Free virtual internships

Free virtual internships

The coronavirus pandemic has brought nearly every aspect of life to a standstill.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly every aspect of life has stopped. While some have become accustomed to this new way of life, others are still attempting to find ways to leave the house and enjoy themselves. The following is a guide that will help you understand how you can still live a fulfilling life while playing by the rules:

  • Stay at home, but work from there. It may seem counterproductive, but if you don’t want your co-workers to get sick or die and also want to be able to pay your rent on time because work isn’t paying you right now anyway, remote work may be for you. The best part is that technology has made it easier than ever before. Programs like Slack and Google Hangouts allow coworkers to communicate across great distances seamlessly—all that’s left is for everyone else in your company to get sick so they’ll let you do it too! If they’re not willing to play nicely, give them one last chance by working from home just this once—but hopefully they’ll catch on soon.
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In order to offer some relief to students, some colleges are offering to waive their internship credits.

In order to offer some relief to students, some colleges are offering to waive their internship credits. One example is Northwestern University, which is waiving its requirement for a two-credit internship class as long as students can assure the school that they’ve made a “good faith effort” to find an internship in their major.

Northwestern is not alone; other schools like Duke University and the University of California are also offering similar options in response to the current crisis. There are still plenty of schools requiring credit for an internship, but the fact that these waivers exist show how deeply this issue has affected everyone in higher education.

While these schools have taken a step in the right direction, there’s still more work to be done. Some graduates are being told by recruiters that they don’t have enough experience—or any at all—which is making it nearly impossible for new grads to find jobs after finishing school and starting off with this huge debt burden on their backs. Perhaps with more time and effort put into finding internships, things will change and return back to normal once again.

There are also some internships that will still be going on virtually.

Finding an internship is hard enough. Then, if you’re lucky enough to get one with a company that’s local, you have to deal with the challenge of finding housing in a city you’ve never been to before. But even if you’re willing and able to relocate for your internship, many employers are still hesitant (or flat-out unwilling) to pay for your relocation expenses.

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On top of all that, what if another obstacle is preventing you from getting hired at the place of your dreams? Maybe your grades or formal education don’t meet their requirements. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t want to hire someone who can only work during the days or on weekdays because they have school or other obligations at home.

The good news is there are plenty of virtual internships available out there—and these types of jobs are becoming more and more common every year!

The companies and internships below will allow you to do your work from home, with full or partial pay.

Here are some companies and virtual internships worth applying for:

  • Amazon
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Best Buy
  • Brookstone, Inc.
  • CVS Health, Inc.
  • Dell, Inc.
  • Delta Airlines, Inc.* FedEx Office * Forever 21 * Frito-Lay North America, LLC (Frito-Lay) * Google * Groupon, Inc. * H&R Block, Inc.* Intuit * Jamba Juice Company (Jamba) * Kohl’s Department Stores * L Brands * Macy’s Department Stores, Inc.* Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA (Medtronic Sofamor Danek)  * Mindbody Online LLC (Mindbody Online)

There are ways for students to get virtual internships despite the circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic

It’s no secret that internships are an essential stepping stone for many young people in getting a leg up in their career, and can even help you stand out from the competition. With so many college students graduating with burdensome student loan debt and potentially lower entry-level salaries compared to their peers who have already interned, this opportunity is all the more crucial.

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Internships typically require students to physically be at the company they’re working at, so how does one my still reap the benefits of a high quality internship without having to move to Detroit (and perhaps dealing with fallout from a viral outbreak)? Virtual internships! You might not get the networking opportunities or hands-on experience you’d get from living on campus away from home, but if you’re lucky enough or diligent enough to find these opportunities, they can give you everything else while letting your boss know that handling schoolwork and an internship can be done—even if there’s some light snoring involved.

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