internships at london fashion week

internships at london fashion week

Voluntary Internship at The Office of Emma Wallace

The Office of Emma Wallace is offering voluntary internships in London to gain experience in the fashion industry. The internship will provide you with 3-4 months’ worth of work experience, learning about the different aspects of running a business and gaining valuable skills for future careers.

You must be:

  • passionate about fashion and eager to learn more about it
  • able to commit to 3-4 months at this internship
  • available during June 2019

Fashion Design Studio Internship at WOOF London

WOOF London is looking for a highly motivated and creative intern to join their team. The fashion design studio has been operational since 2017, with its aim being to create unique design pieces that make the wearer feel good about themselves.

The internship will last for three months, starting on January 1st 2020 and ending on March 31st 2020. It will be based in Central London, UK. If you are interested in this opportunity then please apply below!

Contact Details:

Email Address:

Phone Number: 07930571204 (office hours)

Design Assistant / Intern at Coco De Mer

As a Design Assistant / Intern, you will support the creative team and the production of new collections for their London flagship store. This is an entry-level position that offers a wide range of responsibilities that will help you learn about the fashion industry.

  • What to expect:
  • Work with a variety of materials such as fabrics, leathers, metal elements and more
  • Learn how to use industrial machines like embroidery machines, laser cutting machines and more!
  • Assist in pattern making by tracing patterns onto paper based on sketches provided by designers – this can be done digitally or manually depending on which process works best for each project
  • Assist in working with samples made from prototypes so they can be reviewed by other departments within the company before being sold online or at retail stores
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Junior Stylist / Intern at Simply Be

Simply Be is looking for a Junior Stylist / Intern to work with their team to complete various tasks. This role would involve assisting with styling, photo shoots, and other duties as needed by the stylist. The successful candidate will be hardworking and a team player, with an eye for detail and excellent customer service skills.

Social Media and Marketing Intern – Fashion Industry

A Social Media and Marketing Intern is a great opportunity for a fashion marketing graduate or student to gain online marketing experience. The role involves working closely with the web design team to help manage and maintain the company’s online presence, as well as assisting in the development of new initiatives and content creation.

  • Social media management (Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • Content creation: writing press releases, creating blog posts and engaging with influencers/partners through social media channels.
  • Working on SEO strategy

Tempory Digital Marketing Assistant – Fashion Industry

  • Tempory Digital Marketing Assistant – Fashion Industry

You will be working with a well-established fashion brand, helping to manage their social media accounts and assisting with the launch of their new website. You will be expected to take on a variety of different tasks such as handling customer queries, liaising with external suppliers and managing the company’s social media presence across all platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. To ensure that your role is successful you will need basic knowledge of HTML coding, however you do not need any prior experience in this field.

Print Designer – Fashion Industry

A fashion designer is a person who designs clothing and accessories. A designer dresses people, including themselves, for social occasions such as weddings or other formal events. They work at offices and studios where they can create their own designs on paper or using computer software programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Designers often specialize in a particular area of fashion design; for example, a men’s apparel designer would design shirts and pants for men while a women’s apparel designer would design dresses, skirts and jackets for women.

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Designers have many different responsibilities depending on the type of business they work for:

  • They create new fashions by sketching out ideas on paper (or using computer software)
  • They use traditional methods like sewing machines to make prototypes of their designs from scratch
  • Once approved by clients/bosses, designers can mass-produce these prototypes through specialized machinery provided by manufacturers like Nike Inc., which specializes in sports equipment

Menswear Designer – Fashion Industry

  • You should have a fashion design degree and relevant experience as a designer.
  • You will need to demonstrate knowledge of menswear trends, fabrics and manufacturing.
  • Your portfolio should demonstrate exceptional communication skills, IT skills, organisational skills and creative flair.

Jewellery Designer – Fashion Industry

If you’re interested in working as a jewellery designer, it’s important to know that your coursework will cover design development, materials and processes, 3D design and construction, design history and critical studies. You’ll also be expected to complete a final major project under the guidance of an approved mentor.

If you’re passionate about contemporary jewellery-making but don’t want to go all the way through university for it (there are quite a few BA or MA courses out there), the best thing to do is get some experience under your belt by interning at one of London Fashion Week’s upcoming shows.

Production Assistant – Fashion Industry

Production assistants are the glue that holds everything together at Fashion Week, and you’ll need to be organised, able to work on your own initiative and team-focused. You’ll also need to be flexible: you may need to stay late or come in early in order for things to run smoothly. You will likely have a lot of responsibility, so it’s important that you can take direction from those who know better than you do (and there will be plenty of opportunities for this).

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Finally, it’s crucial that production assistants are highly prioritized when organising schedules and tasks—you’ll have multiple people relying on you for their jobs, so running late could lead to serious problems!

there are these internships for fashion week and other jobs in the fashion industry, especially in london.

There are these internships for fashion week and other jobs in the fashion industry, especially in London.

One could be a social media and marketing intern at Woof London, which is an online shopping platform that sells women’s clothing. The company is looking for someone who has experience with Instagram and Twitter, as well as knowledge of how to create content that can be shared on those platforms.

Another option would be working as a tempory digital marketing assistant at Coco de Mer, which sells lingerie and other intimate products online. The company needs someone who knows how to manage Google Analytics (a tool businesses use to track traffic) because they want the person they hire to improve their analytics tracking system. They also need someone experienced with Adobe Photoshop software because they want the person they hire to optimize images on their website before putting them up there so people will see them better when browsing through it!

Another job opportunity would be working as a print designer at Simply Be Ltd., which produces women’s clothing under three brands: Simply Be Limited Edition (the company’s main brand), Style & Co., or Diva Atelier Limited Edition (the latter two being new standalone brands). You’ll work closely with their print team if hired here – this means you’ll need good communication skills so everyone can get along well together without any problems!

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