Internships For High School Students in New York City

Internships For High School Students in New York City

While pursuing a career as a high school student, the best way to find a lucrative internship in New York City is to apply for various programs. Some of these programs include the Garden Apprentice Program (GAP), Met High School Internship Program, and the Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program. High school students can also find internships by searching for jobs on Career Karma, a job training platform.

Ranger Conservation Corps (RCC)

Rangers Conservation Corps (RCC) high school internship programs are an exciting way to get involved in the world of urban environmental restoration. This internship is part of an urban park restoration program and involves helping to restore sites that were declared Forever Wild. Participants can also work with the New York City Law Department on a summer internship in their field of study. Besides helping restore parks, RCC participants also take part in exciting field trips.

RCC high school internships in New York City are an amazing opportunity for motivated students who want to get involved in the community. This program gives students valuable experience and is a great way to earn community service hours, which can look great on college applications. Interested students can apply online or visit their local park by calling 311 or 212-NEW-YORK, or go to the website of the Urban Park Rangers to fill out an application.

For high school students, art life high school internships in New York City combine art and leadership training with museum studies. Interns will work on collaborative projects with museum staff, create podcasts, and visit cultural institutions across New York City. To apply for the program, students must be rising juniors or seniors and live in New York City. Interns will gain valuable museum management experience and financial support.

Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program (WLG)

The Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program for young people in New York City (SYEP) has been expanding this year. The program now serves 5,000 New York City youth each year. The program is a free, year-round employment opportunity that connects low-income youth with paid, permanent jobs. SYEP is open to both students who completed high school in 2016 and interns from the ISY program. In addition to paid employment opportunities, SYEP provides educational opportunities and focused work readiness training. Participants are permitted to work as much as 10 hours a week.

SYEG matches young people with paid internships. They receive career preparation training and experience in the workplace, and can even participate in community organizing activities. Students can participate in as many as seven internships through the program. The internships are designed to be hands-on and develop skills that will be useful in the workplace. The program also provides financial incentives and exposure to A Chance In Life’s network.

The Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program for youth in New York is a new program launched by the NYC Council. It is designed to build on skills and experience gained during the summer. Youth can earn college credits while participating in the program. These youth are placed in entry-level jobs in a variety of industries, and can also earn college credits. These opportunities are great for fostering social development and preparing for a career.

The Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program for New York City youth builds upon the Summer Youth Employment Program by providing paid internships for summers for NYC youth. It also provides career readiness training and paid employment opportunities for up to 25 weeks. The next application cycle will open in the spring of 2018.

Met High School Internship Program

The High School Internship Program at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a unique opportunity for students to get an insider’s view of working in the world of art. While completing an internship at the museum, you will gain hands-on experience, professional development, and mentorship from professionals with diverse backgrounds in the museum industry, including art history, art education, engineering, and social media. The program matches high school students with adult professionals who specialize in fields related to the museum field. There is no experience required to apply, but participants are encouraged to register early to ensure they get a spot in the program.

The program provides paid internship opportunities at The Metropolitan for students two to three years out of high school. Students who complete the program will be placed in one of the museum’s 17 departments. Interns will spend a total of 40 hours working at the Met. In addition to the internship, students will have the opportunity to participate in a seminar series and Career Labs, as well as gain valuable insider knowledge about the arts industry.

Students will work with elderly individuals in a variety of ways including delivering meals, helping with technology, and socializing with homebound seniors. Though the internships are unpaid, students will receive 100+ hours of community service credit. Travel expenses can be reimbursed through a stipend. Programs are available in Riverdale, Brighton Beach, and Manhattan. For those interested in a career in the performing arts, the program is a great option to consider.

While most students wait until their senior year to search for an internship, the best time to begin looking is in the summer after junior year. Many students simply do not have time to explore the options that are available to them. However, a good place to start looking for an internship is Chegg Internships, which lists internship opportunities in major cities. Besides high school internships, the Met High School Internship Program also offers internships in museums in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Garden Apprentice Program (GAP)

The Garden Apprentice Program for high school students in New England is a two-year summer program in which students work with professional gardeners to create and maintain landscaped areas. The program’s assistants supervise apprentices, develop projects, lead enrichment activities, and mentor recent GAP alumnus trainees. Additional duties may also be assigned. To apply, high school students should submit their resume and a cover letter, along with an official application.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Children’s Education program is world-renowned for its hands-on gardening and plant science classes. The Garden Apprentice Program for high school students in New York City is an exciting youth development program that combines gardening with environmental issues. To become garden apprentices, teens must attend a three-week paid training program. Instructors learn about gardening and environmental issues and develop lesson plans for their own classes. Additionally, they develop research and public speaking skills.

After graduating from high school, Shaquana Boykin decided to apply to college. She had always wanted to guide people, and she did. But her dream of being a gardener didn’t materialize, and she developed her teaching skills by helping her fellow apprentices. She entered foster care at age 17 and was emancipated shortly afterward. Since then, she has lived independently.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Garden Apprentice Program is a summer program for teens in grades eight through 11. The students in the program can advance one level each year. Applicants can move from Tier 1 to Tier 4 every year, but teens in their 12th grade cannot join the program. However, rising seniors can stay in the program if they’ve already reached Tier 4.

Young Peace Leader Internship

The Peace Boat US, a nonprofit organization devoted to educating youth on global issues, has just announced an internship partnership with the NYC iSchool, a modern, innovative high school. The school offers students courses to help them become well-rounded citizens and engage in meaningful work experiences. This internship is an ideal opportunity for high school students to gain real-world experience while gaining leadership skills.

The PKSOI is a think tank that studies peace operations. While interns work with the organization’s staff, they also get to work with a mentor researcher. Anne Elizabeth Konkel, a history major at SUNY New Palisades, interned with the organization. PKSOI offers both paid internships and volunteer internships. Interns may choose to work on topics ranging from geopolitics to Middle East studies, health, the environment, women in foreign policy, and others.

The RPCV program requires participants to work with a nonprofit organization, volunteer with a governmental agency, or intern in another country. During their first year, students are required to participate in a cohort-based career development program. They can also take advantage of individual career coaching sessions. This program is free for students, but admission to a graduate school does not guarantee a position with the Peace Corps.

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