how to make summer internship project report for mba

how to make summer internship project report for mba

summer internship project report for MBA

The project report for MBA is a brief statement of events, circumstances, observations and conclusions. Usually, the project reports are used as evidence that the student has successfully completed a particular course of study. The report for MBA is a document that has a definite structure and format. In this article we will tell you more about the structure and format of the project report for MBA.

Project Report for MBA: Structure and Format

The project report for mba consists of several important parts. As follows from its name, it contains information about:

  • the main aims;
  • objectives;
  • conclusions;
  • findings;
  • explanations of why certain methods were chosen.

internship project report format

  • Introduction:

The introduction should provide the reader with the background of the topic, objective of your research and its importance.


This section should provide information about what your project is all about and what are you trying to achieve from it. You can discuss how this will benefit the company or any external factors.

Work Done:

In this section, you need to present the procedure or methodology part of your project. It is not necessary that you write any code in this section but you must mention the tools used to perform your task, the process followed by some output screenshots. This is a very important part as it shows that you have done something practical and not just theoretical work.

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Analysis of Results:

Here, you will be discussing how successful (or unsuccessful) was your project based on its objectives and what are the limitations in case it’s not up to mark or if there is no scope for improvement in case it’s really good! This gives an insight into how well were you able to understand your own project and also points towards whether there’s any room for improvement which would be considered during evaluation!(Also read – MBA Resume samples)Conclusion:Conclude by giving an overall outlook on your report as a whole and leave a thought provoking idea as take away with them which makes them feel they have learned something new after reading through!Future Scope:This should include areas where improvements can be made, additional features that can be added etc which would make your project more successful or efficient than before.(Read more – How to write an MBA application essay?)References: Do mention all sources from where information has been gathered especially some very specific ones like API documents or technical references etc so that anyone who wants to dig deeper into those topics knows exactly where he/she could find such info.

summer internship project for MBA students

The Summer Internship Project is a great experience in the life which not only helps you gain practical knowledge of finance, sales, marketing etc. but it also gives you enough confidence to pursue your goals in life. In the MBA course, after completion of 1st year students are given an opportunity to conduct their summer internship project work with various companies across India. The topics for summer internship projects are based on the field specialization of the student like marketing, finance and HR.

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The summer internship report gives you a complete idea about your project and how well did you carry out your research on that specific topic assigned by your institute or college. The best way to make your report outstanding is by adding relevant data, tables, graphs and citing important events happening around that could impact your project directly or indirectly.

mba project report on employee satisfaction pdf


• How content are employees with the challenges they face at work?

• How well employees are compensated for their input.

• How much do they believe in their company’s core values, mission, and vision – and how well it is shared by other members of the organization.

• How well employees are supervised and managed by their superiors.

• How much freedom do they have to make decisions that influence the work environment?

how to write a summer internship report

In recent years, internships have become quite popular among students. And this is not surprising, since internships bring many benefits to both companies and interns. In addition to gaining valuable experience in their field of study, interns also improve their communication skills and build business connections that may help them find employment after graduation.

  • Introduction
  • Planning for the internship
  • What was planned and what was done
  • Experience gained during the internship training

mba summer internship projects in finance

MBA finance students should use summer internships as a platform for building lifelong business relationships. Finance projects in the MBA curriculum allow students to delve into issues such as international finance, investment banking and strategic planning, helping them to get their foot in the door of some of the largest corporations in the world. Students should consider these summer internship projects:

  • Financial management
  • International finance
  • Investment banking
  • Strategic planning
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summer internship project topics for mba marketing pdf

To succeed at this task, you’ll need to know:

  • What is the internship project report format?
  • What is summer internship project report for mba?
  • What are the summer internship project topics for mba marketing pdf?
  • What is the mba summer internship projects in finance?
  • And what is the mba project report on employee satisfaction pdf?

making summer internship project report for mba

Making summer internship project report for MBA is essential. Whether you’re a new graduate, or have been in your field for years, having a complete and up-to-date summer internship project report for MBA can help you find jobs. It can also be useful to employers who are looking to fill a position. Your summer internship project report for MBA should include all of the following items:

  • A current CV: Your CV should clearly convey your work experience and education. Make sure it’s in an easy to read format.
  • Current references: A list of professional references that can vouch for your skills and experience will show employers that you’re trustworthy and good at what you do.
  • Copies of previous job evaluations: If you’ve had an evaluation at a previous job, add copies of these to your summer internship project report for MBA. This helps prove your work ethic and consistency over time to potential employers.

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