How to get an internship at penguin random house

How to get an internship at penguin random house

This article will guide you on how best to apply to the internships opportunities at penguin random house

Research the company.

The first step in applying for a job at Penguin Random House is learning about the company.

Start by researching the company’s website. Take some time to read through the “About Us” page, and dive deeper into Penguin Random House’s history, mission statement, and values. They are also very active on social media; follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get a better sense of what they publish and what they are passionate about. And if you want to get an even closer look at how the company operates day-to-day, check out their blog [PRHSpeakEasy](

Know what you want – and don’t want.

The first step in the process is to know what you want – and don’t want – from a summer internship. Are you looking for an internship that may turn into a full-time job? Or do you simply want to see if publishing is right for you? What skills do you have that might be valuable to an employer? And what skills are you hoping to develop through your internship?

As with any application process, it’s important to think about what makes you unique. What are the strengths on your resume that will make potential employers take notice? Once you start identifying your strengths, it will be easier to zero in on companies and opportunities where they will be appreciated.

And then there’s the big question: Where would I like to live this summer? While this may seem a superficial consideration, it’s actually one of the most important aspects of choosing an internship. If you are not in love with the city where your summer internship takes place, chances are high that your enthusiasm about work will wither fast. Also, remember that many people intern more than once in their lives…and those who have had great summers tend to come back for more! So don’t treat finding an excellent summer opportunity as something that needs only happen once!

Be a creative thinker.

Be creative. Be creative in your approach to Penguin Random House, be creative in how you present yourself, and be creative in your answers during the interview process. There’s no cookie-cutter way to land a job or internship at Penguin Random House (or any major publishing house): each role is different, as are the people hiring for it. Be personable, demonstrate that this is not just a stepping stone to you but a place you’d love to work, and be open and kind. The biggest piece of advice I can give is this: be interested in what they’re doing and what they have to say about where books are going now—that will always make an impression on the people you meet along the way!

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Be open to learning.

Having a passion for learning is important in any job, but especially one in publishing. A successful candidate has to have an insatiable desire to learn and expand their mind. It’s also crucial to have an openness to new experiences. You will be exposed to so much more than you ever imagined as an intern, whether it’s a book that affects you deeply or a co-worker who changes the way you think about something. Every day is different, and every day presents a new opportunity for learning and growth.

Remember that curiosity, not just intelligence, is your key to success in the work force. Curiosity will push you beyond your comfort zone and allow you to grow both personally and professionally

Pay attention to the details.

Penguin Random House, like many other publishers, looks for applicants who have a demonstrated attention to detail. If you can show that you can pay attention to the details of your work and the impact it’s going to have on your company outside of the job description, you’re much more likely to get hired. In your resume, try to quantify how your previous experience helped other people or companies. For example: “Increased US sales by 20%” is a lot better than “Helped with sales.” Show that you’re passionate about publishing and can clearly articulate what about publishing is exciting for you.

Don’t be afraid to show off relevant skills or experiences.

  • Don’t be afraid to show off your relevant skills and experiences. If a job posting asks for social media experience, include the link to your LinkedIn or other profiles where you have that highlighted. If it asks for internships in the field, mention yours. Be specific about what you did and how it helped prepare you. Have you ever done anything related to books? Write about it!
  • Your cover letter is another place where it’s important that you sell yourself as much as possible. Take a look at the company’s mission statement and show them how your values align with theirs. Call attention to any other skills that aren’t listed but might make you stand out, such as fluency in another language or your familiarity with managing social media accounts on platforms they haven’t mentioned yet.

You need to do your homework before applying for an internship at Penguin Random House.

Be prepared to discuss your research within the context of an interview or cover letter. It is essential that you have some basic knowledge of what a company does and what their goals and objectives are, particularly in regard to publishing. You should have a clear idea of what the company looks for in interns (see advice below). You should also know something about the books that they publish and about the authors with whom they work.

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You should reflect on your own goals before applying for an internship. What kind of internship do you want to do? Are there particular departments that you’re interested in working with? Do you want to work as an editorial intern or get involved with marketing, production, book design, etc.? What’s important to you in a role? How do these goals fit with PRH’s core values: courage, imagination, inclusion and collaboration?

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