How to get an internship at nbc

How to get an internship at nbc

Step 1

The first step to getting an internship at NBC is research. It’s important to be familiar with the company’s history, programs and culture. The best interns know a lot about the company they’re working for. They understand what the business does, how it makes money, who it sells to and how it promotes its products or services in order to stand out from competitors.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll want to get ready for your interview by practicing answering common questions about your skills and qualifications like “what makes you the best candidate for this position?” Interviewers will look for candidates who are confident as well as being good listeners and positive team players. You probably won’t be asked any questions about NBC’s history unless you’re interviewing for a job in HR or communications but feel free to bring up interesting facts about the company if appropriate.

Secure an internship.

NBC Universal offers a wide range of internship programs for undergraduate and graduate students across the country. Internships are paid and available to students of all majors and may be completed for academic credit. By participating in an internship at NBC Universal, students gain valuable real-world experience working at one of the leading media organizations in the world.

Internship opportunities are available year-round within many departments, including: Production, Development, Sales & Marketing, Research, Digital Media and more. All internships require a commitment of 10 weeks (full-time) during fall, winter/spring or summer terms.

Step 2

Step 2: Complete Your Degree

After you apply, it’s time to earn your degree. Remember, you must have obtained your degree by the time your internship ends. It doesn’t matter if you apply before or after graduating; as long as you have graduated before your internship ends, you’re eligible. If you want to complete an NBCUniversal summer internship program, for example, that would start in May and end in August. Therefore, if you applied in January and graduated in May with a degree from a four-year university, that would be sufficient. The same is true for someone who applied in January but didn’t graduate until December.

Step 3

Since it’s unlikely that you will receive a position at this company without interning first, the best thing that you can do is start to prepare for an internship in your college career. The NBC network has offices all over the world, so even if you live outside of New York or California, there is likely an office near you. If you don’t meet the age requirements for an internship, try applying for a job with NBC and eventually applying for an internship as well. Internships are not meant to be permanent positions, so it’s important that you have some experience working at NBC before you become one of its interns.

Prepare to take a position in the NBC network offices.

If you want to work as an intern at NBC, it’s a good idea to start by working for the network in some other capacity. Internships are competitive and often unpaid, so having a job that provides you with income can help offset those issues. There are many entry-level positions available with NBC that can provide you with experience and give you the opportunity to meet some of the people who make hiring decisions.

  • You can apply for a production assistant job. These jobs involve working behind the scenes on various types of productions, from filming all the way through post-production and ongoing maintenance of archived programs.
  • If you would prefer something more public-facing, try applying for an NBC page position. Page positions involve greeting visitors and helping them find what they need inside the company offices and studios. Pages also get opportunities to work on sets during live or taped shows and they usually get preferred treatment when applying for internships.
  • Finally, if there is an NBC affiliate in your area, consider applying for a position there instead of trying to move to New York right away. Local affiliates may have different internship programs than headquarters but they still offer valuable experience that can help advance your career later on

Step 4

To qualify for the NBC Internship Program, you must complete the application process and fulfill all requirements of your internship. You must stay continuously employed with NBCUniversal for at least 18 months after your internship to qualify for further opportunities. You also need to be in good standing with the company and receive a positive review from your supervisor (at least a 4 on a 5-point scale) to be considered eligible. The hiring manager might also ask you to interview before making an offer.

Stay employed with NBC for at least 18 months following graduation from college and after your internship period has concluded.

It is extremely important to stay employed with NBC for at least 18 months following graduation from college and after your internship period has concluded. During this time, you should work hard to prove your worth to the company and ensure that you are meeting the expectations of your employers. In addition, it is equally important to begin networking with other employees within the company in order to build connections. The networks that you build will eventually be able to help guide you throughout your career by providing information and resources that can be used during a job search. Lastly, it is vital that you learn from experienced employees who are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with others.

Step 5

  • Start networking

If you want to work at NBC, it’s smart to get your foot in the door any way you can. After all, getting an internship is a great way for you to showcase your skills and knowledge—and it could potentially lead to a full-time job!

Here are some tips for finding a TV internship:

  • Apply for jobs that are a good fit. Make sure the job description aligns with what you want to do. If the job will only have you running errands and fetching coffee, think about applying elsewhere. You’re better than that!
  • Don’t apply to jobs that aren’t a good fit. It can be tempting to throw your hat in the ring as many times as possible, but doing so can backfire if you’re not qualified or don’t meet the requirements detailed in the posting. Only apply if there’s an actual chance of being hired by that employer!
  • Do your research on the company and role before applying! This is important because it shows recruiters and hiring managers your level of interest and commitment, while also allowing you time to prepare thoughtful answers for questions they may ask during interviews or throughout other parts of the application process – like why they should hire YOU instead of another candidate who applied for their position.

Search for a position with NBC Universal in another department than where you interned.

  • Search for a position with NBC Universal in another department than where you interned. One of the great things about an internship with NBC Universal is that it opens up many different job opportunities at the company. From entertainment and news to research and business, there are so many different areas you can work, including switching between departments if you would like to try something else out. To find jobs within NBC Universal in other departments, visit
  • Apply through their website or ask your manager for advice on what kinds of positions may be available to you when your internship ends (or even throughout it!). Again, one of the benefits of working for such a large company is that there are so many opportunities for you to apply for, especially at a place like NBC Universal where they have many divisions that all do different things. Whether it’s news or sports broadcasting, advertising sales, production management or something else entirely, there are plenty of options within this company to choose from!

If possible – get recommendations from people who know firsthand how well qualified/skilled you are by asking friends/family members who work there or have done so before (in lieu of references). You should always try to get as much professional experience possible before applying but sometimes life happens and sometimes even the best-laid plans don’t go according to plan.”

The good news is that if you do well in the internship, you’ll be given priority consideration for open positions within the company when they become available!

Once you’ve gotten the lay of the land and begin to feel comfortable in your role, it’s time to think about what comes next. If you do well with your internship, you will be given priority consideration for open positions within the company when they become available. This applies not only to positions within your department but also company-wide.

For example, if you complete a successful internship in NBC Universal’s television department and then decide that film is more up your alley, your internship experience could give you an edge over other applicants who are vying for open production assistant positions in NBC Universal Pictures.

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