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High School Internships In NYC

High School Internships In NYC

Looking for high school student internships in NYC? Check out these places to find high school internships in New York City. The MET offers paid internships, and ARAS Pioneer Teens has a two-week free art program. Other places to look include Artslife, DOROT, and DOROT. These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you’re a high school student interested in art, you can apply during the summer before your junior year.

MET offers paid internships

For students interested in the arts, the MET offers a paid internship program. The program provides students with hands-on work experience and mentorship from museum professionals. Students receive a stipend that is commensurate with the minimum wage in New York State. High school students must be rising juniors or seniors and meet the residency requirements in order to qualify. The deadline to apply is the summer before junior year.

The MET also offers a program designed for college students. The program provides paid internships in the Community Affairs Unit, supporting key mayoral initiatives. Interns participate in public events across the five boroughs. This internship program provides a unique insider view of the city government. The program requires applicants to be highly reliable, independent, and sociable. Applicants must also live in Manhattan and attend a public high school.

Teens can also apply to the Apollo Theater, which has been a hub for the African-American community for nearly a century. Students who complete the internship can learn the technical aspects of stage production and will be required to work closely with members of the Apollo Theater staff. High school students should consider applying for an internship during the summer before their senior year. While the internship is not a full-time position, it can lead to a full-time job after graduation.

ARAS Pioneer Teens offers a free two-week art program

The ARAS Pioneer Teens program gives high school students the opportunity to create works of art inspired by images from the archives. The program includes visits to museums and galleries in New York City and real artist mentors. The program culminates in an open house exhibition of the young artists’ work. To learn more about the program, visit ARAS’ website or Tumblr page.

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DOROT offers an internship program

Each summer, DOROT offers a unique summer internship program for high school students in New York City. This program focuses on community service, with interns being trained and volunteering in small groups to help older New Yorkers. High school students who participate will not only gain experience through their internship, but will also develop leadership skills, improve their public speaking skills, and form meaningful social connections with older people.

The DOROT internship program is a hands-on experience that pairs high school students with a variety of businesses throughout the city. Students will receive training in universal business skills and work 10-15 hours per week. The internship program is a part-time position that requires high school students to attend classes and finish their summer work by 2:30 p.m. The program is open to students completing their senior year at an accredited high school.

DOROT’s Ladders for Leaders program aims to prepare young people for successful careers in the city. The program places high school and college students in paid internships in various areas that pay at least the state’s minimum wage. Among the potential employers are the New York Department of Youth and Community Development, Bank of America, the Museum of the Moving Image, and Boston Consulting Group.


The Artslife Internships for High School Students program offers a unique combination of museum studies, community engagement, and leadership training. Interns will gain experience in the field of art and design, create podcasts, and work on collaborative projects with museum staff. Additionally, they’ll visit cultural institutions in New York City to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be an artist. High school students who are interested in participating in this program should apply in the spring of 2022.

For those interested in art, and history, the Museum of Modern Art has an internship program for high school students. To participate, high school students should be entering grade 10 or 11, live in the five boroughs of New York City, and be able to legally work in the city. Interns can gain valuable museum management experience and participate in a stipend if they can prove that they have a financial need.

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Whether a student is pursuing an academic degree or a career in the arts, the Arts life internship program is an excellent way to earn community service credit and improve resumes. Interns can also participate in summer programming to help with their daily activities. Students who complete the program are typically expected to work between two and five hours a week for eight weeks, after-school interns work up to twenty hours a week.

Paley Center for Media

The Paley Center for Media offers high school interns the opportunity to experience a variety of career options in the media industry. Interns will gain valuable insight into the workings of the television and film industry. Alumni of the program will continue to receive expert advice and networking opportunities and make lifelong connections with professionals in the field. The internship program is open to high school students and recent college graduates.

The Paley Center for Media is an independent, nonprofit organization in Los Angeles and New York that fosters discussion about the importance of media to society. Its board members and curators have expertise in the field, and the Paley Center is dedicated to fostering creative and diverse voices in the media industry. The internship program is open to students from underserved areas of the country, with a minimum GPA of 3.2.

Teen Transmitters at The Paley Center for Media is a paid internship program for rising 11th and 12th graders in New York City public high schools. Interns will explore media literacy and production and explore how media can impact society. This internship aims to give students valuable work experience, professional skills, and an understanding of how to effectively engage the media in society. While working at the Paley Center, interns will also be able to network with arts professionals and develop new networks.

Center for Excellence in Youth Education

A variety of internship programs are available to high school students in New York City, including the MonteHOP program. This program provides students with intensive enrichment and motivation, as well as job support. Applications must be submitted by August 3, 2022. During the summer, students can choose from the following internships:

The City Youth Employment Department, along with leading corporate groups, has been a key partner in the CTE Industry Scholars program. This program places nearly 2,000 high school students into internships in New York City. The Department of Education and the Partnership for New York City are also working together to launch a similar program for college students. Ultimately, these programs are designed to help more high school students get the training and work experience they need to succeed.

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The Center for Excellence in Youth Education offers internships to high school students in science, technology, medicine, and bioinformatics. The internships are supported by a grant from the New York State Education Department. While the summer program is based at Mount Sinai, it includes students from public high schools and colleges. The Center also conducts teacher-training programs for public science teachers. This program has successfully graduated more than 1,120 college students since 1974, including 35 medical school graduates. And there are many more career paths for students with this type of education.

Ranger Conservation Corps

There are various internship opportunities available in the city. High school students interested in gaining valuable hands-on experience can apply to the Ranger Conservation Corps (RCC) program. During the internship, students help with environmental restoration projects in New York City’s Forever Wild sites. Interested students can also apply for summer internships with the City Law Department or apply to work as a lifeguard with the New York Parks Department.

The City of Manhattan also offers a variety of internships in public parks for high school students. These internships require students to be in at least one of the five boroughs of the city and attend a public school. Interns are paid at least $15 per hour, but some have made up to $21 an hour. The internships are designed for students who have demonstrated leadership and are able to work independently.

While on the job, Conservation Crew members complete meaningful projects in Appalachia. Their projects may include trail construction, invasive species management, habitat restoration, and disaster recovery. Their positions last from three to six months. They receive an education award from the AmeriCorps program and a $330 per week living stipend. The award for education, ranging from $1,200 to $6,200, varies depending on the duration of the service.

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