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internships for nutrition students

internships for nutrition students

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is a hospital located in Cleveland, OH. The program offers an internship for nutrition students where they can learn how to assist the registered dietitian by completing tasks such as meal service planning and preparation, monitoring nutritional status of patients through assessments and screenings, educating staff on proper nutrition and meal preparation techniques, etc.

The duration of this program is 8 weeks long (summer). It’s full-time with 40 hours per week (40 hours/week).

US Military

The US military offers internship programs for all students, regardless of their academic program. However, the number of internships available is limited and they are not paid. If you are interested in a military internship, contact your school’s internship coordinator to learn more.

Children’s of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama is one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the United States and is nationally ranked, freestanding children’s hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. The hospital has a rank of #6 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and consistently ranks high on lists for patient satisfaction among children’s hospitals across the country.

The American Academy of Pediatrics website states that “Internships provide interns with invaluable experiences for their future careers.” If you’re interested in becoming a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, an internship at Children’s offers many opportunities for growth and development as you prepare for your future career path.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Advocates Lutheran General Hospital is a non-profit hospital located in Park Ridge, IL. It has 636 beds and 6,000 employees. The hospital has 12 interns each year that work for 12 weeks for $1,500 per month.

Rush University Medical Center

  • Rush University Medical Center is an accredited hospital and a leader in health care research.
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited dietetic or nutrition program.
  • To apply, email

Ochsner Health System

The Ochsner Health System offers a variety of opportunities for nutrition students. Their internship program is a 16-week, full-time position on the medical floor where you will work directly with patients and gain valuable experience in clinical nutrition. You must be enrolled in an accredited master’s program to apply for this internship.

You will have the opportunity to complete your first year of clinical rotations at Ochsner’s Tulane Medical Center, which includes rotations in cardiology, endocrinology, geriatrics, gastroenterology and surgery; as well as a rotation at Louisiana State University’s Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC), where they are affiliated with the National Cancer Institute Center For Cancer Clinical Trials Network (NCCTN).

New England Baptist Hospital

New England Baptist Hospital is a hospital in New Hampshire that offers an internship for nutrition students. The internship lasts 10 weeks and is designed to expose you to various areas of the hospital, including clinical nutrition services, community health outreach and education, and research opportunities. The program has been offered since 1994 and has had over 200 interns participate so far.

The hospital’s mission statement is as follows: “New England Baptist Hospital exists to provide outstanding health care services and educational programs in an environment characterized by respect, compassion and dignity.”

Tenderness Home Leisure Health Care Training Center

Tenderness Home Leisure Health Care Training Center


Duration of Program: 6 months.

What you do there: Assist the nursing staff with patients who have been admitted to our facility. Attend to their daily needs, including feeding and bathing them, as well as ensuring they are comfortable. You will also be responsible for cleaning the facilities and maintaining records.

Requirements: Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on an undergraduate scale (out of 4), be at least 18 years old, and possess excellent communication skills

Mount Sinai Hospital and Health System

Mount Sinai Hospital and Health System is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, 1,171-bed teaching hospital located in New York City. The Mount Sinai School of Medicine includes more than 3,400 physicians who are recognized for their excellence in research and clinical care. Growing out of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai since 1968, the school focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration to advance biomedical research, medicine and health care delivery in both research settings and clinical practices.

Mount Sinai uses its expert faculty members as well as its constant efforts to develop new programs designed to provide education opportunities for future health professionals.

There are great opportunities for nutrition students to intern in many different places.

Internships are an excellent way for students to gain experience in their field of interest and improve their skills. They may also decide on a career path based on what they learn during the internship. Nutrition students can intern at hospitals, clinics, universities, community health centers and more.

  • Hospital Internships: Hospitals have many different divisions where you can find an internship that interests you such as pediatrics or family medicine.
  • Clinic Internships: Community health centers offer opportunities for nutrition students to work with patients who are low income and/or uninsured. You’ll help them prepare meals that are healthy but don’t cost too much money because these people don’t have insurance coverage for food unless they pay out-of-pocket (and sometimes even then). You’ll also see if any of these patients need additional medical attention from doctors at your clinic who work there every day.* University/College Internships: If your school has a dietetics program then it probably has an internship program too! These programs often send their interns out into the community where they do projects like those mentioned above along with other activities related specifically toward improving healthy eating habits among children living below poverty line levels (those making less than $15k annually).

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