Internships For High School Students

Internships For High School Students

If you’re looking for internships for high school students, you should read this article. Here, you will find some tips on how to get a cool internship. The best way to find cool internships is to apply for them as soon as possible, and don’t forget to be creative! For example, you can intern at NASA, Smithsonian, State Archives, or any other cool organization! And if you’re looking for a paid internship, you can even get an internship at NASA!

Unpaid internships

Internships for high school students may be the perfect way for students to get a start in the working world. These opportunities can be found in nonprofit organizations, public institutions, and even at your school. A library internship may be a great opportunity for an aspiring librarian, or a museum internship might help students build up their resumes. There are also plenty of other opportunities available to high school students, from internships at museums to working at NASA.

The Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) in Tokyo has internships available for high school students. Students interested in healthcare and science may want to apply for internships at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) has many internship opportunities for high school students. These programs are perfect for fostering STEM interests, as they allow high school students to relate with their peers in the workplace.

High school students may also consider doing an unpaid internship, especially if it means learning new skills and gaining real-world experience. This can be a great way to get a foot in the door at an institution of higher learning, and the benefits can easily outweigh the lack of a paycheck. Additionally, unpaid internships may even be a way for students to earn academic credit for their experiences.

When applying for an unpaid internship, students must be patient. Some employers may jump at the opportunity to hire an intern, while others may not respond to their applications within a day or two. If this happens, it’s a good idea to follow up with your interviewer after one or two weeks. Berk recommends sending one or two “checking in” emails and calling the human resources department of the company.

While unpaid internships for high school students are not the best options for college applicants, they can be an excellent way to explore your career options and get a firsthand look at management styles. To find internships, students should ask their schools for a list of internship opportunities, and after they’ve narrowed the list, they should contact companies directly. Be persistent in your outreach, and you should find a good opportunity.

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Smithsonian internships

There are many different Smithsonian internships for high school kids. While some internships require college credit, many others are open to high school students who want a more hands-on experience. To find a Smithsonian internship, you can browse their website. You can choose to search by keyword, topic, or drop-down menu to narrow down your options. For example, the Benjamin Lawless internship is named for his legacy as an internationally recognized exhibition planner, filmmaker, and writer. It is a great way to learn more about audience engagement and research stories associated with objects of all kinds.

The National Portrait Gallery is another location with Smithsonian internships for high schoolers. Interns in this program work closely with world-renowned experts in a variety of professional disciplines, including art, history, science, and culture. Students are expected to work on projects related to their professional goals and pursue an internship that is relevant to their career plans. The Smithsonian offers a range of different internships, including those in the Archives of American Art.

A Smithsonian Internship can be a full-time or part-time position. In addition to the traditional internship, some organizations offer summer opportunities. The Smithsonian Science Education Center, for example, offers summer internships for high school students. The goal of the center is to transform K-12 education through science. The Smithsonian also works with local communities, including those in underserved areas of the world. A Smithsonian internship can lead to many valuable contacts for the future of science education.

While most Smithsonian internships are in-person, you can also opt for a virtual internship. This program allows you to apply from the comfort of your own home. By following the guidelines for an internship with the Smithsonian, you can be on your way to a career in the nation’s capital. It is a great way to get a feel for the museum’s work and meet a new team of people who share your passion for learning.

The Smithsonian Science Education Center has a wide variety of internships for high school students. Students who are interested in science can participate in an internship that helps develop the curriculum for upper elementary school students. They can also participate in college preparatory courses and gain experience in science communication. They may even work on a project that helps the Smithsonian reach the Sustainable Development Goals. And because these internships often involve collaborating and communicating with the public, the opportunity is unique.

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State Archives internships

High school students who are interested in archival work should look into State Archives internships. The internship typically requires five to twenty hours of work each week, with specific days of the week depending on the intern’s schedule. Some of the tasks a student can expect to do while working at the Archives include listening to audio files, creating database entries, and cataloging collections of paper documents. It’s also possible to gain experience working with digital audio files and working with content management software.

Interns will be working with the online Theodore Roosevelt Papers to develop methodology for identifying African American voices within the archives. After collecting relevant documents, interns will analyze the primary sources to understand the perspectives of African Americans who worked with Theodore Roosevelt. The intern will write a short essay or blog post to present the findings they have gleaned, showcasing their findings and honing their writing skills.

Students wishing to apply for internships at the State Archives must submit a resume and cover letter with an application form. Applicants must commit to at least twenty hours per week for this position. Applicants must have strong communication skills and possess knowledge of K-12 teaching. Additionally, applicants should be knowledgeable about African American history and culture. The Director of Special Collections will meet with the student interns one-on-one to discuss their goals.

High school students may apply for an internship at the State Archives if they possess certain skills. For example, applicants should possess analytical skills, strong writing skills, and experience with diverse cultural heritage collections. Applicants must also have knowledge of the early twentieth century United States history, especially African American and Hispanic communities. They must also be proficient in the use of computers. A thorough knowledge of African history and African American culture is desirable.

An internship at the Truman Library will give interns the opportunity to learn about the archival field while working with unique historical photographs and documents. During their internship, successful interns can acquire valuable skills in archival practice and principals, as well as develop their research and writing skills. Some of the duties that interns may be assigned to them include performing research for projects involving social media. This internship is currently not accepting high school students for summer 2020.

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NASA internships

High school students can apply for NASA internships if they are interested in exploring a career in science or engineering. The program is open to pre-college and college-level students with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Internships involve both technical and non-technical activities, including scientific or engineering research. There are also several options for high school students interested in studying or interning in the space industry.

Some NASA internships for high school students may require a degree in space sciences or engineering. Students interested in space exploration can work with astronauts on projects like gravitational waves and measuring atmospheric processes. Another type of internship requires students to analyze data from NASA satellites and weather radar. This internship can be applied to high school students during any time of the year. NASA internships for high school students may also involve other research projects.

An internship at NASA can allow students to apply their creativity and learn about the many different programs and projects at the agency. Some interns at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory work on the Curiosity Rover, which is currently searching for evidence of ancient life on Mars. At JPL, interns work alongside scientists and engineers on projects related to their educational backgrounds, including the Europa Clipper mission. This mission is searching for signs of life on Europa and will reveal if there is a liquid ocean beneath the icy crust.

The NASA internship program is open to high school and college students, and there are opportunities available at every center. Applicants can apply to as many opportunities as they wish, but it’s recommended that high school students apply for more than one opportunity. The process is not easy, so students should apply as early as possible to ensure that they get a spot. The deadline to apply for NASA internships for high school students is usually three to four months in advance.

For students interested in studying a career in science or engineering, NASA offers hundreds of internships around the country. The Office of STEM Engagement has partnered with the Career Development Team to develop the 2021 Engineering Academy. The program is modeled after NASA’s HUNCH Program. The high school students who apply will be trained as future leaders in translational science. When choosing which program to apply for, make sure that the program is accredited and reflects the students’ academic backgrounds.

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