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internships for accounting students

internships for accounting students

Citco Fund Services

The Citco Fund Services internship is a great opportunity for students who have an interest in the financial services industry. The internship will provide you with real-world experience, and it will prepare you for future careers as an accountant or auditor. You’ll also get a chance to develop your leadership skills by participating in team building exercises.

Citco Fund Services offers internships throughout the year at different locations around London.

Grant Thornton

  • Internships are available for students.
  • Students are paid to work for the company.
  • Students have an opportunity to learn about industry and be mentored by experienced professionals in the field.
  • Students get to work on real-world projects that they can use as part of their portfolio when searching for a job after school, or even when applying directly to Grant Thornton directly! They also get networking opportunities with other interns who may go on to become colleagues or friends in your life (or both).

Deloitte & Touche

If you’re interested in working in public accounting, then Deloitte is the firm for you. It boasts more than 225,000 employees, has offices in 150 countries and operates across all sectors of business (including consulting and tax). The company offers internships to undergraduate students studying accountancy or business administration with a focus on accounting. This program is suited to students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in public accounting during their summer break or between semesters. Students can choose from three different types of program:

  • Public Accounting Internship
  • Assurance Internship
  • Audit Internship


PwC is a great company for accounting students who like to work on a team. PwC requires interns to complete at least 80 hours of work experience, and this work can be completed in one or more of the following areas:

  • Preparing financial statements and other reports
  • Assisting with audits, tax compliance services, consulting projects, litigation support and business advisory services

As an intern at PwC, you will have access to many opportunities for mentorship within your department. You may even have the chance to shadow an experienced accountant while they are working on projects related to your field of study. Working at PwC is also a great way for accounting students with little or no professional experience under their belts yet still looking forward towards building their careers after graduation!


KPMG is a professional services company that provides audit, tax and advisory services to companies in multiple industries. They are a global network of firms in 147 countries with over 189,000 people who offer their clients technology-based solutions and advice on how to grow their businesses.

KPMG is one of the Big 4 accounting firms (the others being Deloitte, EY and PwC). Although they’re not always known for having great internship programs, they do have some opportunities available for accounting students.


EY has a variety of programs for students to gain experience in the industry. With over 400,000 employees globally and offices in 150 countries, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved with EY. The company offers options such as internships and work-study programs that help students develop their skills through hands-on learning experiences. In addition, mentoring programs are available for interns looking for extra guidance from seasoned professionals in the accounting field.

Of all the professional organizations out there today, EY stands out as one of the best places for accounting students to build their resume by gaining useful workplace skills while also contributing meaningful work back into society at large (for example: EY’s Global Immigrant Council).

Consider working at one of these companies to get experience as an accounting student.

Accounting is a career that requires knowledge and experience. That’s why it’s important to work at an accounting firm as an intern. You’ll get hands-on experience and learn from the best in the business, which will help you when you graduate from college.

Here are five companies that will give you great opportunities for an internship:

  • XYZ Company, a large public company based out of New York City
  • ABC Company, a small private company based out of Miami Beach, Florida
  • 123 Company, a midsized public company located in Northeast Ohio
  • 456 LLC., another midsized private entity located near Washington DC

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