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Internships For Education Majors in Chicago

Internships For Education Majors in Chicago

While you’re still in school, you can gain valuable experience by applying for internships in the city. Chicago internships can help you prepare for a professional future by preparing you to transition from a student to a professional. This article focuses on two of the city’s best options for internships. The Art Institute of Chicago and Loyola University both have teacher residency and internship programs. Luster Products MED is another great option.

Art Institute of Chicago

If you’re interested in art history, you can gain hands-on experience in the department of museum education at the Art Institute of Chicago. This internship combines theory with practical experience and involves a two-week orientation course that teaches you about museum education. You will also participate in hands-on learning projects such as designing tours and informal gallery activities. You will receive training in the theory and practice of museum education, and you will be given the opportunity to join the professional learning network at the institute.

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the United States. Founded in 1879 as a school of the fine arts, the museum collects and presents works of art from diverse artistic traditions. The internship location is on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL. The internship will run for ten weeks beginning on June 15, 2020, and will require 35 hours per week. The internship requires strong interpersonal and research skills.

Students wishing to complete their degree in education can apply for an education internship at the institute. These internships are paid positions at participating institutions and are typically based on specific projects. Interns will spend one or two weekends a month working with a mentor or supervisor. In addition, they will also participate in workshops held by the institute. Whether you’re planning to work in an educational institution or start your own business, this internship will help you gain valuable skills.

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While working as an arts intern, you’ll be exposed to diverse artistic and design practices. Working as a team member, you’ll develop new skills and build a professional network. The art institute will respect and value your input and encourage you to take initiative and shape projects with a fresh perspective. While interning, you’ll gain invaluable experience, skills, knowledge, and relationships. You can even become an art education major while working as an intern at the institute.

Loyola University

Looking for an internship? If so, look no further than Loyola University internships in Chicago. These opportunities offer students an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience while receiving academic credit. Many schools and organizations offer internships for education majors, but they also allow students to earn academic credit by working at their own company. Students can find these opportunities by checking out Handshake, Loyola’s online database for internships.

TLLSC students are provided with hands-on training, learning, and leadership experience by working with mentors from master classroom teachers and university instructors. The program also requires students to complete three research papers, participate in a hands-on practicum, and develop their critical thinking and communication skills. Internships are available for students majoring in education at Loyola University Chicago. Students can complete these internships in a semester or during the summer.

Students with a background in Fine Arts can gain experience in the field by working at LUMA, a museum on campus. Students can also do internships at the Department of Fine Arts Gallery, which is located off-campus. Through these internships, students develop professional experience and demonstrate their knowledge of various aspects of gallery and museum administration. These internships can earn students 3 credits toward their education majors.

Students wishing to gain experience in Chicago may apply to a variety of volunteer opportunities at the Archdiocese of Illinois. The Archdiocese of Chicago hosts the annual History Fair, which is an academic competition for over 20,000 students in grades six through twelve. Applicants can help with research at the Harold Washington and Woodson libraries, coach students in their classrooms, judge the History Fair competition, and provide support during the events.

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Loyola’s Teacher Residency and Internship Program

The Loyola’s Teacher Residench and Internship Program for Education Majors is an intensive field-based preparation program for education majors. This program culminates in a two-year internship that provides students with the skills and experience needed to become highly effective educators. Students practice classroom teaching, learning, and leading under the guidance of university instructors, and they complete their internships at the host site two days a week during Fall semester.

The admissions process for Loyola includes an evaluation of ACT/SAT scores and overall academic performance. As of Fall 2018, the ACT/SAT verbal scores of the freshman class at Loyola ranged between 25 and 30 points. The SAT/ACT scores of Loyola’s graduating class of 2019 averaged 570 points in the verbal category. In addition to standardized test scores, Loyola looks at a student’s average GPA. Most students enter the program with a grade point average in the upper half of their graduating class.

As a faculty member at Loyola, Amy Wilkinson has been recognized with several awards for her contributions to teaching and community. She was the recipient of the Langerbeck Faculty Mentor Award and a Leibentrit Faculty Fellowship. In addition to her research, Amy Wilkinson has served as the artistic director of the Main Stage Dance Concert and has worked with the Chicago Public Schools’ Department of Education.

The NLU’s Teacher Residency and Internhip Program for Education Majors combines research and field practice to prepare graduates to be effective educators. Students spend the entire school year learning alongside experienced mentor teachers, and complete graduate courses. Graduate coursework is required for Illinois teacher licensure. In the classroom, students develop skills and knowledge to better serve historically marginalized students.

Luster Products MED

As part of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, the Quality Education for Minorities Network organized a Thinktank to advance HBCU research in Chicago. It hosted a 2021 RAPfor HBCUs Townhall, where a panel of HBCU students discussed future career paths. The group also organized a Chemistry “Magic Show” for students at Lester Elementary School in Jackson, MS.

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Students can get a hands-on experience working with the organization in a wide variety of capacities. The program’s founders are four-year veterans who have worked at organizations ranging from the American Library Association to Northwestern University. They are passionate about making a difference and fostering change in the community. All three women are passionate about creating an inclusive environment in post-secondary settings. To learn more about the EduDream internships for education majors in Chicago, please read on.

The EduDream team includes Dr. Elias McAllister, a graduate of the University of Maryland, and Dr. Brenna O’Brien, a qualitative research consultant. Both have a background in education and have worked at nonprofits and educational agencies in Chicago. The team’s leadership specializes in using research and evaluation to make an impact on the educational field.

The EduDream team is currently working on a community needs assessment for three primarily Latino communities in Chicago. The five-phase study included qualitative and quantitative methods to gather information about community needs. The interns conducted interviews and focus groups with local educators and parents in Spanish to learn more about the challenges of education in these communities. The research findings will guide future initiatives, ensuring that the communities where they work are better equipped to meet these challenges.

Luster Products MED Program offers structured, paid internships for education majors. Interns will be assigned to projects centered on creating content, video content, and interactive games that promote education. The team will help students take their ideas from concept to production. They will also receive mentorship and support to bring their ideas to production. Afterward, students will receive feedback and guidance to ensure the projects are successful.

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