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fashion united internships

fashion united internships

about fashion united

Fashion United is a leading fashion technology company that offers products and services to help fashion companies grow their businesses. We’re looking for eager, enthusiastic people who want to be part of an established team that’s passionate about helping others succeed.

We offer a great working environment and opportunities for growth within the company. We encourage our employees to be creative and take initiative—if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve what we do, please let us know!

Being located in London makes Fashion United an easy commute from many European countries, as well as other parts of England and Scotland.

apprentus internship – fashion united

If you’re interested in learning more about the fashion industry and want to gain experience in a creative environment, then this is the internship for you.

The Apprentus Marketing Internship is open to students who are passionate about marketing and communications. You’ll work on projects related to brand storytelling, content production, social media management and other exciting things like that. This internship will give you hands-on experience working with an international team on a daily basis; as an added bonus we’ll teach you how we use technology in our marketing strategy!

If this sounds appealing then please send us an email with your CV attached at

business development internship – fashion united

An internship with Fashion United is a great opportunity to work in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment. You will be working closely with the team of the company, who will teach you all they know about business development and marketing strategies.

The responsibilities of this position include:

  • Researching and analyzing the market, competitors and potential customers
  • Developing and executing a business development strategy
  • Building and maintaining a sales pipeline
  • Identifying business opportunities for Fashion United products

content creator longform – fashion united

You will be working with our content team to develop written and visual content for Fashion United. You will help create visuals for the blog posts, such as mood boards, outfit ideas and product reviews. You will also work on developing SEO strategies for the blog posts so that they rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. Your goal is to make sure that Fashion United’s blogs are ranking highly in search results when people look up topics related to fashion or shopping online!

In addition, you will research topics for future blogs as well as write articles about them yourself!

corporate strategy and development intern – fashion united


The corporate strategy and development intern will be responsible for conducting research and analysis that supports fashion united’s business strategy and development. The intern will work closely with the head of corporate strategy and development on projects related to growth, market trends, customer behavior, competitors and industry best practices in order to help fashion united develop a roadmap for future strategic initiatives.

The responsibilities of this internship include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting research on customer needs/insights through surveys or interviews with key stakeholders at fashion united as well as outside sources (e.g., customers/potential customers).
  • Compiling competitor information in order to identify opportunities where fashion united can differentiate itself from its competition by focusing on an area they do not focus on (i.e., new products/services).
  • Writing reports summarizing findings from research activities; the intern will present their findings at weekly meetings with senior leadership at fashion united in addition to other internal stakeholders who would benefit from this information (e.g., marketing team members).

customer support intern – fashion united

  • work at a startup in the fashion industry
  • customer support, social media, and communications
  • experience working in the customer service and retail industries is preferred but not required

data analyst intern – fashion united

What does a data analyst intern do?

A data analyst intern will work on the collection and analysis of all relevant data from our company. The internship lasts 6 months and the salary is 500 euro per month. This position is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

designer intern – fashion united

As a designer intern, you will be working closely with the product owner and the business development team to design the user interface of our platform. You will be responsible for designing a user interface that addresses the needs of our users, while also considering how we can optimize conversion rates through testing and iteration. As such, your work will require strong collaboration skills as well as solid communication skills.

You will be expected to design mockups for your work using Sketch or similar software (Sketch/Photoshop), but you do not need experience with these tools. We recommend taking an online course on UX Design in general before applying for this role if you want to familiarize yourself with some basic principles of how users interact online and what makes them happy when they do so.

digital marketing intern – fashion united

A digital marketing intern with Fashion United is the ideal candidate for someone who wants to get their foot in the door at a fast-paced and exciting start up. The ideal candidate will have experience in analytics, social media marketing, content creation and fashion industry knowledge.

The successful applicant will be familiar with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (all platforms); Social Media Marketing; Content Marketing; Fluent English Speaker

digital sales and customer support intern (french speaking) – fashion united

You will be responsible for handling customer inquiries and complaints via email, phone and chat.

You will be handling inbound calls, chats and emails from customers in the French market. You will be following up on existing customer inquiries and complaints. You will also be analyzing data to identify trends that drive engagement with our products or services through online channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

email marketing intern us market – fashion united

The fashion united internship program is a 3-month unpaid internship. The location of the internship is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Interns are responsible for creating and sending individualized email marketing campaigns to customers across all Fashion United channels.

When you apply to this role:

  • You’ll be able to work remotely in any country you choose where there is an internet connection; however, due to its nature as an online business, some tasks may require you to connect via video chat or phone calls with other team members located around the world.
  • Your job will involve working from home on your own schedule but still having clear goals set by your manager and team members at Fashion United headquarters in Amsterdam.

financial analyst intern – fashion united

Fashion United is a Dutch fashion news and information platform with offices in Amsterdam and New York City. Founded in 2017, Fashion United has grown from a small team of three people to a dynamic workforce of 33 full-time employees who manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

Fashion United is looking for an intern to join its finance department as a Financial Analyst Intern. The candidate will work closely with our Finance Director and other members of the department on various financial tasks related to reporting, budgeting and forecasting activities across multiple business segments (including print & digital). He/she will be responsible for researching data sources relevant to these tasks as well as developing reports based on that data using Excel or Access; producing forecast scenarios using forecasting techniques such as statistical regression models; identifying trends within these forecasts; summarising any key findings into concise summaries that can be easily understood by non-financial stakeholders (e.g., editorial staff).

The ideal candidate will have strong experience working with data sets within Excel or Access – preferably both – while having knowledge about financial reporting best practices (including IFRS), modelling methods in Excel or R programming language would also be beneficial but not required since we offer training sessions / workshops if needed! It is essential though that you speak Dutch fluently since our office is located closeby Amsterdam’s city centre area where most locals only speak Dutch at home so don’t expect people here speaking English all day long 😉

front-end / full stack developer intern (php / laravel) – fashion united

You’ll be working in a team of 10, developing an online platform for Fashion United. The platform is built using Laravel, PHP and MySQL. We use a lot of modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (including ReactJS), Python and Django. You will work with REST APIs and Git to deploy the code to our servers. Your responsibilities are:

  • Building new features from scratch (or improving existing ones) on our web platform using Laravel or any other framework you’ve worked with in the past
  • Working on performance improvements for our production environment (we’re currently running around 2-3 million requests per day)

front-end dev (reactjs, php, laravel) and/or back-end dev (php, laravel) and/or product owner/manager (startup experience) – fashion united

  • Do you like working with people?
  • Do you like working with code?
  • Do you like working with data?
  • Do you like working with design?
  • Do you like working with marketing?
  • Do you like working with finance (accounting)?
  • Do you like working with sales and business development, or some other aspect of the business that isn’t covered above?

If you’re in the Netherlands and interested in working with us there are some great positions available.

  • Developer positions: If you’re a developer, we have a great opportunity for you. We are looking for front-end and full stack developers to help us create the next generation of fashion apps and websites. We value candidates who can think big and can either work independently or as part of a team.
  • Marketing positions: Fashion United is seeking a Marketing Intern to help with our growth strategy. You will learn about marketing channels like social media, email and display advertising through hands-on projects while working with our seasoned marketing team on new initiatives.*Customer support positions: If customer service is your thing, this is the internship for you! As an intern at Fashion United’s Customer Service Department, you’ll gain valuable experience in helping customers find what they’re looking for within our wide selection of clothing items from some of today’s top brands.*Data analyst positions: Data analysts track metrics that measure performance within different areas such as customer retention rates over time or number of unique visitors per month so our company knows how well it’s doing relative to competitors both online (eCommerce) but also offline (brick & mortar stores).

Designer positions: As an established brand name in the industry we expect nothing less than perfection from our designers in terms of designing quality apparel while maintaining consistency throughout all products sold under our label.*Financial analyst positions: Whether it be analyzing financial statements together with executives or preparing presentations on financial results at quarterly meetings – interns gain insight into key areas where their focus will lie once they graduate school (finance).

Front-end developer position: Front end development involves creating HTML code based on user requirements while considering browser compatibility issues etc; whereas backend development deals more with server management tasks like database management systems which may include MongoDB/MySQL etc

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