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Housing In New York City For Interns

Housing In New York City For Interns

Finding Housing in New York City for an internship can be challenging. Most internships last a semester or a summer break. In addition, most NYC leases are for one or two years. Fortunately, there are a number of options, including subletting. While subletting is legal, make sure not to do it illegally. Although there are rules against subletting, some apartment owners will try it on the sly anyway.

Off-campus housing

Off-campus housing is available in many forms in the city, with new options coming on the market every day. For those who don’t want to live in a dorm or apartment, extended stay hotels offer fully furnished rooms, WiFi, and kitchenettes. These properties also offer 24-hour security. Off-campus housing for interns is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. By being more convenient than a dorm, they can help interns stay in the city longer.

In Manhattan, finding short-term housing can be a challenge. A site called Anyplace allows students to search for short-term leases, where they can move in on any date and stay for as long as they want. Short-term leases also allow interns to avoid the hassle of signing long-term leases, giving them flexibility and the opportunity to move out at any time. However, choosing off-campus housing in Manhattan for a short-term term can be a smart move for those with tight budgets.

If you want to live off-campus while attending college, check out the Webster Apartments, a cooperative building in midtown Manhattan for employed women or interns. Its flexible timeline and fully-furnished rooms with shared bathrooms are appealing. Additionally, the building has community events and two home-cooked meals a day. There are also budget-friendly options in the city, such as hostels. Hostels in Manhattan usually have a 14-day maximum, and some have private accommodations. Most of these places have kitchen facilities, lounge areas, and free daily breakfast.


While living in a coliving community is not for everyone, New York City offers the opportunity to experience a wide variety of lifestyles. There are over 800 languages spoken in the city, Chinatown and Little Italy are popular neighborhoods, and three ice hockey teams. Although the city is notoriously expensive, transportation is relatively easy to access, whether you use the subway, train, or yellow cab. While the housing market may seem to be out of whack, there are many benefits to coliving in New York City, including:

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Coliving offers private bedrooms for rent. Roommates share a fully furnished living space, including kitchens and bathrooms. It is cheaper than renting a room in a dorm, and it promotes community living. Many people call coliving apartments “adult dorms” because of the amenities. However, many prefer the independence and convenience of a private room while living with like-minded people. There are many ways to make the living experience work for you.

The best way to find coliving in NYC is to know where you’re interning. Join an online forum or talk to an employee of the company. If you know other interns, they may be able to recommend a place to live or arrange shared accommodation. In either case, research the area well before you choose a place to live. If you’re lucky, you might even find other interns who want to share a place.


Students and interns moving to NYC for an internship have two options when it comes to finding accommodations. One of these is to stay in the city itself. In most cases, internships are for only a semester or during summer break. The typical lease for an apartment in NYC is usually between a year and two years. However, you can find short-term housing through subletting, but make sure to avoid illegal listings. Some buildings have rules against subletting apartments, but many owners try it anyway.

Before searching for short-term housing in NYC, you should determine where you want to intern. Alternatively, you can ask other interns in the area to suggest neighborhoods. Another option is to speak to the company’s employees. If the company does not provide accommodation, you may be able to arrange shared housing with other interns. Be sure to do your research before choosing a place, and contact the accommodation provider.

While looking for student housing in Brooklyn, consider where you are working and what your interests are. If your internship is in Brooklyn, Greenpoint and Bushwick are popular areas but be warned that rents may increase due to high demand. If you can afford to move further afield, consider Prospect Heights or Bed-Stuy, which are more affordable options. Also, think about how close you want to be to school and other activities. If you work in a tech company, you may want to live near a park, such as Prospect Park.

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The Queens Chamber of Commerce has recently introduced the Queens Internship Connection, a new program aimed at attracting talented candidates to the region. Interns will be connected to employers in various sectors of Queens County. The program will be a one-stop shop for students interested in internships. It will also be present at college job fairs and campus information sessions. Interns will work in various departments related to transportation, including engineering, communications, construction, manufacturing, construction, and more.

The Vandiver Center provides resources and information for students and alumni with career decisions. The Center hosts events and one-on-one appointments and has a resume database that allows students to post their resumes. Career development services help students and alumni translate their well-rounded education into a rewarding career. They can be contacted by alumni mentors and employers to discuss internship opportunities and post-graduate plans. They can also provide support to students through the Career Development Guide.

As an intern, you will work with the agency’s clerical staff to complete a variety of tasks. You’ll review event logs to identify common problems, and perform cursory reviews of new building plans. You’ll also work with Streets Project Managers during field visits to confirm site conditions and respond to any complaints. In addition, you’ll work with administrative support staff to prepare a report on the results of a project, review timesheets, respond to FOIL requests and provide support for credit card purchases.

Southern Manhattan

If you’re looking for affordable, convenient housing in New York City for interns, you can’t go wrong with the Midtown area. The location of this neighborhood is excellent, with subway lines B, D, and 4 available for easy access to the Financial District and the rest of the city. Midtown’s many attractions are within walking distance, including the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House, which dates back to 1709. Besides delicious pizza from Rosa’s Pizza, this neighborhood is also home to The Footlight Bar, where you can find drag bingo and open mics. While the Midtown area is less populous than the rest of Manhattan, it is still one of the best options for interns, despite the lower population density.

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Students can look for affordable housing in the City College of New York or one of the other universities located in Southern Manhattan. These colleges provide students with fully furnished serviced apartments that have secure building entrances. Other options for summer intern housing in New York City include Adelphi University, St. John’s University-Queens Campus, or Nyack College. Despite being located just across the Hudson, these colleges provide affordable housing that is convenient for students, interns, and professionals alike.


When looking for housing in NYC for an internship, the best neighborhoods to consider are Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, and Ridgewood. These neighborhoods are ideal for students and many are located near popular businesses and attractions. Make sure you research each neighborhood thoroughly to ensure it’s a good fit for you. Before you move, make sure your internship is legitimate and will provide transportation and compensation. You can also find other interns who will be living in the same building as you.

If you are interested in learning more about the culture and neighborhoods of Bushwick, the Bushwick Collective offers an art experience in the north end of Brooklyn. Other attractions in the area include Maria Hernandez Park, which includes handball and basketball courts. Restaurants in Bushwick are located on Irving Avenue and Knickerbocker Avenue, and the world-famous House of Yes is also in Bushwick. If you’re interested in trying local cuisine, Bushwick is the neighborhood to choose.

While living in Bushwick, students should keep their resumes up-to-date and their Handshake profiles completed. These will give recruiters an easier time contacting you. By having a completed Handshake profile, you will get the best chance of landing a great internship in Bushwick, New York City. You can meet other young professionals in NYC by participating in events organized by other students in Bushwick. So, if you’re interested in a summer internship in the Bushwick area, take the opportunity to get your internship in NYC and make a name for yourself!

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