industrial engineering internships summer 2022

industrial engineering internships summer 2022

General Motors

General Motors has a 10-12 week program. To be considered, you must have a 3.0 GPA and your assignments must be based on your major. You will have access to instructors who can help you if needed, as well as mentors for when you need some extra help with your project. The deadline is January 10th, 2022


ExxonMobil Internships

Interns at ExxonMobil will have the opportunity to build skills and gain experience in a variety of engineering areas. You’ll also get to meet our global team, learn about our competitive benefits package, and receive training on how we run an efficient business. In return for your hard work you will receive competitive pay for your time spent on the job as well as tuition reimbursement if applicable.

You’ll be assigned an experienced mentor who will help guide your learning experience during both internships and professional development events with other interns throughout the summer. Mentors are well-trained industry professionals who provide guidance throughout your internship. They can answer any questions or concerns that come up during the internship program including whether or not you’re interested in pursuing a career within one of our many divisions after graduation!

General Electric

General Electric is a multinational conglomerate corporation that has its headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut. It was founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan, and today it operates in the fields of aerospace, healthcare, power generation and water technology.

GE offers internships for students who wish to gain hands-on experience working on real projects for real companies. The company provides training for all kinds of engineering interns (mechanical, electrical, chemical) with different needs based on your previous major or interests during the internship period at GE Corporate Headquarters (Springfield MA). You will be involved in solving problems using techniques from math/science while working with others on teams that include engineers from other disciplines: if you like teamwork then this could be a great opportunity! If you prefer solitude then perhaps not so much but i’m sure there’s plenty else to do at GE HQ too!

American Airlines

You will be performing a wide range of tasks. Some examples include:

  • Conducting research on the design and implementation of new processes, procedures, and systems that can improve American Airlines operations.
  • Working with team members to develop solutions to problems in areas such as supply chain management, personnel scheduling, or production planning.
  • Developing methods for maximizing efficiency in various processes across departments and/or industries at large through the use of industrial engineering techniques like process flow diagrams (PFDs).

Additionally, you’ll have access to mentorship programs designed specifically for interns interested in pursuing careers within industrial engineering or related fields at American Airlines after graduation. These opportunities provide valuable insight into how we use technology today while helping us prepare for how we’ll use it tomorrow.”

Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble is a large, multinational consumer goods company based in Cincinnati, OH. The Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP) provides interns with the opportunity to lead projects and take on the same projects and responsibilities as full-time employees. Interns will work on a variety of projects related to supply chain management or marketing strategy and implementation.

The internship will be located in downtown Cincinnati’s business district and is about five miles from the University of Cincinnati’s main campus.

Honeywell International

Honeywell International is dedicated to providing interns with an environment that fosters personal growth and development. As a global leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of industrial automation systems for enterprises around the world, Honeywell’s interns are challenged with meaningful projects from day one. The company offers a variety of internships at its locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico so you can get hands-on experience in your field of study—and beyond!

Honeywell offers several unique internship programs:

  • The Summer Internship Program is designed to give college students hands-on experience while they earn $2,000 USD per month plus housing allowance – perfect for those who want to gain more work experience before entering their chosen career field
  • The Engineering Leadership Development Program provides opportunities for engineers who are eager to take on exciting leadership roles within Honeywell

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte Consulting is a global management consulting firm that focuses on advising and providing services to large companies. It was founded in 1933 by William Deloitte, Sr., and James Cash in New York City, where Deloitte LLP’s headquarters are still located today. The company has grown over the years and now has more than 150 offices around the world — including one in your city!

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. is a leading amusement park company with one of the most recognized brands in family entertainment around the world. SeaWorld has been dedicated to inspiring kids and families to protect animals, conserve the environment and be active since it opened its first theme park on March 21, 1964. As part of this mission, SeaWorld provides animal care programs that not only focus on rescue & rehabilitation but also preserve species while they’re still alive in their native habitats.

With locations around the world including Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, Sea World provides an unparalleled experience for our guests by combining great rides with amazing shows like “Waves” (with orcas) or “Blue Horizons” (with dolphins). This summer we’re looking for an Industrial Engineer Intern who will help us improve our operations!

University of Pennsylvania

  • The University of Pennsylvania offers an industrial engineering internship program.
  • Students work in various departments, such as research and development, engineering and manufacturing, finance, marketing and human resources.
  • Internships are unpaid but students receive a stipend.
  • Students must be enrolled in a four-year college or university at the time of application for this internship program.

Intel Corp.

Intel Corp. is a multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. It is the largest semiconductor chip maker in the world, as well as one of the largest companies in the world by revenue. Intel was founded on July 18, 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore as Integrated Electronics Corporation (IEC); it was renamed to Intel Corporation on June 6, 1971 after its first product: an 1101 bit shift register known as MCS-51 became commercially available. On June 22, 1982 Intel introduced x86 architecture with its 8086 CPU at a time when many other companies were still using Motorola’s 68000 family microprocessors for their personal computers; this led to an industry-wide switch from 68k to x86 within the next decade before AMD entered into competition with Intel’s Pentium series in 1993 by releasing its own K5 processor family which eventually took over 50% market share from market leader “Pentium” products until 2005 when AMD lost much market share due to legal disputes causing them not being able to sell any new products for several years afterwards until 2012 when they released their Bulldozer architecture based CPUs which were considered lackluster compared to newer i3/i5/i7 Core series processors released around same time period but they did manage gain some traction with lower cost offerings like Athlon 200GE which performed admirably against higher priced competition due factor being priced $60-$80 less than similarly performing i3/i5

This list is of industrial engineering internships that are available in the summer of 2022.

Below is a list of industrial engineering internships that are available in the summer of 2022. These internships are for college students who have an interest in industrial engineering.

  • Experience is important when applying for jobs after graduation. The more experience you gain, the better job opportunities will be available to you. You should consider applying for more than one internship this summer so that you can gain as much experience as possible and increase your chances at getting a good job after graduation.*
  • List of companies that offer industrial engineering internships:
  • Company 1:
  • Company 2:
  • Company 3:
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