High School Internships in the Bay Area

High School Internships in the Bay Area

If you’re interested in an internship at a top-notch organization, you should consider pursuing a high school summer internship in the Bay Area. High school internships in the Bay Area are common. East Boston High School, for example, has over 50 internships available to students, which include working in the arts. The city is also home to numerous RISD and MTC schools and is comprised of a minority population of almost 40 percent Latinx and 6.5% Black.

Art Speak

The Asian Art Museum offers a unique opportunity for high school students: the Art Speak Internship. This internship is designed to provide training for students interested in the arts and career development, while also allowing them to work alongside artists, youth activists, and museum staff. Interns are paid $900 a month and have a flexible schedule. This program is open to high school students in grades nine through twelve, but those in middle and high school are eligible to apply.

The program connects high school students with professional artists who will help them develop their professional skills and network. These internships are offered to students two to three years before graduation. Students will gain access to internships with top-notch creative professionals and gain work experience at the same time. Students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Students in high schools in the Bay Area can apply for this program. However, there is a waiting list for the program, which will be filled as quickly as possible.

Teen Art Connect is another paid internship at Getty. This program is designed to provide students with professional development while creating meaningful experiences for the public. Interns will work on projects ranging from poster design to architecture tours. They will also work with Museum educators and artists to plan and implement the annual Teen Takeover event. They will also be given one-on-one mentorship from Museum staff. By participating in this program, interns will meet like-minded peers who will mentor them through their internship experiences.


RISD has many opportunities for students to apply for internships in their area, including the RISD Internships High School program. Students can choose to intern at the Rhode Island School of Design or at one of its many other locations throughout the world. The campus has a unique mix of the old and new architecture. The campus is very small and easy to get around, so students can take advantage of the many resources available to them.

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The RISD Museum’s Mellon summer internship program introduces students to museum work. While interning, students participate in departmental projects, working under the supervision of museum staff. Interns are introduced to museum practices and develop professional skills that will help them succeed in their future careers in the arts. This program is a great first step for students who have no prior experience with museums. It also aims to provide hands-on experience in a field that is highly competitive.

Another great way to get an internship in the Bay Area is to apply through an online application. The RISD Internships High School Bay Area program allows students to conduct original research with a UCSF scientist mentor. Students complete an eight-week project that is supervised by a UCSF professor. Students are not required to meet specific grade requirements to participate. The program focuses on supporting students’ growth and development as they continue their education. In addition to hands-on experience, students will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. These internships will also look great on a student’s college application.


MTC is looking for motivated high school students interested in working in the transportation industry for the summer. The high school internship program provides paid summer jobs at agencies that focus on the transportation industry in the Bay Area. Students who complete their internship will be exposed to the planning, financing, and coordination of transportation projects and services. The MTC is the government agency responsible for coordinating transportation projects throughout the Bay Area. Students can apply to work as interns through this program until March 8.

MTC Internships High School Bay-Area students can work full-time or part-time for up to 250 hours at a company. Students will be paid $15 an hour. Students who apply for the program must complete a comprehensive application, which includes their resume, recommendations, and letters of reference. Summer internship applications are accepted in early 2023. Applicants must complete all components of their applications to be considered for an internship.

High school students interested in art, culture, and the environment can apply to the TAC internship program. Students will learn about public art, architecture, transportation, and education while gaining work experience in a museum environment. High school students will also benefit from free admission to the museum, workshops, and other events. Students will receive one-on-one mentoring from museum staff and have access to a membership at no cost to the museum. They will also get to meet like-minded peers and gain insight into the art world.

Project Pull

YouthWorks is a paid after-school program and summer internship program that provides high school students with opportunities in public sector jobs. YouthWorks interns get paid internships in 30 departments across the City. YouthWorks partners with the San Francisco Unified School District to provide a hands-on learning environment for high school interns. Students work for up to 20 hours per week with a mentor in a designated City department.

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The program is aimed at high-school seniors. Students who are interested in business and marketing are encouraged to apply. They will work on a customer insight case study by generating data and insights and developing actionable business solutions. To qualify, students must have a 3.0 GPA. If you are interested in applying, visit the program’s website to learn more. The deadline to apply is February 18 at 5 pm.

Students should be included in day-to-day operations. Involving the intern in the daily workplace will give them a wider perspective of the company and the tasks they will complete. They should be provided with detailed instructions so they can learn as much as possible. And remember that they are still students and may make mistakes. Nevertheless, internships are a valuable part of the college preparation process. So, don’t be afraid to offer feedback and evaluations.

Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program

The Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program pairs top inner-city students with legal employers. In addition to internships, the program offers additional programming that prepares students for careers in the legal field. For example, interns work on various legal document support projects. They are also given the opportunity to participate in mock trials and moot court competitions. These events provide an opportunity for interns to network with law students and practitioners from other schools.

The Criminal Division interns assist 17 Assistant Attorneys General with legal research. They will be assigned cases involving constitutional criminal procedure, trial rights, and rules of evidence. Interns will be required to identify case law to support their legal arguments and to summarize complex legal research. The internship lasts a term and requires participating in seminars and weekly meetings. Interns earn six pass/fail credits. The internship program also consists of participation in a court of appeals term.

For students who are interested in a career in the legal field, the Urban Justice Center program is a great opportunity to start. The program is geared toward inner-city students who want to pursue a career in the legal field. During the summer, students may choose to participate in a mock trial of an environmental law case. They also prepare an appellate brief, engage in oral arguments, and present their cases before a panel of judges. Lastly, they may join a legal team focusing on environmental issues.

MTC High School Explainers Program

If you are a high school student interested in working in the public sector, consider an internship with the MTC High School Explainers Program in the San Francisco Bay Area. This internship program trains high school students in various skills that they need to pursue a career in the public sector. Students learn how to make decisions that impact the lives of people in their communities. The program focuses on public relations, community development, and general knowledge of areas such as housing, transportation, and the environment. Students must complete weekly quizzes and present projects that relate to local challenges. The program started in 1969 when the Exploratorium Museum opened. The internship offers students the opportunity to lead demonstrations and engage museum visitors. Students also learn how to meet the needs of visitors at exhibits.

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Students can complete their internship at the MTC’s San Francisco headquarters or in any of the MTC offices throughout the Bay Area. The program is now in its 19th year and is open to high school students in Marin, Napa, San Francisco, and Solano counties. The internship program also allows students to gain professional experience in fields such as marketing and communications. Students can also gain skills in video editing, GIS, and AutoCAD, among other areas.

MTC Summer College

MTC is proud to sponsor the High School Internship Program to introduce local high school students to the many careers in transportation. Through the internship program, students gain a general knowledge of the public transportation industry and see how MTC and its partners operate. The program was developed by the Minority Citizens Advisory Committee with the intention of encouraging young people to pursue a career in the transportation industry. The program is open to students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The Bay Area Summer Academy is a collaboration between MTC and local Bay Area organizations that provides internships for local high school students. Participants are given the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, from video games for the Sony PlayStation to Tesla Motors in Palo Alto. Students can apply for a Summer Academy internship after completing the requirements. The program is open to students from all backgrounds, and grade point averages are not considered in the application process.

MTC students can work part-time or full-time in various fields. They can work for as many as 250 hours, and they will earn $15 per hour. They will also attend orientation sessions on June 26 and the closing forum on August 9 at MTC’s offices in San Francisco. The internship is a great opportunity to learn about a new career field and to network with other students. There are numerous benefits to MTC, and we hope that you’ll consider applying.

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