EPFL Summer Research Internship Program

EPFL Summer Research Internship Program

The EPFL offers a highly competitive, fully funded research internship for undergraduate students. Candidates selected for the program have a CGPA of near-perfect or higher. Previous research experience is not required. Applications are due at the end of January. Applicants must submit an academic CV and a one-page letter of motivation. If you are interested in applying for an internship at EPFL, read on to find out more about the program and its requirements.

Pasteur Foundation Summer Research Internship Program

The Pasteur Foundation Summer Research Internship Program provides U.S. undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to participate in summer research at Institut Pasteur. The program fosters student participation in scientific disciplines by providing exposure to a world-renowned laboratory. Interested students can apply online beginning in the fall. To apply, students must have U.S. citizenship and two letters of recommendation. To learn more about this opportunity, visit the website of the Pasteur Institute.

The program includes a stipend, housing allowance, travel funds, and a ten-week mentored research internship program. It is ideal for students interested in science and underrepresented groups. The program also offers several options, including a four-week intensive introduction to biostatistics, which covers travel expenses and room and board. The 10-week mentored research program provides a salary and travel reimbursement.

The Summer Scholars Program focuses on critical thinking, scientific communication, and laboratory skills. Participants will complete a series of writing assignments that culminate in a presentation. This program is ideal for students interested in science or technology and may also be beneficial for international students through CPT. Graduate students and undergraduates in the U.S. may apply as well. The application process is competitive and can take up to six months to complete.

The RPCI science internship program offers underrepresented undergraduate students the chance to gain valuable experience through mentoring and research. The summer program offers a stipend of $6000. Participants are expected to complete their internship program from June 6 through August 12 of 2022. There are several ways to apply for the summer research internship program. To apply, students must be enrolled full-time at a U.S. college or university. To be considered, students should be sophomores, juniors, or seniors at the time of application. Additionally, they must have an academic major in math, physical sciences, or engineering.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program is a nine-week internship for students who are entering their final year of undergraduate studies. The program aims to provide hands-on research experience to undergraduates interested in biomedical research. Interns will conduct an independent research project and present their results in a poster presentation. The Summer Research Opportunities Program also provides a gateway to graduate studies at Big Ten Academic Alliance universities. A student’s research will help them build skills for a career in research.

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The Pasteur Foundation Summer Research Internship Program is designed to give college students in Health Sciences the opportunity to work in an internship laboratory. Interns will gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on research under the supervision of faculty at universities throughout the country. APS fellows will work under the supervision of research investigators from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The program is open to girls of any nationality.

Application process

The EPFL Summer Research Internship Program provides fellowships for two to three months to students interested in pursuing scientific research. Those interested in computer science, electrical engineering, telecommunications, or life sciences are eligible to apply for this program. To be considered for this internship, students must have completed their first year of bachelor’s degrees and have excellent academic records. To apply, students must submit their academic CV, as well as a one-page letter of motivation.

To apply for the program, students should first review the program’s requirements and FAQs. Students should register on the application website and select up to three areas of scientific interest. Applicants should also upload a CV, all relevant university transcripts, and a letter of motivation detailing their scientific interests. This letter should be no longer than two pages. The application period runs from May through September, and successful applicants will receive decisions via e-mail.

The program is designed to develop a broad range of skills and competencies and will prepare participants for competitive applications to Ph.D. programs. The internship program includes hands-on research in 20 major research institutions, ensuring that participants become better prepared for their advanced studies. While they are participating in the program, they will also get first-hand knowledge of the research landscape at MIT. If successful, the experience will lead to co-authored publications at top academic conferences.

The EPFL Summer Research Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary materials science researchers. It encourages students to apply from southern California schools with some research experience. If this is your first time applying for an internship at a lab, you should consider contacting a research supervisor or mentor. If the mentor is already a researcher, you will be paired with an expert in the same field.

After submitting your CV and transcripts, students must upload a Letter of Motivation. The Letter of Motivation should be no more than a one-page document. All documents must be in English. Students wishing to work in the vision lab should contact Prof. Pascal Fua. The secretary will provide more information on the lab. The internship will start once the lab has received all three documents. After that, the selected candidates will be notified via email of their full acceptance.

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The workshop seeks to bring together a diverse group of outstanding students for intensive research experiences. The program includes informative lectures and 10 weeks of working with staff members. Participants may develop projects that result in articles or conference presentations. They are organized in small teams, each under the guidance of a mentor. Fellowships are seven to thirteen thousand dollars, depending on academic rank. For those who meet these requirements, this summer research internship is ideal for them.


The Requirements for the EPFL Summer Research Internship Program include meeting the following minimum requirements. To qualify for the program, students must have completed their first year of bachelor’s studies. Students in computer science, electrical engineering, telecommunications, or life sciences can apply. Students in other fields can apply by applying directly to the internship director. Students must complete the application process on the EPFL website.

Students must be enrolled in a basic engineering or life science program. They must have completed two years of undergraduate courses and have a “B” average. Once selected, students will spend 10 weeks working with research staff to complete projects that will result in conference presentations or articles. Participants are assigned to work in groups of two or three and are supervised by a mentor. To apply, applicants must submit a CV, transcripts from their university, and a letter of motivation describing their scientific interests and goals. The letter should not exceed two pages.

If you are a student and would like to participate in this summer research internship program, the deadlines are in January or February. Make sure to check the deadlines before applying. Many internships require letters of recommendation, which you should request at least three weeks before the deadline. The deadlines can be extended if you have a strong academic record. Many summer research programs are funded by grants and will provide a stipend of $6000-$7000 for a ten-week program, or less if housing is provided.

Students with high academic credentials are encouraged to apply to the Materials Research Laboratory’s summer research internship program. This program provides the opportunity for undergraduates to gain hands-on experience in conducting scientific research while getting the experience of living abroad. The program is a competitive way to earn a graduate degree, and it also helps sustain a talent pool in critical research areas. The application process is competitive, so you must have a strong academic record to get in.

In addition to the summer research internship, students who are interested in astrophysics and astronomy should consider applying for LEAPS. Through this program, students will work with a research scientist from the Leiden Observatory or the European Space Agency. Students will be selected based on their academic achievements and matched to staff projects based on their scientific interests. Students can choose from projects in gravitational physics, galactic astronomy, and cosmology.

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Applicants must prepare all required documents and submit them online. Applications with complete application material will be considered. Prepare all documents required to complete the application, including contact details for two referees. In addition, use a motivation letter to outline your scientific interests and why you are applying for the program. This letter is an important part of the application process and should be uploaded to the online form.

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