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High School Internships NYC Summer

High School Internships NYC Summer

Are you searching for High School Internships in New York? Are you considering an internship that will boost your resume? If so, you have come to the right place. There are several programs available, including NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program, CareerWise New York, Artslife, and ARAS Pioneer Teens. To learn more about these programs, read on! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect internship in the Big Apple.

CareerWise New York

The career-focused organization CareerWise New York has launched a program to connect high school students with internship opportunities in growing industries in NYC. Through its internship program, students will get practical work experience in the industry and gain valuable experience from employers. The program has a dual purpose of building work-ready talent and supporting the city’s economy. To date, more than 3,000 high school students have been matched with internship opportunities through CareerWise New York.

The CareerWise New York program is modeled after the Swiss apprenticeship system. Students enrolled in the program earn debt-free college credit, national industry certificates, and meaningful work experience while simultaneously completing high school. Students also graduate on time. The program has been a successful investment in youth and continues to grow as the industry needs more highly skilled labor. This program was a success because it’s empowering and rewarding for students and employers alike.

Students interested in becoming a part of the business world can get real-world experience by taking advantage of summer internships in New York. Aside from paid opportunities, these programs provide students with the chance to gain valuable skills and gain feedback from professionals. For example, the Apollo Theater Academy offers an internship program for young creative professionals, where interns will work with industry professionals and take on daily tasks to develop their skills. The program also offers many volunteer opportunities and after-school and summer programs for young people to get their feet wet.


The Artslife High School Internships are paid summer internships that combine leadership training, museum studies, and community engagement. Participants will gain exposure to the field of art and design while working on collaborative projects with museum staff and local designers. They will also visit other cultural institutions in New York City. The internships run from July 6 to August 12, 2022. Applications are due in the spring of 2022.

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This internship is designed for students two to three years out of high school. It is designed for rising 11th and 12th graders at public high schools in New York City. Students will learn about the media landscape and artists and hear about different career paths. The program culminates in a podcast series produced by the interns. Students will then learn how to produce an original show. The Artslife High School Internships are a great opportunity for high school students to get professional work experience and build up their portfolios.

Artslife High School Internships are not paid, but you will receive 100 hours of community service credit. The program is designed to give you hands-on experience that will enhance your resume. You will gain leadership skills as you help the organization with summer programming. You may earn school credit or community service hours, which can be used to pay for college. You may also receive a stipend for travel expenses.

ARAS Pioneer Teens

ARAS Pioneer Teens High School Internships offers a unique educational opportunity for students interested in the aerospace industry. The program aims to provide students with on-the-job training and real-world leadership experiences in areas such as STEM, data analysis, market research, and analysis. This program offers eight different projects to students interested in pursuing careers in these fields. Students must be 14 years of age or older, have local housing, and be currently enrolled in high school.

During the summer, ARAS Pioneer Teens will help high school girls gain real-world experience. These teens will be able to engage with older adults and help them use technology and socialize. While these internships are unpaid, students will receive 100 hours of community service credit. Some internships also earn stipends to cover travel expenses. NYC teens can take advantage of these programs by applying for ARAS Pioneer Teens.

The ARAS Pioneer Teens program offers an exciting and free two-week summer program for teens in New York City. Teens will work with real artists and participate in projects inspired by museum archives. The experience culminates in a public exhibition of the teens’ artwork at ARAS’s headquarters at 28 East 39th Street. To apply for the program, visit ARAS’s website or Tumblr.

NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program

The NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program for high-school students in New York City offers a variety of internship opportunities. With two tracks to choose from, students can either specialize in one area or rotate between multiple locations. Students on the multi-center track will be exposed to a variety of different work environments and will be paired with advisors and mentors based on their interests and skill sets.

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For those who are interested in geosciences, NASA has several internship programs that are specifically designed for high-school students in New York City. The Geosciences program, for example, focuses on the measurement of precipitation through weather radar. As an intern, you will analyze NASA satellite data and translate it into useful information. Moreover, the internship program is designed for students who are juniors or seniors in high school.

The NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program is open to high school students in New York City, and requires applicants to be 16 years old and currently enrolled in an educational institution. You must have a GPA of 2.9 or higher, and have a minimum of 640 hours of work. If you qualify, you can work for NASA full-time upon graduation. To apply, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.9 on a 4.0 scale and be willing to complete 640 hours of work.

Skidmore’s Pre-College Program in the Liberal Arts

The Pre-College Program at Skidmore is an incredibly innovative opportunity for high school students to earn college credit. It offers students the opportunity to work with nationally recognized faculty and visiting artists while gaining access to College resources. Students are encouraged to take two courses per year, allowing them to focus on their strengths and explore subjects they may otherwise never have had the opportunity to pursue.

The Honors Program is for students in their sophomore or junior year of high school. The program provides students with an intellectually and emotionally engaging experience. It’s designed to instill a passion for public service in young adults. The Knowledge Exchange Institute also offers programs abroad and has college-level courses taught in many countries. High school students can earn college credit while participating in Skidmore’s Pre-College Program in the Liberal Arts.

The Pre-College Program at Skidmore’s New York campus offers a variety of courses to students at the high school level. The program can be one to seven weeks long and may focus on a range of subjects. Some of the programs are residential, while others are commuter-only. In order to attend, students must be at least fourteen years old on July 1st.

Ladders for Leaders

The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development has a program called Ladders for Leaders, which offers paid internships to young adults in New York City. The program provides high school and college students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience. Students must be between sixteen and twenty-one years of age. Students must have previous work experience and a 3.0 grade-point average and must submit working papers with their applications.

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The program is designed for students in their senior year and includes weekend activities, transportation to and from the internship site, college credit from NYU, and support during the summer. Besides helping students secure their first internship, the program also helps them build their general career skills. They will gain invaluable experience in their chosen field and meet like-minded people. They will also gain valuable networking skills.

The program is available to high school students in New York City and surrounding areas who are interested in the arts, history, or public policy. To apply, students must be entering their senior year of high school and reside in the five boroughs. Participants must have the legal ability to work in the city. The program is unpaid, but stipends are provided to those who qualify for financial assistance.

Ranger Conservation Corps

If you’re in high school and looking for a way to get involved in the New York City environment, consider applying for a Ranger Conservation Corps (RCC) internship. This program, which lasts 10 weeks, will give you hands-on experience in urban environmental issues. The benefits of joining the RCC program are plentiful. You’ll get community service hours and have the opportunity to travel to some exciting locations.

As a member of the Ranger Conservation Corps, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience in environmental conservation and leadership. You’ll do habitat restoration, invasive species removal, and trail maintenance, and you’ll learn about how to build check dams and other green jobs. And you’ll meet some amazing people while you do it! You’ll be surrounded by an impressive network of fellow interns in a variety of fields, including environmental science and sustainability.

As a member of the Ranger Conservation Corps, you’ll gain leadership and natural resource skills, get to know other people, and make lifelong friends. You’ll find a range of seasonal positions, from Park Attendants to Park Interpreters to Ferry Boat Deckhands to Trail Crew. You’ll find a place that’s right for you! There’s no better place to start if you’re looking for a summer internship in NYC.

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