High School Internships In Seattle

High School Internships In Seattle

If you’re looking for high school internships in Seattle, you’re in luck. There are a variety of options to consider, ranging from the Youth Aerospace Program to the Research Training Program. We’ll look at some of the opportunities available for students in these fields. But what about other options? Here are some tips for choosing the best high school internships in Seattle. You can even choose to volunteer at a local nonprofit!

Youth Aerospace Program

If you’re a Seattle-area high school junior and interested in STEM careers, you can consider pursuing an internship with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This program is geared towards high school students who are interested in STEM fields and aspire to work in the aerospace industry. Students can apply for internships with NASA and other aerospace companies online or in person. The deadline to apply is March 9, 2020.

To apply for this program, students must be current high school juniors or seniors. While in the program, they will learn about aerospace careers, service learning, civic engagement, team-building, and college-and-career readiness. In addition to learning about aerospace careers, they will also attend college and technical college classes and participate in civic engagement. The program also helps students with their soft skills, college and career readiness, and team building.

Recruiters from the Boeing Company visited Lindbergh High School to recruit students for a full-time, paid summer internship. Recruiters promised internships with real-world work experience and mentorship, and Chuol landed the spot. This internship paved the way for a full-time job offer. The internship provided Chuol with the foundation for a successful career in aerospace. While a Seattle high school student may be unsure of his or her interests, a career in aerospace can be a rewarding experience.

Youth Maritime Program

Earlier this fall, a new youth program, the Youth Maritime Program, opened its doors in Seattle. The goal of the program is to prepare students for meaningful maritime careers that will benefit the community, while also creating a positive ripple effect. According to the YMC program director, the maritime industry in Washington state has largely been white and male, leaving youth of color without much access or visibility. YMAP seeks to break down these barriers through education. In addition, program facilitators are young people of color who spend the morning training the participants in professionalism and confidence.

The youth-focused program is sponsored by the Washington Maritime Blue non-profit strategic alliance. It aims to provide internship opportunities for high school students to gain hands-on maritime experience and develop the necessary skills to pursue careers in the industry. During the summer, youth will complete internships in maritime companies or other industry sectors and will learn about maritime careers. The program will provide students with a combination of virtual training and in-person training at employer sites. In addition, all employers must meet strict rules regarding safety, such as providing personal protective equipment and maintaining social distance.

The Youth Maritime Program is a two-year program that will prepare students for a career in the maritime industry. It includes four quarters of maritime classes at area colleges and a summer internship. Applicants must commit to a two-year commitment and complete an interview process. The program offers a financial stipend, 80 service learning hours, and ongoing support after graduation. The program also offers networking opportunities and job placement assistance to its participants.

Research Training Program

The Research Training Program for high school interns in the Seattle area offers summer internships for students. This program is open to high school students in the Seattle area from July 5 to August 18, 2022. It offers a hands-on experience in research, helps develop interpersonal skills, and supports youth in acquiring real-world experience. It also offers an opportunity to gain knowledge about environmental issues. In addition, the internships are subsidized and include a stipend to help offset travel and meal expenses.

For high school students in Seattle, INSIGHT is a research training program that offers mentorship and research experience. High school interns are matched with research projects conducted by university faculty members and can expect to learn about different aspects of medical research. The program is designed to give students a background in biochemistry, infectious diseases, and immunology and to provide hands-on experience while preparing them for future careers in the health field.

The internship at Seattle Children’s Hospital is a free program that provides high school students with a variety of STEM-related opportunities. These internships provide opportunities to interact with researchers, conduct original research, and work with patients. The deadline to apply is May 6, 2022. The program also offers internships at several child-life programs in the Seattle area. However, there are also many other opportunities available for high school interns, including the Seattle Children’s Research Training Program.

BioPath Internship Program

In the Seattle area, the BioPath Internship Program is a new student pilot program that’s garnering praise and excitement. Students from the Edmonds School District are working as lab interns at AGC Biologics, a bio-manufacturing company. It’s the only paid internship program of its kind in the state of Washington and is a joint effort of AGC Biologics and Career Connect Washington.

The BioPath Internship Program at AGC Biologics combines hands-on floor work with theoretical training. Students will gain a basic understanding of GMP, cell expansion, and general science. They will also earn college credit, which will be accepted by Shoreline Community College. Upon completion of the program, students may receive an offer of full-time employment. After graduation, students can expect to receive an attractive compensation package, a great educational experience, and an exceptional chance to work on cutting-edge research.

BioPath Internship Program for High School Students in Seattle requires students to commit to four months of work. Those who are accepted must have a passion for science and must be committed to a four-month commitment. The program also offers students the opportunity to network with local biotech companies and researchers. The program is highly competitive and requires a high school student to be available for four months, but the benefits make up for the work.

Port of Seattle’s Internship Program

Students can learn about various aspects of the maritime industry during a summer internship with the Port of Seattle. This internship program places 70 high school students at Port facilities and also asks local businesses to hire 20 interns. In addition to teaching students about maritime-related careers, the program also includes training on the Port’s Code of Conduct. Youth counselors and off-site education opportunities are also offered to interns.

The program includes a paid summer internship for a high school student. Interns participate in team meetings and tours of construction sites. They also receive hands-on training in the area of marine conservation. Upon completion of the program, the intern will be required to submit two letters of recommendation. The Port of Seattle is excited to work with these talented young people! There are countless opportunities for interns to gain valuable experience in the maritime industry.

The Port of Seattle’s High School Internship Program is a paid eight-week internship for students interested in developing hands-on experience with the water industry. Interns get to interact with senior executives, attend professional development workshops, and visit multiple City Light facilities. Students must be at least sixteen years old and U.S. citizens to apply for the internship. Applications for the program open in April each year.

Girls Discover STEM

There are many options for high school girls who are interested in exploring careers in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). The MIT Girls in Engineering program provides a four-week residential experience that includes hands-on research projects, lectures, and field trips. This program is highly competitive, with only 60 students selected each year out of more than 700 applicants. Girls will learn about a range of STEM fields, from biomedical to computer science, through team-based projects and lectures.

Another great option is the Girls Discover STEM program, which is aimed at female students in high school. This program is run by the American Association of University Women and is open to girls in the eleventh and twelfth grades who are interested in STEM careers. Girls will work alongside adult researchers and present their findings at a public event. They’ll also be matched with a project mentor. The programs are highly competitive, but there are many scholarships available.

In Seattle, girls who want to explore the field of STEM can apply to several different organizations. The UW’s Girls in Science program connects students with womxn scientists and Indigenous knowledge holders in the field. Students also get hands-on lab work and receive mentorship from women in the fire service. Girls in STEM programs also provide students with hands-on experience and a unique atmosphere. Moreover, these programs foster a free-spirited mindset among students.

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