Fashion Internships in New York City

Fashion Internships in New York City

The search for Fashion Internships in New York City can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands of listings online and you need to be prepared with your cover letter and resume. Here are some tips to make your application stand out. Prepare a professional resume and cover letter for each internship you apply for. Then, get out there and make your career dreams come true! And remember: Fashion internships in New York City don’t have to be expensive!

Fashion internships don’t pay

Fashion internships don’t pay, but they open many doors for you. While the Department of Labor does not allow unpaid internships, employers must offer an educational experience for their interns. Otherwise, an intern may have to work retail jobs or rely on family support. An internship at an established fashion company should include educational opportunities and not be solely focused on the paycheck. To ensure the quality of educational experience, fashion organizations should offer internships at a minimum wage or higher.

The upside of fashion internships is that interns may learn valuable job skills and meet career-furthering mentors. However, according to a recent report, internships often lack real job training, and students often get ignored by supervisors. Former interns have also complained of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and sexism. These reports highlight the need for change in fashion internships. While there are still many benefits of an internship, it is important to consider the risks before pursuing it.

Fashion internships are a great way to get experience and credit without breaking the bank. Fashion internships can be found at a variety of locations. Some internships are held at a brand headquarters, while others are at a local stylist’s office. Some companies even offer discounts on their products, which makes them a great opportunity for young interns. Whether you’re looking for a full-time job, internships can help you decide whether this career path is right for you.

Parsons School of Design

If you’re thinking about applying to the Parsons School of Design Fashion internship program, there are many reasons to do so. For one, it’s a top-notch educational experience, allowing you to learn from the world’s most renowned designers. Parsons offers internships with industry partners, and many of its events take place at the famous Parsons Paris campus. It also organizes events that focus on new trends, and students can make connections with those in the fashion industry during their time at Parsons.

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The school’s Paris program is world-renowned and includes internships that give students credit for their classes. Alternatively, students can apply to one of the Global Experiences programs, which offer eight-week internship placements in fields ranging from fashion journalism and public relations to art galleries. Students completing the program will receive a Parsons transcript, as well as an internship course. Then, they can work on their designs and apply them to a variety of fashion-related jobs.

The Parsons School of Design/The NewSchool is the world’s leading design school. If you want to learn more about fashion design, then this four-week summer internship program will allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience in the industry and learn about new design techniques. You’ll be collaborating with peers and guest speakers from the fashion industry. You can even go on virtual field trips to various fashion companies. The program will cost you about $3,475 for a semester of classes, but it’s well worth the cost.


URBN Fashion Internships New NYC offer diverse internship opportunities, ranging from marketing to merchandising. These internships can be arranged at the company’s headquarters in the Philadelphia Navy Yard or virtually. Interns learn about fashion and business by working in a professional environment and gaining leadership skills. Depending on your schedule, you can also choose between a fall or spring internship.

URBN has a private Facebook group for its interns, where they can connect over housing needs, find work, and discuss internship opportunities. In addition to a private Facebook group, interns are able to connect with other interns in the program. Applicants must submit a video of themselves to be considered for an internship. Video interviews are due two days after the invitation. For full consideration, applications must be submitted by Sunday, December 3, 6 PM EST.

Several companies in the fashion industry have changed the way they offer internships, offering hourly wages or school credit to interns. A recent report from the Sustainable Fashion Initiative detailed some of the problems with the fashion internship pipeline. Students were taking on significant debt to pay for their internships, and relying on financial aid from their families to cover the costs. Fortunately, many companies have recognized the need for more internships in fashion, and have been more thoughtful about offering internships in the industry.

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Banson NYC Fashion Summer Camp

The founder of Banson NYC, a New York City fashion industry professional for 20 years, personally designs the 1-5 day NYC itineraries for students, making sure they experience many aspects of the fashion industry in addition to their classroom learning. Banson students are treated to tours of major showrooms and meet designers, retail planning analysts, production managers, and merchandising executives. The trip is a full-service experience that aims to inspire future fashion industry professionals.

The camp also includes a trip to a famous fashion designer’s studio. Students also get to tour a major fabric store and learn more about a world-famous brand. They also go on educational shopping, have their work presented in front of an audience, and take part in student presentations. Students can also expect to take a basic retail math class where they’ll learn about manufacturing budgets. Students will also get hands-on experience working in the real fashion industry during a day of shopping and presenting their projects.

During the course of the five-day camp, students will learn about fashion design and marketing. Students will gain skills in designing, marketing, and selling clothing. Other activities at the camp include individual projects, lectures, and visits to showrooms and stores. During the summer, students can also choose to participate in a multi-session program offered by the Guggenheim Museum on half-a-dozen evenings in August, titled “Responding to Art Through Creative Writing.”

YaYa Publicity

If you’re interested in a career in public relations for luxury brands, you may be interested in a fashion internship in New York City. YaYa Publicity is a boutique PR agency with a focus on swimwear, fashion accessories, and jewelry. Interns at the company will work on projects ranging from press placements on top editorials to VIP/celebrity relations and new product launches. Interns at YaYa Publicity will pull samples, manage press lists, and track media placements. The internship is paid and provides transportation and a meal stipend.

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While studying at the Weatherhead School of Management, YaYa Zhang decided that a career in fashion management was not right for her. Instead, she decided to pursue a career in advertising. Her decision to move into this field was prompted by her friendships with art school students, research, and a lead regarding an internship at Wieden + Kennedy, the brains behind the “Just Do It” slogan.

Another opportunity for a New York City fashion internship is to take a position with an agency that specializes in the digital realm. While YaYa Publicity is not a traditional fashion internship, it offers young designers the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and learn more about fashion and advertising. Interns also gain experience by assisting brands and designers in showrooms, and they are also expected to create digital assets like social media posts and videos. Each internship is unique and specialized to the individual student’s interests and skills. The three, eight, and thirteen-week programs require students to pay a small fee but are worth the investment.


Chillhouse is a self-care company that produces a variety of products and services. They donate 1% of their profits to mental health advocacy. Interns work in the production and marketing departments and may even help create product launches. They may also be asked to assist in coordinating shipments and production orders. Interns at Chillhouse also help create and update their Shopify pages. They may be expected to compile data and analyze sales data for forecast demand planning.

The Marketing Intern will work with key members of the Chillhouse team. The position requires assisting in social media growth, influencer gifting, media bookings, and content creation. The marketing intern will also assist in tracking UGC and help execute big-picture visions of social media growth. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated individual with a positive attitude who is able to work under pressure. A candidate with a flair for details is welcome.

As a brand that uses social media and a social media community, Chillhouse is a great place to find a fashion internship. Chillhouse utilizes Twitter and Facebook to engage its community in conversations around wellness and hospitality. This allows them to provide internships that allow them to learn about the industry and connect with other professionals in the field. Chillhouse Fashion Internships New York City

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