formula 1 internships

formula 1 internships

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport – the world’s most advanced, sophisticated and thrilling sport.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport – the world’s most advanced, sophisticated and thrilling sport.

A Formula 1 car is among the most complex machines ever built and many of our graduates have gone on to work with manufacturers such as McLaren, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota in their development programmes.

Graduates have also progressed to PhD studies at Cambridge University’s Centre for Advanced Photonics & Electronics (CAPE) and other top research institutions in the UK.

We race on 21 circuits around the world, from Monaco to Australia and from Japan to Brazil, each circuit a unique challenge for drivers and engineers alike.

Our 21 races in 2018 were held on some of the most challenging race circuits in the world, including Monaco, Canada and Japan. We also take our show to all four corners of the globe with races in Australia, China, Brazil and Azerbaijan.

Each track presents unique challenges for drivers and engineers alike – from a high-speed track like Monza where power is king to a tight and twisty circuit like Monaco that rewards precision driving skills.

Our fans are passionate about motor racing, but they are also passionate about our business and our brand.

At the pinnacle of motorsport, we race in 24 cities across 21 countries with a global audience of over 500 million. Our fans are as passionate about motor racing as they are about our business and our brand. The sport is known for innovation and we pride ourselves on being leaders in all areas of Formula 1.

Our values reflect who we are and how we work together for the benefit of Formula 1. We place huge value on our people because the success of our sport depends on their talent, skills and enthusiasm. In return, we offer great opportunities to work together with talented people from around the world and be part of an exciting industry that fascinates millions.

Our purpose in delivering this Strategy will unlock potential in new markets and enable us to continue to deliver brilliant and exciting entertainment for our fans.

Formula 1 is a global sport that is watched by hundreds of millions of fans around the world. A high-octane, glamourous and exciting business, it’s also a highly competitive marketplace where the 11 teams go head-to-head to win races and claim the top spot in the World Championship. As well as being a sport, Formula 1 is also a business – supporting jobs and contributing valuable revenue to our host countries. It’s a brand that has come to represent the pinnacle of motorsport and we strive to lead off track as well as on track with values such as integrity at our core and sustainable development in everything we do.

For our staff, working with Formula 1 means having an opportunity like no other – challenging yourself on projects that are ground breaking and pioneering; contributing to innovation that will be seen by millions; working alongside experts who are leading their fields; seeing your work come to life during race weekends; celebrating success with your colleagues around the world… this is what makes the sport so unique!

We are driven by innovation, with aerodynamic research delivering cars that exceed 220mph.

An internship at Formula 1 will give you the opportunity to innovate and deliver brilliant, exciting and entertaining experiences for our fans. The sport has teams, drivers and stakeholders all over the world, offering a unique opportunity to unlock potential in new markets.

Our Aerodynamic Research is an exciting area of F1 where we push convention out of the window in order to make cars that exceed 220mph. It’s highly technical but with huge rewards on track!

All of this makes Formula 1 an amazing place to work and an impressive platform from which to build a career.

As an intern with Formula 1, you’ll be given the tools to build a career that meets your aspirations. This starts with our world-class in-house learning and development team who will support you in building and developing your skills during your internship. With opportunities available across different functions such as management, development, and entry level roles, there’s potential for everyone to find the role that best suits their skillset.

If you’ve recently graduated or are graduating shortly, we offer placements throughout the year at all of our UK offices. We also offer apprenticeships which provide school leavers with experience in a professional working environment while studying towards a qualification.

See if there is a way you can become an intern at Formula 1!

If you want to work at F1, consider interning there. Internship opportunities are available in the following regions:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • China

The application process for these positions is highly competitive and time-consuming, with many of the positions requiring you to send in your resume, write an essay about why you’d like to work at F1 and what makes you special, submit a video of yourself explaining why you should work there, and provide references from past employers or teachers. The application window can be anywhere from three months to a year long.

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