How to Ace the Essay IELTS Samples

How to Ace the Essay IELTS Samples

Taking the Essay IELTS test is no walk in the park, but if you can follow some helpful tips you can ace the exam in no time. The first step is to practice writing the essay. Practice tests allow you to make mistakes and improve your writing skills. After the first practice test, take a second one, trying to overcome the mistakes you made in the first one. This way, you can make sure you have the proper structure of your essay.

Argumentative essay

Unlike other writing tasks, IELTS’s Argumentative essay requires you to explain a viewpoint and provide evidence to support it. This means that you must present both sides of an argument and give a balanced opinion. This part of the test is worth 25% of your overall score. While this may sound like a difficult task to complete, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Listed below are some examples of argumentative essays.

An effective introduction tries to capture the audience from the very first sentence. You can do this by using a compelling quote or intriguing idea. The aim of your hook is to make your audience reach for the popcorn! Creating a strong hook will ensure that your audience is hooked from the start. The conclusion will then help you conclude the essay with your thesis statement. A good conclusion should also include a call to action.

The body of your argumentative essay should follow a five-paragraph structure. Each body paragraph must address a different aspect of the argument. Remember to use logical connectives. This will help you write your essay more effectively. Use the internet to illustrate the points you are trying to make. The thesis statement is also a key part of the essay. You must state your position clearly and include a convincing argument to support your thesis statement.

Using a model IELTS essay sample is a great way to practice for your test. Many test takers are confused by IELTS sample essay questions. By following some basic guidelines, you can improve your performance on the test. With practice, you can improve your writing skills and get the score you need. With proper practice, you’ll find that writing an argumentative essay is easy and stress-free.

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Comparison essay

You can write a comparison essay in two ways. You can use a parallel order structure or a simultaneous comparison. In either case, you should compare the same attributes of two things. In the first example, a comparison of an electric bulb and a gas lamp would focus on the physical characteristics of each light source. The second example would focus on how they operate. You can also use other methods to create a comparison essay.

The language of comparison is a key element in the IELTS exam. Most English course books introduce it at the Elementary level, but many students still struggle with it. Nick has developed four techniques for making comparisons, including using contrast to make a point about the similarities and differences between two objects. You can use these same techniques for the IELTS speaking test. Try them and see which one makes the most sense for you!

The language in the two types of essays is different. The language in Task 2 is more geared towards the content of the questions. You will need to focus on highlighting the differences between two things and presenting the data in a way that shows the changes. You will also need to include relevant examples. In both, there is a minimum word count of 250 words. It is best to follow the same guidelines and format as the task 1 essay, but do not forget to include your own perspective.

The next style of the essay is the discussion essay. The question requires you to present both sides of an argument. You can include your own opinion, but you must be clear in presenting your argument. A discussion essay requires you to discuss both sides of an argument. If your answer is no, you may be asked to provide evidence for your opinion. As a general rule, the easiest approach for these types of essays is to choose one point of view that you agree with and disagree with.

The structure of the comparison essay is very similar to the cause and effect essay, which is also known as a comparison. It is crucial to highlight the similarities and differences between the two subjects. In addition to highlighting the similarities and differences, a comparison essay should make your argument clear. This style of essay is generally easier to write and is easier to understand. There are a few tips and hints to follow to write a comparison essay in the format you are required to use in your exam.

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Agree/disagree essay

Among the many IELTS writing task types, the most popular is the agree/disagree essay. In this task, you must write an essay expressing your opinion on a debatable social issue and justifying your position with examples and details. The following tips will help you write a successful essay. You can find sample essays for this question type on the Internet.

Try not to write a long essay – it’s better to submit many short essays to practice the Task Response. This is because this task requires you to structure each paragraph so that it demonstrates your understanding of the subject matter. For example, an essay titled “Disagree with this statement” should contain two arguments in one body paragraph, and a second body paragraph should present two opposing ideas. Similarly, you should not write an essay with too many ideas, as this can lead to disorganization and lack of focus.

A good way to practice for this IELTS writing task is to look at several agree/disagree essays for inspiration. While you should be aware of the differences between each essay type, it is best to practice each one until you get comfortable with writing the same type of essay. If you have a problem writing an agree/disagree essay, you can consult sample Ielts essays online to practice.

You can choose the best IELTS essay writing task by looking at several examples. You can use these samples to help you decide how to structure your essay. Often, IELTS examiners prefer an essay that expresses opposite positions. However, you should also consider your own writing style when creating your essay. Using an IELTS sample essay can help you get the highest possible score.

Discussion essay

The IELTS sample discussion essay scored Band 9 and matched the typical pattern of a “discussion” type of question. These essays, which are sometimes called “discuss both sides” essays, ask students to discuss two opposing points of view and present their own. For example, in this sample essay, a student discusses an argument against zoos. In their essay, they explain both sides of the argument and give their opinion on which side of the argument they support.

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The IELTS sample discussion essay should contain an argument or an opinion in support of their arguments. Although the IELTS discussion essay task is very straightforward, students should be aware of three common mistakes when writing it. The first mistake is to confuse it with an advantages and disadvantages essay. A discussion essay is supposed to express a single point of view and will be structured in the opposite way. Those three mistakes will cause you to score a low band, as it will not be based on your own opinions or arguments.

A good introduction should include a clear topic sentence and supporting details. Ideally, it should contain a thesis statement. The thesis statement should only appear if the question asks for an opinion. The body paragraphs should center around the central idea of the given topic. The body paragraphs should include supporting details and relevant points. To avoid repetition, make sure to use transitional language that ties everything together. If possible, use synonyms.

The second mistake is to use unnecessary discourse markers. If you fail to use these, your writing will sound illogical and difficult to understand. A common mistake in this area is to use too many discourse markers, making your writing sound unnatural and heavy. Make sure to use these at the right times. The most common mistake is to use too many of them. The result is a heavy piece of writing that is difficult to read.

An effective IELTS sample discussion essay should include a thesis statement. A thesis statement guides the reader and explains the position the writer has on the issues introduced. A study conducted in 2018 concluded that a thesis statement was “obligatory” in all successful IELTS discussion essays. The statement is usually in the second paragraph of the essay. There are several different types of thesis statements. Whether you choose a strong one or a weak one, your essay should include a thesis statement.

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