Free Medical Internship For International Students

If you’re a medical student who is interested in studying abroad, you may want to consider applying for a free medical internship abroad. There are a number of opportunities available, including ELI Abroad, CFHI, AIMU, and MISA. These organizations send thousands of young healthcare professionals abroad each year. Internship opportunities range from medical to veterinary and public health. Most placements include local language classes.

Free Medical Internship For International Students

ELI Abroad Free Medical Internship

ELI Abroad offers free medical internships to international students from a variety of disciplines. Their medical placements range from general health care to veterinary medicine, public health, and nutrition. They offer a variety of non-clinical health fields, too, including physical therapy and nutrition. There are placements for students of all levels and interests, and the internships are conducted in English. Those who don’t speak the local language are welcome to apply, but the language requirement is high.

There are many benefits to a medical internship. Internships allow students to put their academic learning into practice and can help them advance their career goals. Many of these internships focus on different aspects of healthcare, including research, scientific writing, pharmaceutical sales, wellness programs, and manufacturing. Students can also expand their professional network, gain valuable experience, and earn academic credit for their experiences. Internships are typically conducted under the supervision of experienced, highly skilled healthcare professionals who are thought leaders in their field.

Many healthcare professionals require substantial problem-solving abilities. Whether working in a hospital or non-profit, international medical internships can give you insight into the challenges facing the industry and its employees. Whether working with a struggling non-profit or a cutting-edge gene therapy program, interns gain valuable experience and global awareness. They can also learn how to deal with global pandemics.

Free Medical Internship For International Students
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How To Apply

To apply for the ELI Abroad free internships program, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the ELI Abroad website at  and click on the “Apply” button.
  • Fill out the necessary information and required documents to complete your application.
  • If you have any questions or concerns during the application process, you can contact ELI Abroad through various methods such as phone, email, or their inquiry form, as detailed on their website

Note that the ELI Abroad free internships program is a non-profit organization that offers volunteer and internship programs in 28 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. It’s not specified what type of internship you are interested in (e.g. Summer Global Internships or Virtual Global Internships), so it would be best to check the ELI Abroad website for more information.

MISA Free Medical Internship

Undergraduate students may be interested in a medical internship abroad. While not every medical internship abroad takes place in developing countries, many of them do. These programs aim to provide pre-med students with hands-on experience while giving back to their communities. Many patients in these places suffer from diseases and conditions that are uncommon in more developed regions. You can use this opportunity to gain valuable insight into healthcare in developing countries and develop your global perspective.

The summer camp aims to expose students to different health care careers through hands-on learning opportunities in clinical and non-clinical settings. MISA offers scholarships based on academic merit and financial need. It is the best way to experience a hospital environment and meet people who share your values. While you’re at camp, you’ll get a feel for what life is like working in a hospital and how different departments function.

In addition to learning about the various specialties, a medical internship abroad can provide students with an introduction to a particular field. It helps students develop their communication skills and gain insight into the practice of medicine in another country. During your time at the clinic, you’ll get to work with locals and help them in a variety of ways. Remember that the focus is on personal growth in an environment that encourages collaboration.

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How To Apply to MISA Internships

According to, you can apply to the MISA Internship program by emailing “” or depositing your application in the tender box at the address “Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA) 1303 Heuwel Avenue, Riverside Office Park Letaba House Centurion 0046.” [2] states that applications for the 2023 MISA Programs will open on January 16th, 2023. states that the Medical Immersion Summer Academy (MISA) is a program designed for high school students that provides hands-on learning experiences in the healthcare field.


CFHI Collaborative for Healthier Future Initiatives

The CFHI program provides free medical internships for international students in underserved countries. Participants from all academic backgrounds and educational levels can participate. Medical students, residents, pre-health students, and nursing and social science students all participate in the program. It combines instruction, service, and reflection to promote global health. There are currently 40 programs in 11 countries. The internship program is open to students of all nationalities who are interested in global health.

The CFHI Virtual Global and Public Health Internship combines the traditional internship experience with a global perspective. The program includes participation in Global Health Round Tables, which bring together CFHI Medical Directors from 12 countries to discuss global health issues. Global health topics include COVID-19, maternal-child health, and cross-cultural care. This immersive experience is free and unpaid. Participants’ fees will benefit CFHI’s Global Partners.

CFHI is dedicated to empowering the next generation of global health leaders. They work toward social responsibility and ethics in global health and provide fair compensation to local communities and professional mentors. The organization adheres to WEIGHT (Working Group on Ethics Guidelines for Global Health Training) guidelines. It also recognizes that a lack of resources can prevent equitable access to global health education. That is why the organization is working to eliminate barriers to education for people of all backgrounds.

How to Apply for CFHI Free Medical Internships

To apply for an internship with the Collaborative for Healthier Future Initiatives (CFHI),

students must be enrolled with CFHI a minimum of 3 months prior to their intended departure date, as per .

It is highly encouraged to apply and enroll earlier, as many programs may fill up, especially during the summer term. Before starting the application, students must have the following information ready: a recommender who can be academic and/or professional, with their full name, title (if applicable), and email address and application payment, which must be submitted at the end of the application process

CFHI offers virtual internships in global public health in different countries, including a virtual global public health internship in Uganda, which is enriched with cross-cultural assessment and interaction tools, and cultural activities to experience the diversity of CFHI’s global partner communities.

(AIMU) American Institute of Marine Underwriters

Whether you’re an international student looking for a place to gain clinical experience or a local medical student who’s eager to work with patients, the Free Medical Internship for International Students at AIMU is an excellent option. Students have a variety of options when it comes to this type of internship, including specialized training in different fields. These opportunities allow students to learn from the most qualified medical professionals and gain hands-on experience in the field.

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The AIMU campus is located in a safe neighborhood in the thriving tourist destination of Beau-de-jour on the island of Saint Lucia. Internship placements are customized based on educational level, experience, and general interests. There are over 100 internship opportunities offered annually, from pediatric care to remote island medicine. The internship is the best way for students to gain clinical experience while on a medical placement abroad, but it can be difficult to find the right one.

The AIMU offers a wide range of placement options for students, including medical internships abroad. Students can choose a general or specialized internship, or even manage clinical camps and outreach work in nearby villages. This program is designed to fit in with academic requirements, and interns can gain academic credit through their work experience. The AIMU offers free meals, lodging, and placement fees, so interns do not have to worry about paying for these.

How To Apply For AIMU Free Medical Internships

To apply for AIMU Internships, interested candidates can visit the membership page of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) official website here.

The application process is not specified in the search results. The website mentions that interested individuals can join AIMU and become a member to access its services and content. However, the eligibility criteria for internships in the field of medicine is specified on another website.

To qualify for a medical internship, a candidate needs to have a medical degree and must have passed either the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX).

Shanghai East Hospital

The program began in 2003 and initially served domestic medical students from Tongji University. Later, the office was opened to international students, including those from Germany. The new Medical Education Office collaborated with Prof. Zhao to develop the curriculum and a website to help international students access electives. In 2007, the program expanded to include international medical students. It currently serves over 1,000 medical students each year and is a wonderful way to gain experience and make valuable connections.

Shanghai has a unique culture, traditions, and quirks. If you aren’t a native English speaker, you will not feel very comfortable in Shanghai. Learn the local language and make friends with the locals. Don’t convert prices to your home currency. If you’re an English speaker, you can assume that the locals won’t recognize you. However, if you’re a medical student, you’ll be able to communicate with patients and doctors.

To be eligible for a free medical internship, you must be an international student, have a clean criminal record, and be able to prove your student status. China’s universities have a very good reputation for training medical students. This means that the courses are simplified and require more attention. So, even if you’re an international student, you can still find a place to practice medicine in China.

To apply for an internship at Shanghai East Hospital, one can follow these steps:

  • Fill out the application form for Shanghai East Hospital here.
  • Pay the application fee of 950 CNY via PayPal or bank wire transfer.
  • For more information about the medical elective internship in Shanghai, China, please visit the hospital’s website.
  • Note: Shanghai East Hospital is also known as Oriental Hospital and is affiliated with Tongji University School of Medicine. The hospital offers medical elective internships through its MedoPolo Clinical Electives Shanghai program .

GPSA for Health Medical Fellows Program

The GPSA for Health Medical Fellows Program provides a free medical internship to international students in Mexico. While this program is new and only has been operating for five years, it suffers from growing pains and organizational problems. One of these problems is the geographic distance between the volunteer work sites and the key decision-makers within the organization. Because the medical fellows are based in remote pueblos, they often don’t get to interact face to face with the people who make the decisions.

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The program matches international medical students with a local government clinic in a town to gain experience in a public health setting. GPSA introduces the fellows to the staff of the health clinic. Their work at the clinic will vary from day to day, but typically includes health promotion, rural vaccination campaigns, and hygiene education. Because of the unique nature of each situation, GPSA’s Medical Fellows Program aims to foster personal development in its fellows.

The GPSA for Health Medical Fellows Program supports the development of global health leaders by providing them with practical skills and hands-on training in low and middle-income countries. Afya Bora Fellows are expected to work in health-related institutions in developing countries, including hospitals, clinics, and other community health organizations. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine or equivalent and be citizens or permanent residents of a developing country.

To apply for the Global Public Service Academics (GPSA) Health Medical Fellows Program

You can email According to the information available in the web search results [1], applications are considered on a rolling basis, so it is advisable to apply early. The full program description is available at

Johns Hopkins Medicine

For international students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, the free medical internship at Johns Hopkins is a wonderful opportunity. This summer-long program gives students the chance to shadow and works alongside experienced doctors. They are also given the opportunity to present their research projects and are encouraged to pursue careers in biomedical sciences. To find out more about the program, visit the website of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine offers a Summer Internship Program that gives students from under-represented backgrounds experience working in research labs. They also accept students with disabilities and encourage students with varying backgrounds to apply. To apply, international students must submit a personal statement of approximately 1.5 pages, single-spaced, in 11-point font. In your statement, briefly describe your interests and motivation for the program, and explain why you want to participate in this summer program.

If you are not interested in clinical research but are interested in working with children, then applying for a free medical internship at Johns Hopkins University may be a perfect choice. The medical school’s labs vary in the amount of patient contact, but there are opportunities to write research manuscripts and work on clinical research. Despite the low pay, the Hopkins name will make you more employable elsewhere, and you will be able to use it as a springboard to a better future.

To Apply For An Internship At Johns Hopkins Medicine, The Following Are The Required Documents:

  • Two letters of recommendation (faculty and/or research mentors preferred) here
  • Transcripts for each undergraduate institution attended (transcripts can be unofficial)
  • Current CV or resume
  • Personal Statement (only for CSM applicants)
  • Proof of family income
  • Additionally, the applicant must complete the application, which includes basic background information and essay questions. The students resume is a required upload in the application portal.


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