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event planning internships jobs

event planning internships jobs

Event planning internships jobs on a non-profit / non-governmental organization (NGO)

The non-profit / non-governmental organization (NGO) industry is a great place to start your event planning career, particularly if you are interested in learning about the importance of community service and want to gain experience working for an organization that helps others. The industry itself is comprised of many types of organizations including schools, hospitals, museums, libraries and religious institutions.

This type of work provides lots of opportunities for networking and building a strong resume while gaining professional skills. You will be able to learn how to plan large events and meet people who share your interests through volunteering or interning at an NGO that hosts events on a regular basis.

Additionally, some NGOs offer paid positions so it’s worth looking into those as well!

Event planning internships jobs on an event planning company

  • Find an event planning company.
  • Study their needs and what they offer.
  • Learn more about the market value of your skills and experience, so that you can communicate this effectively to employers.
  • Network with people from within your field or industry as much as possible, as well as with those outside it (for example, at social events).

Event planning internships jobs on a wedding planning company

As a wedding planning company, you have access to an endless number of opportunities for event planning internships. Weddings are extremely popular events, and your business can make money by helping them be successful.

You will be responsible for working closely with the bride and groom on their day-of needs, including helping with setup, decorating for the ceremony and reception, organizing catering services, handling last minute details such as finding new shoes when someone’s heel breaks during their walk down the aisle (yes this happened), and anything else that needs doing as the day progresses.

Event planning internships jobs on a resort/hotel

An event planner can work with the sales, marketing, and convention services departments to plan and manage events. They may also work with the operations, catering, and convention services departments to develop marketing strategies for internal or external events.

Event planners may also be involved in developing and implementing training programs for new employees regarding event logistics.

Event planning internships jobs in business meetings, seminars, and conferences

Conferences are a great place to network both as an intern and as a professional. Meeting planners deal with logistics and planning, from selecting the venue to coordinating flight arrangements. A career in conference planning can be very rewarding, but it’s not something you can do on your own. You’ll need to have the right skillset for each type of meeting. For example, if you work in trade show conferences or conventions your job will be very different than if you did event planning for a non-profit organization or private company.

Event planning internships jobs in public relations firms and agencies

  • Event planning internships jobs in public relations firms and agencies
  • You will be working with a variety of clients, from small businesses to major corporations.

You might be asked to organize an event for your company or client, such as a launch party or holiday celebration for employees. The events you plan may take place at the office or at a venue outside of it—your employer will let you know where to hold them based on their needs, budget and other factors. In addition to organizing big celebrations and special occasions, PR companies also help their clients put together smaller-scale events like product launches and internal meetings. As an event planner intern at a PR firm or agency, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get involved!

This is a good place to start.

Event planning is a field that involves the organization and coordination of events, often in conjunction with entertainment. It’s a very broad term, but most event planners deal with some combination of these tasks:

  • They organize an event from start to finish, including booking venues and accommodations, creating marketing materials like flyers or websites, and coordinating food service.
  • They negotiate with clients on budgets and plans for their event.
  • They hire staff for the event itself—usually designers who can create decorations or caterers who will prepare food if it isn’t already provided by the venue.

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