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How to Find a Summer Internship For Computer Science

How to Find a Summer Internship For Computer Science

Looking for a Summer Internship For Computer Science? Here are some tips and ideas. Consider working for a tech startup or a national lab. You’ll learn a lot while working with a senior staff member and get valuable knowledge about the field. Write down your experiences in a journal. This way, you’ll have a tangible record of your internship experience. You can revisit it later. But before you go out and find an internship in computer science, make sure you do your homework.


If you are planning a summer internship and are considering a career in computer science, you might want to apply for a summer internship at Google. This online technology giant is constantly evolving, and its engineers are working to advance these advances. Engineers at Google work on a variety of projects, including developing cutting-edge technologies, developing scripts to automate routine tasks, and analyzing information and results to solve problems. Students with a background in computer science will enjoy a diverse work environment, encompassing a range of disciplines.

Interested students can apply for Google’s Engineering Practicum program, which provides a 12-week opportunity for a high-level software engineering intern. The internship is open to students with strong programming experience and is targeted toward historically underrepresented groups. Students will work on an innovative software project with Google to help the company develop and maintain its products. Google is looking for individuals with a passion for software engineering. Google is looking for highly motivated students who are passionate about software engineering and are open to learning new things.

A CSSI program includes hands-on programming lessons from Google engineers and gives students an inside look at how technology works. Students then team up with fellow interns to design a web application and present it to Googlers in their local offices. Students can also sign up for notification when the CSSI application process opens, which will help them apply if it becomes available. In addition to attending Google’s summer institute, students can also participate in the IALR summer internship program.

The Engineering Productivity team works on solving broad technical challenges and optimizing software development lifecycles at Google. The Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure Intern uses his analysis and design skills to develop cutting-edge software applications for Google’s next-generation infrastructure. And he can also work on a variety of other projects while keeping the information confidential. This internship can help you advance your career in computer science, or simply learn more about how the Internet works.

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If you’re pursuing a computer science degree and are looking for a summer internship, you’ve probably heard of Facebook. You can also look into full-time positions at Facebook. You can find internship opportunities on the company’s Career page under University Students and New Grads. Each listing contains a brief description of the duties and requirements of each position. The description also contains an Apply Now button, which guides you through the process.

As a software engineer intern, you will be involved in driving the development of Facebook products. You’ll work on web applications that reach billions of users and build high-volume servers. You’ll be part of a team that helps people connect globally. While this position is not the right fit for all budding coders, the experience is valuable. You’ll have the opportunity to work on projects that will contribute to Facebook’s long-term future.

You’ll get a chance to learn about product management, user experience, and data analytics. You’ll be working alongside a team of marketing experts and computer engineers. You’ll work on product development projects, analyze market trends, and create marketing strategies. You’ll learn how to create complex mathematical models. You’ll also be interacting with engineers and marketing professionals, analyzing customer feedback, and making recommendations for new products.

If you’re studying computer science, a Facebook summer internship might be a great option. The company has numerous amenities that will make your stay more enjoyable. On-site fitness centers are free to use, and you’ll be given free Lyft credits to get to and from classes. There are also many other benefits of interning with Facebook, including a great culture, a competitive atmosphere, and a chance to make a career out of it.


If you are looking for a unique summer program, a prestigious college might be your best bet. This university is home to seven different summer programs that are sure to excite you. Learn more about each program and how to apply. MIT offers a variety of opportunities to undergraduate students and recent graduates in the field. Apply now for one of these programs. Interested in joining the next generation of computer science professionals?

MIT offers many internship opportunities. Most students are working on a bachelor’s degree, so most of them are available during their summer vacation. MIT students are accustomed to working quickly and exceeding expectations in a short time frame, so they’re often better equipped to complete a project than most other interns. While few students are flexible enough to participate in long-term internships, some may wish to work in the field for a semester or an academic year.

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The MIT Summer Internship For Computer Science program includes two research experiences. The first is an intensive symposium with faculty presentations and tours of related labs. During the symposium, prospective interns can learn about possible research projects and identify potential mentors. The remainder of the first week is devoted to individual meetings with faculty and matching interns to their research groups. The group meets weekly for research discussions and seminars, led by guest speakers. Interns also take part in regular meetings with their research groups and present their findings at a poster session at the end of the program.

For students who are considering a career in computer science, there are several internships with a number of leading companies. Apple is a Cupertino tech company, which became a household name when it released the iPhone. Internships with Apple cover mobile technology, data science, and computer engineering. Apple internships offer a wide variety of opportunities in all these areas, and they are all paid.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A summer internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the computer science industry. This San Francisco-area organization is part of the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration. While working there, you’ll have the opportunity to assist scientists with their work and participate in cutting-edge research projects. You may even get to help build new supercomputers!

The LLNL summer internship in computer science allows undergraduate students to work closely with Staff Engineers and Scientists. Interns will provide technical support for research and project ideas while working with researchers in various fields. They’ll also be involved in research planning and attend on-site seminars related to their area of focus. Throughout their time at the Lab, interns will be immersed in a collaborative environment that encourages collaboration and creativity.

The Livermore Lab Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the work of the Laboratory. By funding undergraduate STEM fellowships at the Laboratory, students have more time to spend on research and other related activities. They can work with nationally recognized staff mentors and access resources throughout the Lab. They also support the development of young scientists and engineers by fostering diversity and inclusion within STEM fields. And for underrepresented students, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory offers a number of opportunities to intern with the organization.

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Whether you’re looking for a summer internship in computer science or another area of science, there’s something for you here at Lawrence Livermore. Whether you’re a graduate student or an undergraduate, you can be sure that the lab will provide you with the hands-on experience you need to excel in your field. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make your mark in the industry while building a resume.

Willow Garage

If you’re a college student interested in computer science, you might consider a summer internship at Willow Garage. The company has a strong robotics department and developed open source software and hardware that is now widely used. These include ROS, PCL, and OpenCV. OpenCV is one of the most widely used computer vision libraries, and the company was a leader in supporting it. It also had a summer internship program that incorporated robotics and other fields into the development of the software.

The company’s computer science summer internship program has been a boon to computer science students. The company began this program in 2007 and has since recruited more than 15 college students and graduate students. Among them are current and former assistant professors and robotics lab managers. Several companies advertise their hiring requirements requiring knowledge of ROS. A former intern Cindy Ciocarlie summarized the benefits of working at the Willow Garage:

As an intern at Willow Garage, you could work on a robot project and learn more about robotics. This company developed the Robot Operating System (ROS) software and built robots to run it. The team made great strides in human-robot interaction, perception, and planning, and released the project’s robotic software to eleven different research institutions. These organizations kept the source code indefinitely, and the Robotics Operating System grew rapidly.

In addition to its own products, several Willow Garage employees have also founded their own companies, and many have joined these companies. Cousins, for example, founded Savioke, a company that creates robotic robots for hotel guests. The investment in the company has been worth it. Last year, $150 million of venture capital funding went to companies using Willow’s ROS. This is a good example of a company that is working on the latest technology in the field.

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