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internships for non students

internships for non students

working as a personal assistant

Working as a personal assistant can be a great way to get your foot in the door and gain valuable experience in an industry.

This type of internship is fairly self-explanatory: you’ll be helping someone out with a variety of tasks, from making reservations at restaurants to picking up dry cleaning. You might be given responsibilities like managing the calendar and email inbox, or planning events for your boss and their clients. Regardless, it’s likely that you’ll learn about business etiquette (which will serve you well once you’re doing interviews!), plus how to manage time effectively and meet deadlines on tight schedules.

volunteering at a local hospital

Volunteering at a local hospital can be a great experience for students who are looking for an internship. You’ll gain valuable work experience, meet people in the field, and help out the community at the same time. A volunteer position that involves working directly with patients is ideal because it’s likely to provide you with more opportunities to practice your skills than other volunteer positions at hospitals (e.g., cleaning).

While volunteering as an intern won’t necessarily secure you a job after graduation, it’s still worth doing if it will help build your resume or give you some experience in your chosen field. If your goal is to get into one of the best medical schools or programs, volunteering may also improve your chances of getting accepted because they like seeing applicants who have demonstrated their commitment to helping others through service activities

working in an office building/in an office environment

Working in an office building can be a great place to get internships. You will learn a lot about how business is conducted and get to know a lot of people. You will be able to use this valuable experience when you are looking for your first job after college or high school.

working for your local city or state

  • Working for your local town hall or city council
  • Working for the state government

The best way to get your foot in the door with a government internship is to work with a local organization. Local governments are always looking for volunteers, so you can use this experience as a stepping stone into full-time employment in the future. You’ll gain valuable experience by helping out with community events and doing administrative tasks at city hall.

being a camp counselor

Working as a camp counselor is a great way to gain experience in leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. If you have been thinking about working with children, this is an excellent chance to learn how to handle all sorts of situations while also learning what it’s like to work with other adults.

Being a camp counselor allows you to work closely with both kids and adults while also teaching them some of the things that they will need later on in life. Most camps offer day camps or sleepaway camps that are open from June through August so there are plenty of opportunities for people who want summer jobs but don’t want full-time employment.

Camp counselors can include:

  • Swim instructors
  • Sports coaches/teachers

being an au pair

  • If you’re interested in working with kids, an au pair position is a great way to gain experience while traveling around the world. Au pairs are not paid employees but rather live-in babysitters who get free room and board as well as travel costs covered. Most of these positions are located in Europe.
  • Working as an au pair can be a great way to improve your language skills, especially if you have some knowledge of French or German already! It’s also a very flexible job that allows for time off during weekends and holidays so you can explore what each country has to offer outside of your duties at home if there’s something specific on your bucket list like visiting museums or taking cooking classes.

internships are the best way to gain experience and a foot in the door

Internships are a great opportunity to gain experience and build your resume. The more you have on your resume, the better chance you’ll have of landing a job. In addition to the obvious benefits of networking and making connections, internships provide important opportunities for learning new skills.

The best part about getting an internship is that it can lead directly to a full-time position at the company where you interned. Many companies will offer their interns full time employment after graduation if they’ve proven themselves valuable during their internship – so don’t be afraid if an employer asks if you’re looking for other jobs!

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