How to Find a Summer Internship in Mechanical Engineering

How to Find a Summer Internship in Mechanical Engineering

If you’re a mechanical engineering student, you’ve probably dreamed of a summer internship with a big company. You’ll work alongside engineers at companies such as Lockheed Martin, Tesla, and Argo AI while learning about the inner workings of these companies. But where should you find a summer internship? Here are some tips. Read on to discover how to find the perfect opportunity for you! Also, remember to take the time to research the company.


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in mechanical engineering, consider an internship with Exelon. The company values its interns and has several internship programs available for students. The company’s internship program coordinates with UIC and focuses on providing students with opportunities to learn mechanical engineering and other relevant skills while gaining real-world experience. Since the partnership began, Exelon has hired fourteen H-F students to complete internships at their various plants in Illinois.

The internship will provide highly motivated high school seniors with real-world experience, including the opportunity to make design changes. Students will also work with engineers to make sure that Exelon plants run safely. Interns will be assigned to projects that will require independent thinking and creativity. This program will allow interns to develop their network and experience life as an engineer. Students who are accepted will be paid between $15 and $25 an hour, depending on the discipline and the year of school they’re currently in. The company will provide housing stipends up to $200 per week for interns who are planning to live at home during the summer.

The Exelon Corporation is an energy producer, trader, and distributor. It operates across the U.S., the District of Columbia, and Canada. They work in every stage of the energy industry, from renewable energy to electric power. In addition to providing power, Exelon’s family of companies offers risk management services, natural gas exploration, and other related products and services. The company has offices in 47 states and Canada.

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Lockheed Martin

If you are considering a summer internship in mechanical engineering, Lockheed Martin may have the perfect internship for you. This company’s engineering division has the latest production lines and requires qualified applicants to complete projects and courses. Students interested in aerospace will gain valuable experience in the field and will work alongside other mechanics, engineers, and aircraft. For a full description of the internship, read on! This internship is a great way to gain hands-on experience while pursuing a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering.

After completing a summer internship in mechanical engineering at a top aerospace company, Marcellious Prentice was able to apply her knowledge and experience in aerospace to an industrial engineering job at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. While interning there, she was able to gain experience that will benefit her in her career, including working as a software engineer. The company also offered a variety of career opportunities, including an opportunity to work on mission-critical projects.

While working in production, interns will also be involved in projects related to quality and safety. They will support projects in manufacturing and facilities, including Wing and Sub-Assembly construction. They will conduct analysis, devise methods to improve processes, and test products to ensure they are up to code. As a part of their internship, interns are required to live with co-workers from different engineering fields.

While the name prestige of larger companies can be attractive, smaller organizations often sacrifice it in favor of other benefits. The more relevant your mechanical engineering experience, the more likely you are to get a job offer from your employer! As an engineer, the most important thing for an internship is to gain valuable work experience and be creative and valuable. This experience can help you develop your skills and make you a valuable member of the team.

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Argo AI

Students interested in an internship in autonomous vehicles should consider applying to Argo AI’s summer internship program. This internship provides hands-on experience in various fields of mechanical engineering and software engineering. Students can also choose a remote internship in a state that supports such programs. A successful candidate will have strong leadership skills and a passion for artificial intelligence. They will have the opportunity to influence strategic decisions and gain valuable insight from their peers.

The internship program focuses on the design, development, and validation of automotive robotics hardware. Interns will be assigned to the Vehicle Interfaces team, where they will be responsible for packaging and integrating the hardware of autonomous vehicles. Interns will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects, including structural integration, component positioning, cooling systems, and vehicle cleaning systems. They will be exposed to the latest developments and ideas from some of the most influential engineers in the world.

At Argo AI, you will use artificial intelligence and robotics to develop cutting-edge technology for self-driving vehicles. You’ll be working with smart experts to solve challenging problems in a diverse and inclusive environment. They value people and do things right. Whether you’re an aspiring software engineer or a future engineer with experience in the field, this is an internship program you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Start your career today!

A mechanical engineering summer internship at Argo AI could be the right choice for you. This Pittsburgh-based automated-driving company is looking for interns to work on the design, development, and implementation of manufacturing processes. They’ll work with industrial design and product engineers, cross-functionally. And while they’re focusing on large cities, you can also try an internship at Argo AI. It’s a company valued at over $7 billion.


If you’ve always wanted to pursue a career in the world of technology, you can apply for a summer internship with the company Tesla. Applying for a summer internship with the company requires a comprehensive application and thorough research. You should also know your previous work experience in an area related to the position. If possible, get in touch with alumni who are already working at the company. A good way to find out about their interview process is to network with alumni and ask for recommendations.

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Once you’ve got your resume in order, you’ll need to submit it online. You can upload your resume and additional information, but make sure to update it and include any relevant experience. You should also make sure that you’ve formatted it correctly. This way, the hiring manager will get a good idea of the kind of experience you can bring to the table. In addition to updating your resume, you should send a portfolio highlighting your previous internships.

You should visit its official website of Tesla to see what internship opportunities they offer. You can also find them on other job sites. Just make sure to read the job description carefully and match your skills with the needs of the company. Then, you’ll be well on your way to a summer internship with Tesla. And remember to apply early and often. You never know when you might get lucky! And don’t be afraid to ask questions, because they’re not going to be easy to answer!

In addition to gaining hands-on experience, you’ll also be part of important projects. With a small, yet growing workforce of over 48,000 employees, the internship program at Tesla allows interns to get a good first impression of the company. A passion for technology and an entrepreneurial mindset are important, and the company values a strong commitment to its employees. You can expect a challenging but rewarding summer at Tesla. You’ll be working on critical projects that impact the global automotive industry.

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