierra Club file an amicus brief in support of New York City’s ban on plastic bags in supermarkets. The organization also provides access to resources for environmental lawyers through their website, as well as a free training program for young lawyers interested in pursuing a career in this area of law. ELPI offers internship positions throughout the summer months that require applicants to have at least one year of experience working with environmental issues or policy work; these internships run from May through August each year and include housing stipends depending on where you live. To learn more about this opportunity please visit their website here: https://www.elpi-dc.org/environmental-law-and-policy-institute/about/.

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