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google internships


  • Research at Google means working on cutting-edge projects that contribute to the state of the art in computing.
  • You will work on some of the most challenging problems in computer science and related fields, with access to amazing systems, infrastructure, data sets and other resources.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers from around the world.

Faculty Research Mentorship.

You’ve found your dream internship at Google, and you’re ready to start working. But what if you could get even more out of this experience? What if you could learn from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers—and take on their research projects as well? That’s exactly what the Faculty Research Mentorship Program offers.

As a faculty research mentee, you’ll work on projects with full-time faculty members at top universities such as Harvard and Stanford. You may also be paired with other students who are interested in participating in collaborative research programs. This is an opportunity that can give your career a huge boost; not only will it provide hands-on experience working on cutting edge research, but it will also give you the chance to build relationships with people who have already made their name in their field.

Engineering Practicum (Software Engineering Intern).

  • You’ll work on a project that you’d enjoy.
  • You’ll work on a team, and you can even be part of choosing the team (if you’re not already).
  • You’ll get guidance from your mentor, who has experience working at Google and is there to help you learn and grow. Your mentor will also help keep everything organized so that your time at Google is productive.
  • There are other interns there too; they are often happy to answer questions or give feedback on your projects!
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User Experience.


Google has a program called GSuite that allows you to work on different projects within the company. Each project lasts 12 weeks, and sometimes you may be asked to extend your stay beyond that initial 12 weeks. You’ll work on your own project and with other teams across Google in order to achieve the goals set by your team leader. The projects can be internal or external, meaning that you could potentially work with an outside company as well! It’s a great way to gain experience if you want to get into design at Google but don’t know where to start—this is a great place! If you enjoy the experience and do well while working on these projects, there’s also a chance that they’ll hire you full time after graduation!

Google Business Internship.

This is a 12-week mentorship and training program for Black founders. The program includes virtual mentorship from the Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders team and industry-specific mentors.

The Google Business Internship program will be a unique opportunity to work closely with our team in Silicon Valley, participate in our global network of Googlers across the globe, get onsite advice tailored just for you, and be part of this incredible community of entrepreneurs who are changing the world as we know it!

Tech Exchange.

The Tech Exchange program is open to any student who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, but who has completed at least one year of college and is interested in pursuing a career in technology. You will work on an existing project with an engineering team, under the supervision of that team’s manager. Projects vary by group and application cycle; examples include working with our Data Science team on improving visualizations for our internal data science platform or helping our Product Design team brainstorm ideas for new features based on user feedback from surveys conducted during the last application cycle.

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There are no coding requirements for this internship (the Engineering Practicum does require some coding experience), so it’s a great way for non-technical students to get started with hands-on training in software development!

google is a fun place to work!

Google is a fun place to work!

That’s because you can do lots of interesting projects, work with smart people and get to know the culture.

You’ll also have access to snacks, which are delicious and free.

Google cares about your personal development—they want you to grow as an engineer and learn new skills as well as help us build great products at Google.

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