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FIU Internships For High School Students

FIU Internships For High School Students

FIU’s internship program offers high school students a unique opportunity to learn about different career fields. This intensive six-week program teaches high school students about the different types of careers. It also provides a variety of learning experiences, such as leadership training and exposure to diverse cultures. Here are the top benefits of FIU’s internship program for high school students. Read on to learn more about this program.

ArtWorks is an immersive six-week summer internship in the visual and performing arts

An art camp for high school students is an excellent way to challenge their minds and characters, while attending the summer program at the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center. The program includes art classes, workshops, lectures, and evening tours of the campus. The residency concludes with an exhibition and portfolio review. For high school students with a desire to explore the world around them, the program is perfect for them.

The program is flexible and price-breaks are available if students stay for longer periods of time. Participants have access to a fully-equipped studio. A dedicated assistant is on-site to provide assistance, and students are encouraged to work at their own pace. There are no limits on how much artwork can be produced, and artists may pursue any medium they choose.

For artists with a desire to pursue an art career, this is an opportunity not to be missed. It offers both a short-term and long-term residency. The first residency lasts for six weeks and is geared toward emerging visual artists. For a full-year residency, applicants can stay at the center for two years. The residency is free and offers a unique opportunity for each student.

For students interested in developing their professional skills, the program also provides a stipend. Artists live in shared housing and are provided with meals during the workshop sessions. They also have their own climate-controlled studio. In addition to the internship, students also get paid teaching and professional development opportunities. The program promotes self-motivated, early career artists.

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NASA’s Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program

The NASA’s Summer Scholars Three-Wheel Credit Program for high school students is designed to expose middle school students to the STEM field while also giving them a taste of the exciting career options available in the space industry. The summer institute at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, offers middle school students the chance to learn more about these careers.

The summer camp includes hands-on lab activities and field trips to the world’s foremost research university. Students learn the latest in STEM fields and will work full-time in established researchers’ laboratories. Students can explore the biology of the human body, the function of DNA, and the biomaterials used in medical research. Students can analyze electrocardiograms, view cells under the microscope, and make silicone molds of body parts.

The program is free and is aimed at inspiring high school students to pursue careers in engineering, science, and math. For high school students in ninth to 12th grade, the program costs $775. The deadline to apply is early May. However, it is worth the expense because it is an exciting way to learn about STEM. A great opportunity to get a head start on college applications is the Summer Scholars program.

Unlike traditional college courses, the Summer Scholars program will also provide high school students with hands-on experience in local communities. Students will be immersed in a specific theme throughout the course. This way, students will gain valuable skills and develop global awareness. They can also get a taste of studying in an environment where the STEM world is thriving. While you might not be able to finish your degree during the summer program, it’s a great opportunity for students to learn more about the STEM fields.

Google’s Summer Youth Internship Program

High school students often wonder how they can participate in Google’s Summer Youth Internship Program. Generally, internships at Google are limited to college students or graduate students, but this program is designed to give high school seniors the opportunity to participate. By taking part in this program, students will gain knowledge about computer science and interact with professionals working in the company. For more information, visit Google’s website or contact the CSSI program directly.

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The Summer Youth Internship Program at Google is open to high school students who are interested in art, culture, and education. Students are expected to work 30 to 40 hours per week and attend meetings. They are given one-on-one mentorship from museum staff and are provided with a free membership to the museum during their time in the program. They also get to meet like-minded peers and connect with artists.

To apply for CSSI, high school students must demonstrate an interest in computer science or related fields. Applicants must also be available to participate in the program’s programming on a daily basis using Google Meet. Minority students and other historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. To apply, students should submit a completed application form, their current high school transcript, and answers to multiple short-answer questions, all of which should be under 200 words. If any of these items are missing, the application will not be considered.

The Aristotle Circle internship prepares students for future leadership roles in translational science. Interns work in a laboratory under a mentor based on their interests, and attend weekly seminars. Interns develop an independent research project and present their findings. This internship also involves regular writing, managing social media, pitching story ideas, and maintaining a newsletter to promote their work. Ultimately, the internship program is beneficial for both the intern and the company.

Scripps Florida’s School to Work Program

The School to Work Program at Scripps Florida for high school students began in 2006. Since then, it has involved 60 teachers and 15 public high schools in Palm Beach County. The program is free and open to high school students from any area. Students must provide their own transportation. They must also be willing to volunteer their time. The first year curriculum includes classroom instruction in neuroscience, statistics and scientific communication. Students also rotate through laboratories led by select faculty members.

The program’s summer internship is a good gauge of a student’s potential. Since its beginning, more than 95 percent of Scripps Florida interns have gone on to obtain a science degree from a prestigious university. Many interns have attended Duke, Cornell, Duke, and Princeton. This summer, 13 students were chosen for the internship program, including three high school students. There were also four undergraduate students chosen.

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The School to Work program offers students the opportunity to work alongside scientists and graduate students on research projects. Students participate in weekly seminars and workshops, and they must produce a scientific poster to showcase their work. The program is supported by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, a North Carolina foundation with a special interest in K-12 education. They must also attend weekly workshops on current research topics.

The School to Work Program at Scripps Florida allows high school students to get paid and gain valuable work experience while they attend college. The School to Work Program at Scripps Florida is designed to prepare high school students for careers in biomedical research. High school students can also gain hands-on training by joining an existing internship at Scripps Florida. By the time the students graduate from high school, they’ll be well-equipped to compete for a college or university internship.

Johns Hopkins University’s Geosciences Bridge Program

The Geosciences Bridge Program is a 6-week paid internship program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It introduces high school seniors to atmospheric, ocean, and physical sciences. Students gain valuable hands-on experience and enhance their academic performance through advising and tutoring. Students study a variety of disciplines, including oceanography, atmospheric science, marine biology, and geology. They also gain hands-on experience in geographic information systems.

The program is taught by scientists from the university and offers hands-on lab activities for students. High school students can earn college credit by enrolling in the program and completing the required field work. Students who attend the Geosciences Bridge Program earn two college credits while gaining valuable hands-on experience. They may even get the opportunity to take up additional college courses. While attending the program, students will have the opportunity to earn a degree that will help them to advance their careers.

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