fashion marketing internships in london

fashion marketing internships in london

andrew, university of worcester

Andrew, a student at the University of Worcester, came to do a fashion marketing internship in London after finding the role on his university’s careers website. He had no prior experience in the industry but wanted to explore it as he had previously worked in marketing roles for other companies.

When asked why he chose the fashion industry over others, Andrew said: “I wanted to work with something new and different.” His family were supportive of his decision as they believed it would help him develop skills that could be used elsewhere if he decided not to pursue a career in fashion.

During his internship, Andrew worked closely with a team from an online retailer who sell clothes from independent designers. He helped build relationships between clients and suppliers; managed social media accounts; created promotional material such as email newsletters and flyers; researched trends within fashion; wrote articles for company blogs about upcoming events or new collections; researched competitors’ methods of advertising their products (such as social media posts); conducted market research by surveying customers about their preferences regarding price points and style preferences etcetera).

‘I came to london to develop my skills after completing the internship with new look’

The fashion internship at New Look was great. I learned a lot, especially in terms of how to work with different people, and how to be creative within the constraints of the brand. It’s been really helpful for me because now I know what I need to do when I’m working on my own projects as an intern.

jessica, university of oxford

Jessica is an Oxford student, who studied a BA in Fashion. She has been doing her internship at a fashion house in London, which she absolutely loves. She says that this experience has helped her to learn so much about the industry, and given her the opportunity to develop professional skills like social media marketing.

‘I was looking for an internship in a different country as I wanted to learn about international fashion markets.’

As an aspiring fashion designer, you’re probably looking for an internship in a different country as you want to learn about international fashion markets. London is a great place to start because it has the biggest and most influential fashion industry in the world. This means that there are many opportunities here for interns who want to work in this field.

The main market for selling clothes in the UK is online; however, there are also many physical stores where people can browse through products before purchasing them (e.g., department stores). These physical shops usually carry more expensive clothing than what is available online; therefore, they serve as an inspiration for professional designers who use them as references when creating new garments. Other countries have similar types of shops but may have different prices due to differences between currencies or cost-of-living prices on average wages (i.e., it might cost more money per hour worked than someone earns from working at home).

joanne, leicester de montfort university

When I was looking for an international internship, my main goal was to work in an international marketing environment and be challenged by the tasks given to me. I did not want to study fashion but wanted to be part of the industry. One of my strongest skills is marketing, so this was a perfect fit for me.

I applied for the position as Marketing Intern at Joanne UK with only six weeks before my contract started. Although there were many requirements listed on their website, they gave me confidence that my skillset would be enough for me to get selected despite having no prior experience in fashion or retail business.

‘I was looking for an international internship and I realised that my strongest skill was marketing.’

Interning for a fashion brand is a great way to learn about the industry and build your portfolio. Internships are also an excellent way of finding out if this is the kind of career path you want to pursue in the future.

In order to help you make an informed decision, we have created an overview of some of London’s top internships. We hope that this information will be useful when applying for your internship and will help you find something both challenging and meaningful.

thomas, durham university

Thomas, a student at Durham University, gained experience in retail marketing at an internship with the United Colors of Benetton. The internship has helped Thomas gain skills in the fashion industry and he was looking for an internship in a different country as he wanted to learn about international fashion markets.

‘My internship has given me excellent experience in retail marketing.’

The retail marketing internship has been a great experience for me. It has given me an opportunity to learn new skills, as well as develop my knowledge in the field of fashion marketing. The internship has also helped me with my studies, as I have learned more about the industry and how it works. This internship has allowed me to grow as a person, because I have developed more confidence in myself and gained valuable work experience that will help me when I am looking for jobs in the future.

In conclusion, I would recommend this retail marketing internship to other students who are interested in learning about retail marketing or gaining some valuable work experience before deciding what career path they want to take after university graduation!

take your first steps into the uk’s largest sector with a fashion marketing internship

If you’re looking for the chance to take your first steps into the UK’s largest sector, a fashion marketing internship is for you.

  • You’ll gain valuable experience working with a range of clients, from retail stores to online retailers.
  • You’ll understand how brands are built and maintained through effective marketing strategies.
  • You’ll learn about social media advertising, SEO and online campaigns from start-to-finish.
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