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human resource internships summer 2022

human resource internships summer 2022

Hire and get hired with an internship in your area

This summer, you can get an internship and build a meaningful career in human resources. Human resources internships offer great opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field of human resources, whether you’re looking for part time or full time work.

If you’re looking for an internship with a flexible schedule and have a passion for helping others succeed, human resources may be the right choice for you. The field is growing rapidly due to its increasing demand in companies across industries.

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Human Resources Managers.

As a human resources manager, you will be responsible for recruiting and training new staff members. You might also help with employee compensation and benefits, as well as conduct performance reviews.

Human resources managers usually work in offices or cubicles on the first floor of a building. The salary range for this position is between $116,720 and $123,540 per year (according to Indeed).

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Human Resources Assistants, Except Payroll and Timekeeping.

Human resource assistants provide administrative, clerical and administrative support to HR managers. They perform a variety of functions, including the following:

  • Organizing and maintaining employee personnel files;
  • Entering data into databases;
  • Attending training sessions;
  • Preparing reports on staff turnover rates, absenteeism levels and other workforce issues.

The duties of a human resource assistant can vary by industry and organization, but they typically require strong organizational skills as well as proficiency with computers (Microsoft Office). Most employers require applicants to have at least an associate’s degree in business administration or human resources management.

Human Resources Specialists.

Human resources specialists. Human resources specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. They often handle other human resources work, such as those related to employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training.

Training and Development Specialists.

  • Human Resource Specialists.
  • Human Resource Assistants.
  • Human Resource Managers.
  • Labor Relations Specialists.
  • Administrative Services Managers.
  • Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing: This is a field that deals with the sale of goods directly to consumers or to businesses and government agencies that buy for resale to consumers (such as grocery stores). These sales representatives may work for manufacturers, distributors/wholesalers, retailers/department stores, mail-order houses or other sales agents who sell products in this way (for example a car dealer sells cars from different car manufacturers). In most cases there are no other employees besides those of the employer who is selling the product – there are no retail store staff at an auto dealership; instead these customers come into an office where they meet with their sales representative who takes care of their needs for purchasing new vehicles by helping them select models and financing options etc…
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Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists.

Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists are responsible for ensuring that all employees receive proper compensation, benefits and training. They develop compensation and benefits packages for employees in line with the needs of the company. They also work closely with upper management to ensure that these packages meet or exceed industry standards. In addition to this, Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists must be very familiar with labor laws so that they can keep up with changing regulations and technology. Excellent communication skills are key to this position because they need to communicate effectively both internally (between different departments) as well as externally (with clients).

Labor Relations Specialists.

Labor Relations Specialists. Labor relations specialists are responsible for interpreting and administering labor contracts regarding issues such as wages and salaries, healthcare, pensions, and union and management practices. They also handle disputes between workers and management—often taking the role of a mediator—and may be involved in negotiating collective bargaining agreements. Labor relations specialists are often referred to as labor relations specialists or industrial relations officers (IROs).

Administrative Services Managers.

  • Ensure that facilities operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Plan and coordinate executive communications.
  • Plan and direct activities of the organization.
  • Maintain inventory.
  • Develop budgets.
  • Ensure that facilities meet environmental, health and security standards

Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products.

Sales Representatives sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. You may specialize in technical and scientific products such as computer hardware and software, engineering services, or scientific instruments.

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Sales Representatives sell goods directly to the consumer. You will consult with customers to determine their needs; then recommend appropriate products and services that can meet their goals.

Sales Representatives work in a variety of industries including wholesale distribution centers where they help manage inventory control systems; retail stores where they answer customer questions about products; manufacturers’ offices where they assist with marketing strategies; or at home office headquarters where they oversee sales teams across multiple regions (also known as an Assistant Sales Manager).

build a meaningful career with a human resources internship

Human resources is an exciting field to explore, and an internship in human resources is a great way to get your foot in the door. The experience you gain can help you land a job in the future.

If you’re looking for an internship or summer job that will help build your resume, consider applying for one with a company’s human resources department. Human resource managers are responsible for recruiting new workers, developing employee benefits programs, handling employee complaints and addressing labor laws—and there are many other tasks that fall under their purview as well. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, read on!

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