Forage virtual internship

Forage virtual internship

Forage’s online internship, which has been running since June, provides free virtual training to help young people in the local community gain skills, confidence and experience.

As part of our commitment to helping young people, we’re offering free online internship training. Each week, the internship will provide a range of practical and useful skills to help you get ahead in your career — and in life!

Each day, you’ll have the opportunity to complete practical exercises that will develop your skills in a variety of areas. You’ll learn how to write press releases, create media plans and more.

At the end of each week, there will be a video call with an expert from the industry who can answer any questions you might have. If you want some additional support or advice about your work experience placement or next steps for getting into work, please speak with one of our advisors who can help!

The young people participate in 10 weeks of sessions, including topics such as CVs and job applications, mock interviews, presentation skills and careers advice.

The young people participate in 10 weeks of sessions, including topics such as CVs and job applications, mock interviews, presentation skills and careers advice. The sessions are delivered virtually by a range of volunteers from across the business community who share their experiences and knowledge with the students.

After submitting their final application to the programme, participants can join the forage network where they can continue to access career resources and apply for placements at businesses who are searching for talent.

The programme costs nothing to join but offers its participants an invaluable experience that could potentially be life-changing. For companies looking to invest in their local communities, it’s a great way to give back while also finding exciting new talent.

They are then supported during a six-week remote work placement with a local business or organisation.

Following the six-week placement, participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion that can be added to their CVs. They also receive a reference from their mentor.

As part of the programme, we provide participants with access to our partners who will be supporting them throughout the duration of their placement. These include:

  • A mentor who provides support and guidance during the work placement;
  • The opportunity to network with other Forage members through regular virtual meet-ups;
  • Access to careers advice and support regarding job applications and interview techniques.

They are also given a mentor from the organisation to help them throughout the process.

You will be given a mentor from the organisation to help you throughout the process. They are there to advise and support you through any challenges or questions that you might have. The mentors are assigned by the organisation and will typically be someone who holds a role similar to yours. To ensure that you have enough time with your mentor, we suggest meeting with them once every two weeks.

Not-for-profit social enterprise forage has launched a virtual internship programme to support young people across East Sussex who have been impacted by Covid-19.

You will be part of a friendly and dynamic team. There is ongoing support with weekly group calls, one-to-one mentoring, and training to develop new skills in creating digital content and managing social media. The programme will also give you access to forage’s network of creatives and partners.

The forage virtual internship programme offers young people across East Sussex the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an exciting creative industry at a time when the coronavirus outbreak has limited their options. Interns will take on real responsibilities in the areas of content creation, social media management, filmmaking, music production, or journalism. Learn how you can apply!

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