internships for international students 2022

internships for international students 2022

internships for international students in china

China is the world’s most populous country and home to over 1.4 billion people. With such a large population, there are also many opportunities for internships in China — from internships in business and finance to those related to education or social work.

Many international students come to China for the summer because it’s easier than finding an internship in their homeland. Because of this influx, there are more internship opportunities available than ever before. If you live abroad but have an interest in learning about business and finance or teaching English in China, then consider applying for a China-based internship!

internships for international students in japan

  • How to apply for internships in Japan:
  • Find a placement agency that specializes in Japanese internships and send them your CV.
  • Find an internship online or in person through search engines (Google is always available). You can also get information by talking directly with a company or organization you’re interested in working for, which may be easier if you already have contacts there that can help you navigate the process of securing an internship position.
  • If you’re applying directly at a company, make sure to prepare documentation such as certificates from past jobs and academic transcripts—these will help demonstrate your abilities and qualifications for the job at hand!
  • When preparing for interviews, brush up on basic Japanese phrases so that when asked about yourself or how long it takes before graduating from university/college etc., feel confident answering correctly without making any mistakes 🙂
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internships for international students in canada

Canada is a great place to work and study. There are many reasons why you should consider it for your internship (or even your degree).

  • Canada has a strong economy
  • There are plenty of opportunities for internships in various fields, including:
  • Engineering and technology
  • Businesses, finance and accounting
  • Science and healthcare

internships for international students in india

  • Visa requirements: You need to apply for a student visa, which is issued by the Indian Consulate in your country.
  • Application deadlines: The application process can take up to eight months.
  • Start dates: Internships begin in June, July and August. Some start dates are flexible; others are fixed based on when companies launch their internships.
  • Duration of internship: Most internships last three months to six months, but some may be longer. Remember that if you want to continue working with a company after your internship ends (without a new visa), then it’s best not to commit yourself for a long period of time!

internships for international students in africa

Internships in Africa are a great way to gain valuable experience and make connections that can lead to a full-time job. Many employers sponsor internships for international students, so it’s important to know about the programs available in your country of choice.

To learn more about how you can get an internship in Africa, check out our list of top internships for international students below:

  • The International Internship Program (IIP) at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda is a 12-week program that connects students with local companies and NGOs. The IIP includes lectures from industry experts on topics like public relations, communications strategy and journalism. Participants receive living stipends of $750 per month as well as round-trip airfare between Kampala and their home countries. Application deadlines vary depending on when coursework begins on campus each year (fall semester or spring semester).
  • The International Internship Program at Rhodes University offers students an opportunity to work at one of South Africa’s leading businesses while studying towards a degree in Communications or Political Science & Public Administration at Rhodes University over the summer break or during their winter break periods respectively.*

internships for international students in the uk

  • The following are a list of the top internships and summer placements in the UK:
  • Internships for international students in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • UKEmploy – provides new opportunities for university students to gain experience with employers from all over Europe.
  • Hired University – an online platform that allows you to find paid internships at top companies across London!
  • University College London (UCL) Summer Internship Programme – one of the best internships in London, and it’s free! You just have to be enrolled at UCL as a student.

internships for international students in australia

  • If you’re an international student looking for an internship in Australia, we have some great choices for you!
  • Our internships are perfect for helping you understand the work culture and business practices of Australia.
  • An Australian summer internship will also provide a unique opportunity to network with local professionals while earning valuable experience.

international student interns jobs

Internships are a great way to test out your career path and learn more about it. Internships also help you build your resume, network, and earn some money.

online summer and year round internship opportunities for global learners including high school, college and university students.

  • Internship search:, InternMatch, Internshala and GoAbroad are all good places to start looking for opportunities.
  • High school students: If you’re a high school student, World Vision is a fantastic organization that offers incredible opportunities for global learning in the summer and beyond!
  • College students: If you’re a college student, check out Stint Abroad or World Internships for a wide range of internship options around the world!

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